To dream that a snake bites the hand

To dream that a snake bites the hand

The snake bit the hand

This dream has several different values. Usually the hands symbolize not only a support person, his deeds, but also close friends. No wonder aides called "right hand", which always does what you need.

Therefore, if in a dream snake bitten someone's hand, wait a danger, not only for themselves but also for assistant. They can become your friend, helper, husband, wife, child or parent. However, such a symbolic meaning does not always apply to such a dream.

Very often he writes dream interpretation snake can be a danger in a dream, and for you too, as well as the dream to deception, prick, illness, or some kind of disaster. That's what often predicts snake bite in a dream, and what to expect after such a dream.

What does the snake at all when biting

In general, it shows any form of evil that can exist in this world. Often it is considered the epitome of Satan on earth, that does harm to humans and animals.

Bite the hand

Treason, betrayal, deception, and some trouble, sickness, and even death - that's a big list of things that can make a snake in a dream in real life. Therefore, the modern dream interpretation says that this animal harm you in different ways.

Therefore, if someone bites snake in a dream, expect any evil. Modern books write that it is necessary to pay attention to what, where, when, and where she was bitten.

If snakebite fell on the hand, wait for danger or sudden impact. He can often be linked to your health, help and activities.


Sometimes the bite can be a warning, especially in financial matters.

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Sleep can say that in your hands can get angry and dishonest money for which you will have to answer, or will happen is that you can bribe and pay for it very badly.

Therefore, modern books written about the fact that you can lose money or get into a bad situation. However, this is not the only value of such a dream.

Dream book says that in some cases hand snake bite can dream to the fact that your child will suffer, and the main assistant. Since it can happen misfortune or he can refuse you himself because of a hex, as well as a great trouble that will soon take place, will be deemed your fault.

A modern dream interpretation says that you can get into trouble if you reduce the arm moles, to do or to remove tattoos.

Dream book says that this dream can warn that a sudden someone tries to harm you. It is possible that in your work you have something to hurt yourself. In some situations, modern books suggest that you yourself can become ill or get injured.

dangerous acquaintance

Girls a dream warns of dangerous acquaintances. It is possible that your boyfriend is not who he claims to be and you can greatly harm and make a very evil thing. So do not believe the beautiful promises. It may be that you just want to use for its purpose.

If the snake has bitten you by the wrist, you can get damage from your acquaintance, friend, or a person who believed and trusted. Modern books written about the fact that you can get a sudden shock or taunts from a familiar person.

Also dream book says that you can hurt yourself badly if Pozar on easy money. For you, this way can be dangerous.

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So pay attention to what kind of snake bit you. If it was non-toxic and the bite was just painful and unpleasant, dream interpretation books written about what a nuisance or a blow that will cause your self-esteem, not to sick and painful consequences.

Poisonous snake

If it so happened that a snake has bitten you much and was poisonous, bad consequences will be long and will leave a very dangerous and heavy mark on the soul.

Very often, the snake is a danger to life and health of the dreamer. So you can in death or transactions to dream that you are bitten by a viper or a serpent.

For a woman, the snake is generally a two-fold character. Very often it is a temptation, sexually transmitted diseases, as well as revenge, revenge and dangerous.

Therefore, a painful snake bite is often foretells you an unexpected blow both literally and figuratively.

Could this be a dream prophetic

This dream means that you will have to wait a viper bite literally. If you are going in the country, then the probability increases prophetic dream. Therefore, you need to take an antidote or special products that will help get rid of the consequences. Usually, such a dream come true the next day.

However, in some cases, if the dream is not fulfilled immediately, snakebite is meanness, deceit, or persons, who may not have completely nothing to do with the snake.


This may be a shot in the arm with a sharp object, a cut or wound. Therefore it is not always a snake in a dream predicts danger to you is from her.

Most likely, it will just blow vanity and various painful experiences and passion.

Sometimes a dream foretells you mental anguish, from which you will not soon recover.


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