Interpretation of Dreams go by car with a girl

Interpretation of Dreams go by car with a girl

A dream in which you see some kind of cars is measured life, which suddenly burst something that will require you to stress all the physical and spiritual strength.

See standing machine without action means that your peers and peers succeed in life more than you.

Run the machine in action portends you an incredible difficulties in the organization of the new business, when you hasten to the aid of your faithful friends.

Working with a bang, clang and rattle of machine - to the great dismay that before the foundation will shake the foundations of your home and make them make a difference.

Engage in repairing a broken dream machine predicts losses from transactions with unscrupulous companions and other monetary losses. See flywheel any machine, whether it be the biggest or the smallest - is a sign of steady progress on the path to the target, regardless of what else to opposition from enemies. To dream of a steam engine is views of the very real possibility of getting rich. Washing machine portends minor changes when significant circumstances.

Sewing machine - a sign of the rapid unwinding of a new business, which immediately pay back the invested funds in it.

To dream of a typewriter - will awake to settle a dispute or quarrel quarrel between friends; work on a typewriter - in minor amounts for the heavy workload.

What he saw in a dream watering sweeper it said that you rush to the rescue of a friend in distress; go on such a machine is impending danger.

Fire truck rushing to the place of the disaster with their lights and siren blaring, - in reality congratulate each with great success, which themselves have contributed a lot. See the fire truck in flames - you happen kazusnoe event, in which refuse to believe anything you tell someone about it.

Go to sleep in the car such as the convertible, that is an expensive car with a folding top - is a harbinger of good luck and the acquisition of wealth. To dream of a car, standing in the garage - it's a sign of good news.

Dream interpretation of the dream book in alphabetical order

Car or lorry in a dream symbolizes the personal opportunities in the implementation of private affairs.

Her condition shows what are your chances of success.

Steam engine: foretells you participate in a process that will be followed by emotional heat, and require a lot of stress.

Broken machine: an unexpected stop sign in the affairs and disorder partners.

See the gears working machines: threatens to drag you into the mechanism, a warning that you should not get involved in any business, otherwise the consequences could be irreparable.

To drive (to be behind the wheel) - the general course of his personal life, independent of external circumstances;

Car with a siren, warning vehicles (ambulance, fire engine) - severe anxiety, restlessness sleep, often unreasonable and self-related outbreaks of emotions, passions on various occasions.

Much less often such dreams are reporting real trouble accident.

Dream interpretation of the dream book of the twentieth century

See car dream - foretells that you embark on a project that will bring you great concern, but as a result it will be useful to you.

See the old car - a sign that the enemies will surpass you in your efforts to secure their well-being.

Be sucked into the machine running - harbinger of losses in business and the beginning of a string of similar misfortunes. This dream is generally portends losses from failed transactions.

Generally dream working mechanism - promises you serious difficulties in many endeavors, and at the same time promises to support friends.

Broken Machine - portends the loss of friends.

If you dream of a fire truck - it promises you the anxiety and excitement related to emergencies. If a young person in a dream racing car on fire - she should beware to avoid participation in an unpleasant fact.

Dream Interpretation of Dream Miller

To see a dream in which you are traveling by car, is your activity and luck in business.

For lovers to go near the car marks faithful to each other, despite the machinations of rivals and opponents.

If you are in a dream on horseback moving through the clear stream - in reality you expect success, but the joy is marred by something, if you are not traveling alone.

Go to sleep on the elevator means that in real life you will quickly rise to the highest position and get rich, if the elevator moves up.

Ride it down - you have broken and discouraged failure.

Ride a bicycle on the street foretells that you will encounter fearlessly and overcome all obstacles in its path to prosperity and happiness.

To ride a motorcycle - a quick solution to a complex problem, the bus - in your home for some time established a mess because of the arrival of relatives from afar.

Go to sleep in the subway or on the escalator means that you will soon be involved in an unusual enterprise, which will turn to you sad event or endless troubles.

Take the train over the vast expanses - to travel to distant lands and separation from family.

Dream interpretation of the dream book in alphabetical order

If you saw in a dream car, it will take up a project that will bring you a lot of anxiety, but the result will be fruitful for you.

Old car - a sign that your enemies will be able to quickly provide you their wealth.

If you dream you were sucked into the machine running, ready to losses in business and a series of other problems.

In general, any working mechanism dreams to serious difficulties in many endeavors, but at the same time promises to support friends.

Broken machine portends the loss of friends.

Fire truck promises some emergency or unpleasant task.

Dream Interpretation of Psychological dream book

See in a dream machine - to take part in useful activities or to succeed in the field of production (works, factory, etc.).

Watch working mechanisms - to engage in difficult, to go through the difficulties, but also get the support of friends.

Broken, old machinery - a symbol of loss and failure, loss of partners.

Be caught up in some kind of operating the car - to the misery and loss of business.

If you can not understand the work of the dream mechanism, in reality the work which you have started to come out from under the control.

Fire truck to the dream of an emergency.

Dream Interpretation Dream Interpretation of Rommel

Sick man riding in a boat - portends death.

foolish to rejoice the fact that riding a horse - bad luck.

Traveling carriage drawn by white horses - a great happiness, luck.

Ride a horse here and there - things related to literature, writing,

To go on a long journey on a horse - will be a great joy.

Riding on a mule - will profit, wealth, good luck.

Ride on a white horse - the disease.

Go to the goat in the street - portends wealth and profit.

Go on a boat sailing on the wind - a great happiness and benefit.

To ride a horse on a long journey - it will be a great joy

Go on an excursion to the high mountains - in spring and summer portends happiness.

Go along the main road and falls into a pit - portends a loss of wealth.

Crane controls wagon rides in the wagon - portends cases involving military campaigns.

The cart does not go - do not attain in order to strive for.

Sitting in the boat, you go to your home - the destruction, the loss of well-being.

Dream Interpretation of the Chinese dream book

Seeing an ambulance - call for caution - you may happen misfortune.

Most go in the ambulance - you have committed a serious error.

Think about your actions in recent years, and think about whether you will be able to realize and correct his mistake.

