AQUARIUS LOVE in Sagittarius

AQUARIUS LOVE in Sagittarius

Interesting horoscope develops when there are Sagittarius and Aquarius. Representatives of these extraordinary signs of the zodiac are drawn to each other. Sometimes, everything goes smoothly. The pair fall in love, get married, have children and think forget about some tips on where compatibility. Their love story is simple in the extreme. But not always it turns out.

Often - Sagittarius and Aquarius come into the dance of love confrontations. Everyone is trying to subdue a partner. It is very important that someone in a pair of a male and who is female.

In any case, observe the development of their relationship is always very exciting. Aquarius Girls, be careful, because the insidious Sagittarius can quickly cloud your mind with talk of passionate feelings, experiences, to promise castles in the air. Although Sagittarius man should also keep uzho open. Your novel begins, whether love will win this time?

Before you fall in love, look in the horoscope

In the old days, before accepting a marriage proposal, a woman with her mother went to a fortune teller, prophetess. That necessarily ask the date and time of birth of the bride and groom. This ritual was immutable, because he could determine the fate of marriage. Refusal to give even the most eligible bachelor, if it turned out that the couple's life is a succession of quarrels, scandals and failures. In India, still the bride's mother is sent to the monk to the seer, who will tell all about the future daughter. Again, it takes her date of birth. About signs of the zodiac compatibility known since ancient times.

Today it is fashionable to contact an astrologer to find out the fate of the marriage. In love or sexual relationships, people are showing their worst, sometimes, money. I want to be sure that everything will turn out, but life really is a fairy tale with a happy ending. Of course, when you suddenly fall in love and it's mutual, it is very hard to believe that your partner or fiancee in actual fact conceal their "dark" side. And you yourself, think about what your desires are silent or defects in the first year of living together?

Who is this Sagittarius?

If you are interested in a man who is born under the sign of Sagittarius, learn it inside and out. Why? This horoscope you open it. It can make you the happiest in the world, or to condemn the suffering. We are making a choice, and stars just warn us. Sagittarius woman is also not easy. She knows how to manipulate people, knows how to make believe she was right. In love, it is not as sincere as it may seem at first glance.

The man

You should start with the fact that this person is very adventurous. In your school company, he did not rest in the summer, and worked. Suppose for a penny, but stuffed lumps, learned to communicate with people. Refers to the science is very simple - it does not concentrate on learning. For him, money is important, the person is very mercenary, this man Sagittarius. 10,000 He knows the ways how to make them. It seems to him will not perish. This is not quite true. Share earned he does not like. Their wives Sagittarians are usually forced to work harder on the grounds that some higher goals: to buy an apartment a little more, to earn a decent vacation, send their children to good schools. More often than not, he just did not want to spend all your money.

Sagittarius sexual life rich in experiences and partners. From his youth he used to, that you can get what you want, if you resort to the imagination. Women are susceptible to beautiful words, they think that this really a man, citing the great, just do not give up in the morning. And he goes, even the door is not closed. In relations with women Sagittarius is never sincere. So far from it something you want, it will be nice seals, as soon as the need has disappeared - I'm sorry, goodbye, love. Of course, everything changes when he meets a woman, equal to itself of fortitude and ingenuity. Sagittarius in love is not a predator. Although, their ambitions will not forget. Remember, Sagittarius is always just out of love for you makes you the same indulgence.

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Sagittarius Horoscope woman's life rich in events. She does not waste time on idle sitting at home. It turned out to be a free evening - rather, to people, to the lights of the big city. She loves to have fun in the company. Always a lot of friends surrounded the woman. And it is for that love - an active, positive, there is always news and incredible stories. One "but." As a man, a woman Sagittarius greedy for money. She is even more convenient. If a man needs to sweat to earn them, women just need to be smart, cunning and shrewd. Then she gets all dream about. Sexual life has a very well thought-out. She does not like to give out your phone number to the right and to the left. The main thing - to make sure that the person standing.

When she walk up, there will be many contenders for the hand and heart. Sagittarius husband must understand who binds his life. She's not one of those wives who are ironed socks, cook soups and melt children. Rather, it is one of those active women who served a nice car, a passport and enough money in the bank card. life if the husband wants to share the fun with her, full of events - excellent, they all will be well. Sagittarius generally appreciate when someone respects its interests, even the most unusual. On children think later, but while you are young - forward to the meeting adventures. Your compatibility is only strengthen

Who was Aquarius

One of the most prominent representatives of the water signs of the zodiac - Aquarius. To live it is best next to a river or the sea. Stagnant water repellent Aquarius. His horoscope develops best where there is running water, because it takes away all the sadness. Aquarians are closed people. They live a violent life in his head. Aquarius man realizes that he had the need to fight for his place in the world, although it is not very desirable. A husband will curse the job and secretly wish to stay at home, and his wife let him work.

The man

Aquarius man firmly resolved in childhood - life should be lived, so that only it has not been touched. He likes to get lost in the crowd. On the Aquarius man is ready to carry out routine work, but would not need to have anything to offer, to invent, such as creative work. His sexual life begins late, probably at the initiative of women. Sexually, it is not very much is to experiment or try a new one. His love is waiting after 30 years, and before that will have to gain experience, to fill the cones and not just give up on women. Aquarius will marry the woman who once promised him that taking care of the house, finances and children lay down on her shoulders. All these uninteresting and boring chores she will, so as not to irritate. Female Aquarius is waiting for this kind of life, where there is little hope of her husband.

Aquarius is tied to one woman

Its compatibility with other signs of the zodiac is not very high, about 40% at best. Compatibility Aquarius and two less. Well, how to live a life together, if everyone refuses to take at least some responsibility? This house will soon collapse, burying husbands and wives Aquarius. Aquarius man is willing to children only after will live with his wife a year or two. You need to be sure that its the right choice. His life passes without a change in status, novels on the side. Easier way than to find excuses and justifications.


Special story - Aquarius woman. She protects the Moon and Venus in this little woman. It speaks about the emotional coldness, lack of empathy. In love, in friendship, she easily disappointed in people who do not see their ulterior motives. The jokes he does not see the joke itself, but merely different possibilities to hurt her person. Selfishness - a distinctive feature of the mark. Most likely, the Aquarius woman was not popular in school, college, at work. Even his good looks, she manages to hide. That's because her soul is very vulnerable. It is easy to hurt, but you forgive it can over the years. So fall friendships, former love turns into a bitter enemy.

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Compatibility of Aquarius women to men is not great, but it is often possible to get acquainted with a wise man. He is willing to take it for what it is. Although, in this case, part of infidelity. My husband says that it is too cold, never seen sexual initiative on her part. So crumbling marriages. Aquarius woman should have this in mind, as otherwise it will be a series of failed marriages. We need to talk about their desires and problems, the only way to save the family from ruin. The husband will not always be with the tenacity to dig up the reasons for its silence.

Couple man Aquarius and Sagittarius woman once doomed to failure

At work, she did not show sufficient initiative. Performs it well, gently. Aquarius is characteristic for the love of the work of his hands. By the numbers, or the technical tricks of the talent she does not. The more fancy the less people around, the more successful works Aquarius. Understand this, the girl's parents Aquarius, do not force her to engage in the exact sciences.

Couple in love

These are different characters, very different attitude to life, love, sex, marriage. Start a relationship - just. Very soon you realize that to live in such a climate at home is impossible. Compatible minimum, withstanding each other for a long time becomes very difficult. Such couples do exist, but they are usually keeps something specific: children early, tangible assets, any kind of addiction. So easy, in love, she could not be formed. Aquarius husband is jealous, angry, hate his wife. He only needs to understand - Sagittarius usidit not at home watching television. Why suffer so much if you can break up for good. Stay friends, talk on the phone during the holidays.

For signs of the zodiac in combination man Sagittarius, Aquarius woman, more chances. Of course, the sex life there is of great importance for Sagittarius, Aquarius and if wants to be an impregnable fortress of the cold, he quickly finds on the side of another, more tractable. Sagittarius man rarely leaves the marriage. His wife does not throw because of the little things. For him, family values ​​are important. These signs of the zodiac have a future if they conclude a pair of the world: Aquarius occupied house, archer takes it for what it is. Over the years, they share common habits, compatibility increases, and love grows stronger. They begin to understand each other.