Machine - another symbol of spiritual development.

Machine "emergency" - you can get to the hospital, watch your health.

If you operate the machine "emergency" - somewhere you make a mistake, consider his actions in the past week.

Interpretation of Dreams of Gypsy dream book

It is a mechanical means of transportation, but, unlike the train, tram or bus, the machine controls the man himself or his friend or relative, so this image is associated with a functional action pleasurable.

In-Se associates it with the body or with the immediate environment, thereby indicating its attitude to the behavior of the logical and historical, "I am."

Therefore, various models of machines and different ways to use them point to different patterns of behavior "I".

If the subject does not keep the machine itself, it testifies to the dominance over it positive or negative impact

Interpretation of Dreams from the free dream book

Ride on horseback - to rule over his mental powers to be able to use them / the joy, the good news.

Ride the meek horse - family happiness.

On skinny, sick - bad.

Riding on the horse and not be able to cope with it - passion ahead.

Go round horse - bad luck.

To ride a horse in a white veil - serious illness, life-threatening.

Ride on the desert - to be the culprit of his loneliness.

The company - popular.

See horse riding - for a change.

Rapidly on a horse ride - dissatisfaction in love.

Dream Interpretation of the Noble dream book


WHAT dreams go by car DREAMING - The dream book to find out what ...

To dream trip

The trip, no matter what method - conventional or neobychnym- it is performed, is the central event of many dreams. When interpreting a dream about going to be asking questions about the fellow travelers, goals and obstacles. Fellow travelers can be as your friends, and strangers. As a rule, traveling companions or help, or hinder progress towards the target. Their influence on the trip should be interpreted metaphorically - as a symbol of the impact of these people on your life. If you are traveling alone, it can talk about how you see your own personal growth and progress in life. In the dream, the purpose of travel at times seems strange, as if she were hidden in mist. There is the feeling that you are just moving without a clear understanding of the purpose or itinerary. Dreams of this nature often reveal the feelings and thoughts that life is accompanied by directions or goals of your way. If it appears that a trip is no end or purpose of use, should ponder deeply hidden in you the desire to leave for some time, the current habitat. If the purpose of the appointment is marked clearly, a good step towards understanding the importance of sleep is a definition of what that goal could mean to you. Obstacles may be in a certain relation with fellow travelers or occur by themselves as characters. In the latter case it is necessary to take into account how they are overcome, and what resources, including environmental aid, are thus used.

I had a traveler

See Traveler's dream - it means that you are committing a useless long trip, only to lose money. Women dream promises a pleasant and unexpected encounters.

Why dream car

to carry on and enjoy - unfortunately, to poverty concerns; trouble, interference in private; go back and forth - litigation; official letters, paper; park - it's time to break; collision accident - lost return; (For women) car - maybe a boyfriend; wheel (burst) - for parting or divorce; Riding in the car - a relationship, marriage; ride in the car - personal life, see Go..

I had a car

To dream that you are riding in a car, is your activity and luck in business. If you are in a car accident, after this dream do not expect a good impression of the entertainment in which you intend to participate. See yourself successfully escaped a car accident - a good sign: You will be able to be honest to avoid a collision with an opponent your intentions. Buy a dream car - also a good sign that you will be able to restore its former good position, but to sell the car - an unpleasant change in fortunes. To operate the machine - portends a loss, sometimes the disease. Be on the move thrown out of the car - to the bad news. Broken car - it is also a dream, boding failure. Just to dream cars - to travel, to change the fate, a pleasant journey. If you see that your car was gone, it was stolen - this means the failure of many of your ideas, on which depends the future. Out of the car - a sign of the success of the plans, which will bring you a well-deserved satisfaction.


Such a dream portend big changes in the situation and position. Good trip promises a favorable change, a bad dream book Ayurvedic negative.

dream journey

If you dream that you travel - so success will accompany you in business, and personal life. If you dream that you travel through dark unfamiliar places - then you are in danger and serious illness. If you overcome the bare cliffs, then you certainly will be fortunate, but her subsequent losses and disappointments. If the mountains and hills stretching in front of you in a dream, green and blooming - you will find happiness and prosperity. If you are traveling in a crowded car - then you are waiting for exciting adventures and new interesting acquaintances. If you dream that your friends are having fun going on a trip - the dream promises you a pleasant change in life. But if friends away from you sad - so in reality you are waiting a long separation. Quickly and unexpectedly return from a journey that promises to be long and difficult, - the successful completion of the great work.

What dream journey

know where - new businesses; do not know where - offering; ocean, long no one knows where - a legacy; far - luckily.

To dream journey

The longer we live, the more aware that life - it's not the end point, and the road in search of the truth, understanding and happiness. And although we do not call their own dreams of traveling, sometimes our real trip we compare with the most remarkable dreams. In many cases, traveling in a dream from one point to another it is dictated by the need to perform a task. Then the journey becomes a real challenge, there are adverse and favorable circumstances. The vehicle may be in the magical powerful and fast, or absurdly fragile. We can go through the field or on the road, climb the mountain, wade through the thicket or climb rocks. In this area may be familiar, or disposing unexplored and dangerous. In any case it is important to know the purpose of travel and your travel companions. Travel - a symbolic attempt to find a way to lead life in a state of equilibrium, eternally pursued goal is to find its place in the world. Journey - is an archetypal search for the true self. The human soul is rarely found in a state of rest, and travel - a way to calm the soul. In real life, this concern manifests itself in the form of constantly have the feeling that says: I want to change. The process of disengagement of self from the expectations of others is a certain feeling. In the dream, we often travel alone, leaving the other as desired or necessary, to find out what our next goal. What people meet you on the way in which events you attend - prompt responses, in what area of ​​your conscious I conducted an internal struggle. On the way you can meet strangers - rivals or nice people. Not excluded and mystical images, which will open in you unknown forces or, on the contrary, will be deprived of the special abilities. In any case, the journey - it's a personal goal, so the way you relate to others while traveling, largely characterizes your relationship with the people in the world of reality. Do others know where you are going? Or you hold the ultimate point of arrival in secret? Whether you are invited to join, or vice versa, you call someone with you? Or if you are traveling alone? Can other guide and direct you, or did you lead them to an unknown destination? The answers to these questions prompt a clue to the interpretation of dreams.

I dreamed abroad

To dream that you have gone abroad or are about to leave, it foretells that you will soon, together with the company to make a pleasant trip. You may need to change the climate and see new places will prompt you for a while to give up their country.

What dreams abroad

strange changes unnatural position or attitude.

I dreamed of a walk

To dream that you are making a walk through the countryside, it means that you will be consumed by sadness and separation from friends, but your family will do for you everything about what can only dream of. Girl like a dream promises a cozy sweet home, but at the same time and untimely loss. If you dream of an interesting long walk - it promises you to participate in a very prestigious research facility. If in doing so you are surrounded by people and travel all along - this means that your work will be strong competitors.

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DREAMING go by car passenger - the dream

What does the dream book. Food drive during sleep - that means?

The car in a dream usually heralds the beginning of new cases and changes in life. However, this is only the general significance. To be able to more accurately understand the dream, it is necessary to take into account all the features of what he saw. This applies to the appearance of the car, and to the location of the dreamer in transport. In addition, one should consider the fact that every dream book vision interprets differently. Therefore, to complete the picture should look at the interpretation of several sources.

sonnik food drive

Dream Miller

First, consider that says the most popular in recent Dream Miller. Driving a car in a dream - success in business, promotions, the period of high activity both in private life and at work. If the dreamer alone drives the car, therefore, in reality it has clear objectives and systematic approach to the implementation of the tasks, so to speak, at the helm. Get into an accident, as a driver of a car, means that the event, which placed his hopes dreamer, would not be as nice as expected. Miller also claims that the car in a dream - a measure of the internal world of the dreamer.

"Women's Dream Book"

As relates to such visions "Women's Dream Book"? Riding on the machine during sleep, according to this publication, it is to try to run away from problems. When the dreamer sees himself in the passenger seat (next to the driver), then will try to shift the responsibility for what he did to anyone else. It is likely that the dreamer is not sure that will cope with the assigned duties. Among other things, for the correct interpretation of dreams must take into account the psychological situation. It takes this into account and "Women's Dream Book". Food in the car quietly - then the result will be positive conceived. In the same case, when the driver in a dream behaves hesitantly, feeling fear or discomfort of driving, then conceived the matter, it is desirable to postpone for a while, because the result is unlikely to please you. In addition, a dream in which you are traveling by car, could mean a meeting with an old acquaintance. And it was he who helps to cope with adversity, haunting Recently dreamer. Such a vision can talk about the fact that the dreamer forgot influential patrons, familiarity with which will help him with dignity, to get out of the situation.

"Modern dream interpretation"

What does "Modern dream interpretation"? The ride in the car means that in the near future, the dreamer will be meeting, which will be initiated by him. To better understand the meaning of a dream, it is necessary to pay attention to the route that moves the car. Suppose as treats vision "Modern dream interpretation"? Food drive into an abyss - so afraid of the upcoming change, which is already impossible to prevent. If the dreamer is going home, it means that the sleeper is eager to see the family, but for some reason it is temporarily impossible. Go behind the wheel of cars quickly, with the wind - swift promotion. However, with this increased responsibility. One wrong step dreamer can lead to disaster.

dream book to go in the car

"Symbolic Dream Book"

And how it interprets the vision of the "symbolic dream interpretation"? Food drive in a dream - what does it mean? Getting married soon, a change in your personal life! Also, such a vision can mean that the dreamer will be solid supporters, which will help resolve the trouble happening to him lately, at least, sees the situation as "symbolic dream interpretation." Food drive during sleep - surely go on a business trip or a journey, it's prophetic vision in the near future.

"Family Dream Book"

What about the dreams about the car says "Family Dream Book"? Food drive during sleep - too much time on routine work. Perhaps so designated chores or parenting. Also a dream in which the dreamer sees himself as a driver, it may mean that he wants to forget about all your problems for a while and be alone.

sonnik food in the car

However, it does not really dramatically change their lives, because it is not known, what will this way. Just try to take a vacation and go to a little trip to a fresh mind to be able to make the right decision. In some cases, in order to stabilize the dreamer mood just enough to change something in yourself, for example, to buy new clothes or change your hairstyle.

"Italian dream book"

What says "Italian dream book"? Road, driving a car in a dream - such visions, according to the authors of the publication, are treated equally. Getting around by car in a dream - soon we should expect changes for the better. Dreamer a chance to prove himself, and he must try to maximize profitable to use this chance. It may initially seem, that will have to overcome a lot of obstacles, but in fact it will be not so difficult. The main thing - to start. See themselves transport driver, which has passengers, according to the Italian dream book, is also a good sign. This suggests that the dreamer is surrounded by loyal friends there, who unselfishly help in the current at this time of adversity.

sonnik road go by car

Go up the hill - the successful completion of cases. I see myself a beautiful new driver car - good luck in love. Go by car along a beautiful flat road - to a happy life. Be the driver and the plant to his companion - a new acquaintance, which will grow into a strong friendship.

"Small Dream Book of Veles"

Considerable importance attaches like a dream and "Small Dream Book of Veles". Riding on the machine during sleep, according to the publication, is trying to change lives. If the dreamer, moving by car, broke the rules, then in real life, he decided to challenge fate and try to change their lives for the better. Of course, the courage - this is a commendable quality, if it is not bordered by stubbornness. A dream warns that before making a decision, you need to weigh everything, so you do not accidentally turn into an unnecessary way. It is likely that the dreamer just temporarily lost his way and he needs rest, to understand himself.

Dream Interpretation Tsvetkov

According to this dream book, motoring means that the dreamer is sure to be met with success in the chosen business. If this dream I saw a woman, it means that in the near future she will get acquainted. It is likely that this person will leave a significant mark in her life. And not necessarily it will be a male person. It is possible that a huge impact on the fate of the dreamer will have a woman.