Advice from an astrologer

Tips you can give a lot, but the main points here:

  • The trust

Aquarius rarely opens immediately. Quite unremarkable person who can conceal fancy fountains, millions of ideas, beautiful scenarios. Nobody asks, and he / she says. For water signs of the zodiac is a characteristic feature - keep everything in himself. The world loses a lot because of this property, Aquarius.

  • sexual energy

Sagittarius born under the protection of Mars and Jupiter. These are powerful sources of strength. Husband Sagittarius please his wife variety of sexual activity. For Aquarius is not so important. At first, it can show love for sex, but in fact it is in bed as cold as in life. Sexual energy it flares up closer to 30 years, when it can form and express - what wants her body.

  • Drinking home

Sagittarius Horoscope life is always associated with the house. He can leave, to escape, to live for years in a different country, but the house is always only one for him. There he seeks to return. For smart women is useful knowledge. Even if it is cheating or caregiver to another, simple house he will never forget, sooner or later will come back. For such signs it can play a decisive role in the choice of the bride.

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At Aquarius a different attitude toward the house. Her horoscope is always associated with water, as is known. From any location, Aquarius drawn there, where a lot of water. It can move often, without regret, to leave everything and go to the ocean. This is the call of its nature, the power of the Stars.

If you find a compromise on these three points, the life together will be a balanced and harmonious. Horoscope love the couple can always adjust, balance, like scales. For such different characters, in fact, it is useful to spend a lot of time together. It harmonizes their personality blurs the sharp corners. Love will lead you through the intricate paths, but your feelings will become a beacon in the darkness.

Aquarius and Sagittarius - COMPATIBILITY OF LOVE AND FAMILY LIFE ...

They both impetuous, free and vigorous. They are like a pair of sun and wind Union - sounds very attractive, right?

Relationship-Sagittarius women and men of Aquarius - is the ratio of two free people, not limited by prejudice. Together, they can talk for hours, embark on an unexpected journey to get carried away by something and interesting supernovae. For female Sagittarius is important that her partner will share her views and attitude to men of Aquarius in the bond principal is his right to preserve their independence. they are able to usually the one and the other, so that the relationship is stored for a long time.

Sexually, they are both very creative, especially male Aquarius. I must say that no woman Sagittarius or man-Aquarius does not consider sex mainly on what holds their love and relationship, so it is unlikely they will long to choose the time, place and method - are likely to be seized of the spontaneous and irregular. Perhaps they do not reach the top in their sexual lives, as representatives of other characters (land and water), but also a little dissatisfaction in the sexual life will never be an obstacle for them to build strong relationships and even family. By the way, to increase the mutual attraction of the stars advise the couple to try new places as often as possible, so that travel, even within his own apartment.

Marriage between a man and a woman Sagittarius, Aquarius is very possible, as in this pair will not occur significant differences for a long time - so why not get married? They will be able to create a strong family in which all will be warm and comfortable - both physically and emotionally (but probably still emotionally, as these two prefer not to bother very much about comfort). Their children will grow up in pleasant surroundings, in addition, they will always have something to do, because Mom and Dad definitely come up with something interesting (especially male).

Aquarius - the sign of friendship. Man Aquarius seeks to find it deep friendly relations - it is much more valuable than love for him. Sagittarius woman like no other suits him for the role of faithful friends. By itself, a woman Sagittarius responsive, courageous and straightforward. It is not prone to jealousy and possessiveness - what most hated man Aquarius. Their companionship easy and pleasant, it is never boring and no non-binding. As to not have each other, they give much more than those who are bound by a formal relationship.

They will be able to successfully work together, after all, a woman, Sagittarius, Aquarius and the male are both energetic and like to start and develop a variety of projects. The only thing they can not be missed - it's pragmatism. Aquarius male does not of those who want money for their ideas - it generates them just so you can say, give away right and left. Sagittarius woman is also not concerned about profit, when it comes to something that she believes a noble cause, benefiting society. Both of them - the idealists, and if they decide to go into business, you certainly will have to attract someone who has a sharp mind and a practical streak.

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