Car Dream Interpretation

Most dream book believe that dreamed up in the night dreams the car is a reflection of the perception of his personality the dreamer. If you dream you see yourself in the car, then, by what looked like a body, who was sitting beside the road, and at what went well, you can tell about your current life. Want to know what dreams this story? Carefully read dreams explanations given by various sources.

new interpreter

New Dream Interpreter interprets the dream with the truck as proof of the total work load man. Also, this story tells about the professional activity of the dreamer. This type of car indicates complexity in the forthcoming affairs or relationships.

sonnik car

Go to sleep in a car at high speed - to prolong the situation in real life, a negative decision or outcome.

Carpool see in a dream world or hear someone talking about it - to the emergency purchase of own car. If you dreamed of a large newcomer depot, the car will be purchased and qualitative and expensive.

Women's Dream Book

Women dream book treats a trip to the car as an omen of any pleasant situation in real life, however, they can bring dramatic changes.

Involved in a car accident in a dream, it means to survive ambulances Entertainment, will bring trouble. If an accident was avoided - the dreamer avoid conflict with meetings and detractors.

This source can also find the description, what dreams towing. If you dream you are towing another car, you will worry about the unmet needs.

Traffic in a dream can symbolize care and other people's opinions. If you are stuck in traffic, then this story reflects the frustrations that are experiencing in real life.

idiomatic Dream Book

This offers the interpreter to determine the car as a sign of cheating. Go to sleep at the maximum speed - you can lose track of time, control and indulge in idleness.

If you carry the dreamer, he faces a fraud. If driving himself - then he will cheat.

The ride in the passenger seat and look out the window through the glass, so evident in daily arrogant or overbearing manners.

Explanation dreams Medea

An objective view on their own - that is, what a dream car to this source. The manner of driving trip (confident or clumsy) reflects the dreamer's internal resources.

what a dream car

Use a taxi in a dream, it is to accept help, which can be very costly. Be sure the driver - to fulfill all the plans. The ride in the passenger seat - heavily dependent on anyone. Survive the accident - to face the shock of life.

Interpretation of erotic dream book

Ride in a car in a dream - the speedy and pleasant acquaintance fun pastime that can bring new intimate partners.

Get into a car accident in a dream means soon endure a heavy break with her lover.

To be able to successfully get out of the car to avoid an accident or - to secret love affairs with non-regular partners.

Description Sleep Tsvetkov

Explaining what a dream car, and there Expositor Tsvetkov. If driving a dreamer, you should prepare to poverty.

Passenger ride - Riding reflects the personal life, the relationship between the partners and spouses.

According to Dream Interpretation Tsvetkov park your car - for an early break.

The interpretation of the story Miller

Dream Miller proposes to understand dreamed up the car as a reflection of the life processes.

Dreamed that eat in the car, then, in reality, you will be able to achieve success in all your endeavors. Dream Miller recommends only be more active. Another option explanations, what dreams like that - a fascinating journey.

Get into an accident is to have a bad experience and the effects of the upcoming entertainment and festivities.

To avoid a catastrophe in a dream means to get rid of the enemy's ideas and initiatives.

sonnik car accident

I dreamed of buying a car - it's a good sign. Such a plot may prividetsya to restore the lost relationship or profit.

Selling car - to the controversial or unpleasant changes in his life. Another version, what dreams this story - the search for a new job and visiting various interviews.

Just seeing the traveling or parked cars - to travel and a pleasant journey, changes in life. Dream Miller promises new experiences and joyful love.

See myself coming out of the car - the successful completion of projects and plans that will bring profit and moral satisfaction.

If the dreamer out of the car on the move, he should be prepared to receive bad news. There is also another explanation, why such a dream - of committing a serious error.

I had a broken car - a failure in business and family. If the car is stolen or it was gone, then the next plans will be upset and have a negative impact on the future.

Explanation dreams Grishina

In the dream, I was driving well? This means the ability to completely control your life. Bad at managing - to commit in real life, a number of errors. Be careful, because frequent adverse experiences may well provoke depression.

If the driver is sitting in the back seat, then maybe, in reality there is someone who is trying to guide you and lead you to influence the life and events in it? Dream book Grishina Board shall take all decisions on their own. Responsibility for their own actions - it is an important stage in the formation and maturation of the individual.

I dreamed a dream that was sitting behind the wheel of the other person? You feel that this person in real life trying to control your life? Such dreams may reflect your emotional dependence on that person in real life.

Dream Interpretation Wanderers

Another possible explanation, why dream car is available in Expositor Wanderers. If you see your own car, it symbolizes the wheel of your mind, and the motor and the accelerator - the subconscious mind, inner strength and energy.

If you dream ride on the machine it runs smoothly, it indicates great vitality and vigor.

Dreamed rough road, a sign that in real life you are experiencing any anxiety at a subconscious level. Another option, similar to what a dream - come numerous chores.

Broken car or a car with no fuel symbolizes the limited resources (physical, emotional, financial).

what a dream car accident

If the car carries a breakneck pace, and you are fined for excess, it could mean that in normal life too fast, or that events occur in it too quickly. It is also possible that you are afraid that you can not control what happens in life. Your consciousness during sleep may cause the slow down, pushing down on the brake. Dream Interpretation Wanderer urges and reality begin to live more circumspectly.

If you dreamed of some part of the car, try to draw a parallel with real life. For example, if in a dream the car had a flat tire, it is possible that in real life you feel exhausted. If the vehicle pedal does not work, then maybe you do not have enough power to implement his plan.

In this dream book, there is also an explanation, why dream car wheels. To dream like this - the need to be active in real life. Slowness and passivity hinder the development and do not allow to achieve the desired success.

Buddhists Dream Interpretation

Buddhists and Hindus believe a car wheel symbol of truth. Seat-belts in dreams can symbolize our security.

If you had a dream that the front of the car light is turned on (or off), the dream indicates that you have a good (bad) are aware of what is happening in real life.

Mirrors in the car to reflect the attitude of past events and their influence on what is happening in the present.

Dreamed that take a taxi? This means that prefer to go with the flow and give other people the opportunity to direct your life, rather than to count their forces and to make energy in order to achieve the goal.

If you dream in control of your car (or taxi), then, as the dream book Buddhists themselves acted as a guide.

Dreams of driving while intoxicated or without a license - a sign that you can not and have no right to dispose of their lives at their own discretion. Such dreams can mean feelings of inadequacy or unwillingness to reckon with the norms of social standards.

Dreamed that chase cars, but it leaves without you? So, in life you feel that life has not kept pace. If you still have time to sit in a car driving away, then in life you are lucky and will succeed or catch the tail bird of happiness. Dream Interpretation Buddhists demonstrate recommends hvatkost.

Flips in the car? This dream can mean that life will be frustrated by the inability to do so, as you want.

Buddhists Dream book describes what a dream to shoot down a man on the road. If you knocked down a man is awake, "came on the throat of his desires" and do not live the way you want, as well as the environment expects.

A number of descriptions

Auto in dreams can show the owner or another person as he appears in the eyes of others. It may seem polished and powerful, practical and powerful. If you see a car, first of all, you need to associate it with your personal associations.

If the dream car has nothing to do with your perception of the world, and you know that this is not your car, then think about how his image could be in your dream. What does this image? As he describes you? The answer to these questions is to say a lot about your personality traits, how do you perceive its image, its momentum or its ambitions.

Cars can symbolize our own or those of our environment. They may also talk about the ability to control some events. Spring Dream Book states that dreamed virtuoso skills promise a quick solution to the problems and achieve the goals reality.

Dream book to go by car

go by car on Dream Interpretation
Why dream of driving a car in a dream?

Why dream of driving a car in a dream by dream book?

Why dream of buying a car? Will implement a new business mission, which will spend a lot of time and effort.

The bulk of the costs will fall on the material side - the project will require a solid financial investment, but in the end everything will pay off.

Dream Interpretation ride by car

Driving a car on Dream Interpretation
What a dream ride on a dream car?

What a dream ride in a car in a dream by dream book?

Riding on the machine - the ability to be a leader, to correctly assess and navigate the situation, respond quickly to emerging problem tasks. If you can drive a car without difficulty - in life and just be able to succeed.

Dream book to drive the wheel, what dreams Vesti dream car while driving to see

Dream Interpretation AstroMeridiana What a dream to drive behind the wheel of dream book:

To dream drive a car - you can easily solve all business problems, even if at first it seemed that they give you a lot of trouble.

What a dream to drive a car - if you do not have rights, then this dream warns that you are doing something for which you do not have enough skill. To drive a large size in a dream - you very little time to devote to their loved ones because of the hassle of working.

Food at the wheel - you're in control of your life and achieve success in it.

What a dream that I was going behind the wheel - to go behind the wheel of a working machine says that you are confident in their abilities and you have all turns out, however, any vehicle malfunction mean obstacles in your way.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

What a dream to drive (to be behind the wheel) - to drive behind the wheel - The general course of his personal life, independent of external circumstances; self-control (based on the nature of the motion and the road).

Pocket Dream Interpreter What dream to drive behind the wheel of dream book:

If you dream that you are driving - then your ostentatious extravagance cause disapproval of others.

If you dreamed that you are the driver of public transport - that soon you will be hard physical work to be poorly paid.

What a dream to drive behind the wheel of dream book:

If you dream that you are a truck driver - then you will be poverty, a long series of failures.

If you dream that you are a passenger - of the difficult situation will help you get out of your knowledge.

What a dream to drive behind the wheel of dream book:

For a man to see himself a passenger in a dream - it means attention from the female, and for women - disappointment in the loved one, whose love she had long sought.

Driving a passenger car

Dream book Riding the passenger car had a dream, what a dream in a dream ride a passenger car? To select the interpretation of sleep, enter the keyword of your dreams in the search form and click on the first letter characterizes the dream image (if you want to get an online dream interpretation on the letter free alphabetically).

Now you can find out what is dream ride a passenger car, read below for free dream interpretation of the best online dream book House of the Sun!

Dream Interpretation - travel by car

To dream, as you drive your own car - a trip to the guests.

Dream Interpretation - Passengers

To dream of a lot of passengers on the ship means that in reality you expect a lot of work. A limited number of passengers in the cabin or coupe - will have to seek help from friends and neighbors.

Being a passenger in a dream in a long journey - attain well-being thanks to the determination and frugality. If you are a passenger of public transport - in reality it threatens the loss of the income space.

Meet in a dream of passengers at the station or the station - will be saddened by the betrayal of a man who trusts in the meeting with the passengers on the pier - to the envy and disputes over the division of money or property. See off passengers - a sad event.

Dream Interpretation - Passenger

To dream that you see passengers coming with luggage, it means improved circumstances. If passengers leave - you will lose the opportunity to purchase the property as desired by you.

If you yourself - one of the passengers, you will be dissatisfied with your current life and start doing everything possible to change it.

Dream Interpretation - Ride

Riding in a dream - it's your life. It depends on the nature of the road, travel, vehicles and surprises. Ride in a circle - which means that your thoughts revolve around the same subject, and you can not find a way out of this situation. See Interpretation: Road; Vehicles by name: horse, horse racing, traffic, car.

Ride calmly and steadily - a sign of well-being in all matters. Fall from a horse in a dream - unfortunately, to dream of the fallen from his horse - a loss. Get off your horse - a sign of deterioration and discord with the family or friends. Ride in the company of men - a sign of a good and promising earnings; in the company of women - a bad dream that portends trouble through the hype and gossip.

Ride in a carriage (stroller) - poor sleep for patients as it predicts death; but military promises a dream promotion. Those who seek to improve their condition through a venture, the dream predicts failure and debts. Go through the forest, the desert or the deserted town - a failure or disaster. Ride in a rich carriage (or an expensive car) in a dream - a sign of honor and wealth. Ride on the cart (wagon) on the bumpy road - a sign that you are going through difficult days, but they will end, and your everyday life will seem like paradise. Ride on the wild animals in a dream - a sign of victory over the enemy. Ride on the people - the dream favorable for those who hold positions of responsibility, striving for power or a subordinate. Others the dream promises losses and troubles. Sometimes a dream foretells you that you will shamelessly use people for their own selfish purposes. The rider in your dream - a messenger. See what it looks like: a news and get. Enter the city on horseback. The patient was a dream promises a recovery, and the one who lost something and wants to find a dream promises good luck in his search, and subsequent success. Travel in a dream of the city (village house) - a bad dream. Sick he predicts demise, military - loss, injury or death in battle. Others - failure in business.


Dream Interpretation - Passenger

See dream on passengers leaving the vehicle with the luggage, it means improved circumstances. If passengers leave - you will lose hope to purchase the property as desired by you. Being one of the passengers - a strong dissatisfaction with the present life and the persistent efforts to change it.

Dream Interpretation - Passenger

You carry passengers - improved financial circumstances. Disembark passengers - an unexpected profit will allow you to get rid of debts.

Imagine a crowd of passengers coming out of your vehicle with the luggage (see. Baggage).

Dream Interpretation - Passenger

Son of the passengers, leaving the vehicle with the luggage, foretells improvement in the circumstances.

Departing passengers dreams to acquire the property.

If you are - a passenger, you have to do everything possible to change your life.

Dream Interpretation - Passenger

Passenger - you do not like your life, and it is time to begin to change something.

To meet the passengers - a good change in your life.

Accompany passengers with luggage - the desired purchase will not work through no fault of your reasons.

Dream Interpretation - Passenger

Greet passengers with luggage in a dream means that you will have excellent opportunities to improve their condition. Accompany passengers in a dream or see how they leave - a sign that you will miss a good opportunity to get rich. See interpretation: luggage, station.

Dream Interpretation - Passenger

See scurrying, hurrying passengers foretells you unexpected troubles and bustle.

If the occupant of the vehicle do you see yourself, the dream symbolically reflects the current state of your affairs.

Unattractive and uncomfortable vehicle: says that your affairs are not going too well, and before you expect a variety of obstacles and difficulties.

Defective, the beautiful and, most importantly, convenient transportation: on the contrary, promises a successful promotion cases, promising prosperity and good fortune.

Heavy or bulky items in a dream, it is an indication that your excessive concern about their problems adversely affect the business, prompting you to bad decisions.

Light Baggage: means that your inner light and a positive attitude will continue to contribute to the successful promotion of business.

I was driving a passenger car

Dream Interpretation - Car

A dream in which you - a passenger car, foretells activity and luck in business. But if you are sitting behind the wheel - may suffer loss or ill.

Out of the car means the successful implementation of the plans.

Just saw in the dream car - get ready for a pleasant journey and a change in fortunes.

Buy a dream car - a good sign: you will be able to restore the previous good state.

Sell ​​the car is not very good in the dream, unpleasant changes may occur.

Car broke down - wait for trouble.

Stolen - even worse, may break many of the plans that affect your future.

But if the car is one of the central elements of a dream, his interpretation is connected with this image.

What do you dream - buying a car, an accident, a trip on the car as a passenger or a driver or a traffic accident.

Dreamed of buying a car, for Lofa means or desire realization or symbolic addressing. This dream reflects a desire to buy something that in reality you can not afford. Buying a car at the car just helps you make the right choice.

If you see yourself in a dream by the passenger, in real life, you will surely feel that the person sitting behind the wheel, somehow controls your life. Or maybe the car is any celebrity - pop star or politician? Try to analyze your feelings to the driver and the degree of credibility.

If you are sitting behind the wheel, then pay attention to passengers. Most likely, these are people against whom you feel a special sense of responsibility. It is important how you relate to them, and where you are going - in one destination or different.

Accident, according to Lofa, usually warn of trouble, threatening our dear people.

Such a dream may indicate an inability to control the situation and the inability to protect others. Sometimes this warning should heed immediately. However, the accident can dream and if you've recently seen a similar situation on the road. Whatever it was, please be careful while driving.

Dream Interpretation - Car

It symbolizes your ability to implement their own plans.

Do you see yourself driving a beautiful car on a good road: it is a sign that the situation is under your control, you are confident and full of energy.

Especially good if you see yourself coming out of the machine. A dream foretells a successful outcome conceived Affairs.

Go to someone else's car: a sign of participation in foreign affairs.

Broken, scratched or battered car: portends failure and difficulties. Maybe you only think that you control the situation?

Stolen car says about your fear of the future. It seems that deep down you are afraid that the reality will encounter difficulties in those cases that are presented to you simple and almost resolved. After such a dream you should not sit back and hope for too easy to promote your ideas. It would be better if you prepare in advance for possible difficulties.

Dream Interpretation - Car

This incarnation of your aspirations in life, if the car is going uphill - you need to think about their ambitions.

If the car broke down - need to rethink their moral compass.

If the car is traveling upwards, climbing the hill - you may have to work hard on his development.

Breakdown means that you will need to reassess their beliefs and actions.

If you are driving an old car with a souped-up engine, this means that you want to relive their youth.

Are you having a passionate desire to relax and behave recklessly.

Do not go against his wishes and take a short break to get rid of the monotony of everyday life.

Dream Interpretation - Passenger

To deal with passengers in public transport - for trouble.

Dream - Vehicle (accident)

Buy a new car in a dream - to bankruptcy. Sitting behind the wheel of the car to fame. An accident in the car - to the collapse of your dreams.

Dream Interpretation - Passenger

See yourself in a dream means a passenger dissatisfaction with their relationships with loved ones. Spouses a dream foretells that they will be looking for fun on the side.

Dream Interpretation - Ride

To see a dream in which you are traveling by car, is your activity and luck in business. For lovers to go near the car marks faithful to each other, despite the machinations of rivals and opponents.

If you are in a dream on horseback moving through the clear stream - in reality you expect success, but the joy is marred by something, if you are not traveling alone. Go to sleep on the elevator means that in real life you will quickly rise to the highest position and get rich, if the elevator moves up. Ride it down - you have broken and discouraged failure.

Ride a bicycle on the street foretells that you will encounter fearlessly and overcome all obstacles in its path to prosperity and happiness. To ride a motorcycle - a quick solution to a complex problem, the bus - in your home for some time established a mess because of the arrival of relatives from afar.

Go to sleep in the subway or on the escalator means that you will soon be involved in an unusual enterprise, which will turn to you sad event or endless troubles. Take the train over the vast expanses - to travel to distant lands and separation from family.

Dream Interpretation - Ride

Sick man riding in a boat - portends death.

foolish to rejoice the fact that riding a horse - bad luck.

Traveling carriage drawn by white horses - a great happiness, luck.

Ride a horse here and there - things related to literature, writing,

To go on a long journey on a horse - will be a great joy.

Riding on a mule - will profit, wealth, good luck.

Ride on a white horse - the disease.

Go to the goat in the street - portends wealth and profit.

Go on a boat sailing on the wind - a great happiness and benefit.

To ride a horse on a long journey - it will be a great joy

Go on an excursion to the high mountains - in spring and summer portends happiness.

Go along the main road and falls into a pit - portends a loss of wealth.

Crane controls wagon rides in the wagon - portends cases involving military campaigns.

The cart does not go - do not attain in order to strive for.

Sitting in the boat, you go to your home - the destruction, the loss of well-being.

Dream Interpretation - Car

See the car - changes in life.

Buy - start a new business.

By car there - bad luck.

Very quickly go - risk.

Many cars - tedious trip.

His wash or repair - trouble.

What a dream boring! Transplanted better on the bus!

Dream Interpretation - Car

Buy a car to fulfill his dream, however, and the possibility of ruin.

Go on it if the wheel, it is the fact that the FAS will be used.

If you are driven, it is to fulfill the desire.

When on the move the car bounces off the wheel - it's a disaster.

Jump out of the car to the great danger that you can trap if you do not take precautions.



car missing


To go in his car and he suddenly stalled and stopped to wind up

Your name Manzoor:

in a dream I saw a black Volga


driving both passengers in the car his parents had 4 people, made dangerous maneuvers, and finally drive all four tires were pokarezheny.


Sat in the car in the back seat as a passenger, he went by himself and I almost crashed. At this point, some guy grabbed the trunk and stopped the car.


Dear Tatiana, today I had the following dream, I go in the car with her ex-husband, we recently divorced nim.on behind the wheel, I ryadom.mashina tilted in my direction, no kolesa.u my hands a plate of bulonom.vo a dream I feel that between us there is no anger and resentment that I was even glad that he ryadom..potom machine stops and it drives me out of the car and tells me to lie on the back seat until it is something to do with mashinoy.i dream suddenly there is my daughter, she also says, mom, lie down, otdohni.ya sit in the back seat, door m Bus otkryty.ya awake.


sit in my car father and mother, the father at the wheel, I come up to the car and do not understand how they got there, then I see that my car is broken down, while leaving its normal and empty


I dreamed that I went to the apartment where I was born, know that stole my car (beads) and I find it in a neighbor's yard. Going back to the same apartment (there is now living my brother), take a jar of milk, down the stairs in an entrance somehow find out that the car was stolen again. On the way, I have to hand the bank falls with milk several times, but as fighting like a ball from the floor is broken and I again picked up by her. Coming out of the entrance of the bank falls again and again I am taking it in his hands, and then meet a man with whom he grew up, but who died. He goes with what that girl. We shake hands, and burn a couple of words. He is dressed in something gray jacket and trousers, he goes to the entrance, and I notice that there really is not my car, and begin to nervously look for it in all the courts of realizing it somewhere near, but still can not find and wake up ...


her husband's stolen car near Teschin house and behind the house found the car, I put in bogazhnik carriage and we went


Hello, please explain, what a dream from Wednesday to Thursday, I went to sleep at the wheel of the car was traveling alone and no accidents were not just riding ... many thanks in advance.


where it appeared in my new car, and then I think to sell it because that I already have idea is not implemented


I saw your car -Night, it is either in the forest, either in what that thicket. I was very surprised that it is almost completely robbed (took everything that was inside) and he stood without wheels. It was a shock, because I was very attached to him, I love to travel and do it well. Dream for the second night in a row ...

Worried, because I am before making important decisions in their lives and do not know what to do. Plus the work is not all gone wrong.

What does this mean. THANK YOU ALL GREAT!


Our group of 3 cars a foreign car, my dear) helped to overcome a large puddle other road users found obezdili but after the great river had crossed with our gadgets and inventions instead of the ferry on the ferry was a very long queue


I am riding and driving (a bit worried because the first time the car was traveling at Nesvoia also jeep), with a beloved man in his car, was in a good mood, good roads, good weather!


I was riding on his new car .. My first car. In the dream, I realized that I helped my grandfather with money. I was driving behind the wheel. I remember that he found himself in it near the Memorial Park of the city ... The steering wheel spun easily transfer switch with incredible ease ... Then I remember that neighbors the street car heavily overclocked, as has been chasing after me. Fearing that the car was hit from behind, I clocked as fast as possible ... Then I remember went to the main street. Without the inclusion of headlights at me flew a red VAZ 21110. I skilful steering movement given to the right and left on the road more traveled and heard she broke on pursuing my car .. I knew that she was ten at the same time with haunting ... I was driving on the gray Hyundai ... I poravilsya that car .. I was so happy that I was sitting in his own car.


MACHINE neighbors of red light and it was BYTAYA, several people were sitting there, and drove NIGHT



Hello. Dreamed that I was going on an expensive jeep uncle, he left it in front of our house, since he does not need him, and I consider him. I know that I can not drive. I could barely reach the pedals. But on the way the food with confidence, although I feel the excitement as the wheel for the first time, and to the same food at one of the busiest streets of the city. And here I see that the snow machine, it's everywhere, in the devices, sensors, even the windshield white with frost, and I could hardly see the road, but do not feel cold, I warm. Food, and see the light, it is possible to see that the green light, I turn to the right, around the bend rode a bus parked on the roadside and stopped to find out that the car and why the snow. I am riding in the car with her husband aunt. Together we are trying to figure out the reason for the appearance of snow inside the car. Like all devices, sensors work perfectly, the vehicle starts up immediately, no external sounds and noises, the stove is working properly. Out of the car did not come out. Though, we have suggested that the same oven machine is malfunctioning, but in the cabin warm. And we went home on the same road accidents was not ...


I was driving behind the wheel sat beside my wife us drove traffic cops at a sharp turn, we bumped into the concrete and then I went to heaven I was white I met there znakomova and he was white we pozdorovolis he skozal welcome to paradise and I sharply awake


I go to the supermarket in the car, put the car on the parking lot, vyhozhui not find him, looking and not find mogu.Vozvraschayus but instead store a huge house with lots of rooms, lots of strangers .I talk to them, laugh, please help me find the car and I wake up.


I was driving in his car and passenger landed a familiar girl, then fell through a car in a mud puddle, the car sank completely, and I came out of the puddles dry, but the car broke down and everything got wet.



Good day. The dream was as follows: Someone from the family asks me to take him on business. I agree, we go out into the yard and come to the car, we find that the wheel of the car deflated. I say that now pumped up and eat, and did. (Courtyard and my car is like in real life). After that there was another dream. My husband and I came home to his father, where he lived with his second wife (his father died), and sitting in the yard waiting for when somebody wakes up and comes out. When they came to us very happy father in law said it was looking forward to our arrival and specially baked pancakes for us and that we have given. He was in a good mood, and even said that all that was left after his death we are left to ourselves, but he had no money and the money he can not help us. At this time, his wife, who all this time was near silence listening to all this and smiled with the same smile and said father-in, if you're me nothing after death did not leave, I'll tell you why I married you. First, she found out about him as it is consistent, what his property and that it poimeet after his death. What she wanted, and wanted him dead, and had a hand because he is fed up with her. We took the pancakes and left the house, the yard was a snake that at the sight of us began rushing through the yard to look for a place to hide. First I kicked her and she flew into what that hole in the wall, and I asked my husband to catch her that she would no longer get in the way. He caught it easily, we put it in a plastic container and handed over to the pet store, which was located next to the house of her father.


Driving along the road stopped at the post of DPS, then left the building DPS, and the car was gone. Hit in the search, but did not immediately found my car, I changed the alarm!


Hello! I dreamed that I was with my son and my mother came back from a holiday in his car. We stopped at a small market to buy some stuff on the road and out of the car. When purchases are made, the car was not there. I started to look for him, there was a feeling that it was stolen. After a while I found it broken. I woke up in tears.


I dreamed that I was going in the car, my mother behind the wheel, brother and uncle in the back seat, I remember that my mother stopped a few times, but do not remember anything ... Pos what we've come to an unknown city, to go to another "level" (computer games do not play). And in order to move had set fire to the car and we were in it, and then my mother begins to pour up with petrol and set fire (burns there was no feeling that burn too) we were in some other world ... then I chast sleep do not remember, but I find myself in the same place (from where we came) and start again to go to the place again to get into that world. On the way I met a guy (there was a feeling that I know him) and he said that he had seen me before, and I liked it very much and asked me to hold to the point. When we came to the tone he asked for the world to me and I agreed ... to move it into the world where it is necessary, we have to think about it and think about why we are there napravlyaemsya.Ya do not remember what I was thinking, but remember that this boyfriend always said I'm going to protect her ... and he set fire to us (again, no sense of burning and scalding) and I woke up ...


He dreamed of an enemy that has destroyed me in real life. We're going on a trip in his black Tayota my silver opel.Ya do not want to go after him, but he insists on this trip to the spooky gololed.Ya food for his car. His car coming in kuvet, then see the snow-covered field. I am leaving from this point with his enemy, in his car.


I dreamed that a large car-like Jeep knocked down a man unknown to me, the car just ran over a man, but the man did not fall, but stood firm on his feet and a person car just broke in half, but from the inside, and outside there was no blood, and the man fell, then came ambulance and taken away a man, he was virtually no blood.


Several times I dreamed that I was driving a car and the food can not stop trying to pressure on the brake and the car is not in the end it ostanavlivaetsya vrezaetsya or another or all the same, I can stop it. And today, first dreamed that my husband and child were there for me magazane began agryzatsya seller at th down in the car, pouring rain, were my grandmother and my mother in the car, we put a son and I sat in the front seat. The husband first got behind the wheel and then came out saying a smoke and talking with someone on the phone. And suddenly the car went I press on the brake it does not stop me up turning the steering wheel so as not to vtezatsya standing in the car, and I understand that with the right and another to her, I, too, almost nevehala then sat in the car, we started to swear husband and I woke up


Went (jlyf) on convertible bright blue, but in reality do not have and do not drive T / C. Parked, he turned off the tape recorder, left, left cars with fear of theft (but it did not appear), and went on some kind of quest.


I dreamed that I sold the car and the money paid your debts, and bought another car much better and more beautiful but in debt.


Very often dream the same dream: I forgot where you parked, looking for my car but I found none. The next morning - I was in a cold sweat. The car - a gift to his late father. I, unfortunately, already on the other will not be able to earn.


This dream was repeated during the week: 3 times I remember exactly, maybe more. I dreamed that I was at the wheel of a car, although driving a car, I can not. In the car, I was alone, sitting on the driver's seat. Hands firmly hold the steering wheel and your feet do not know how to behave. All three times I dreamed the same place, I went to your district, each time moving the tram rails. This section of road in real life a little complexity; for the move, because moving the rails, always in the cabin shaking more than usual. In the dream, I do not notice it, but I know that part of the road is not easy. Dream ends differently yaili moving these rails and gently bob on the front of the machine, or continue to go on. During sleep, there is a feeling uncomfortable, I have to make me more than you need, I'm doing what I can not and it is unpleasant.


I dreamed that I buy your car new not expensive, but a good manufacturer magnitolu.V real life I have a new car, which is a normal radio.


I walked out of his house and saw scratched the car of his neighbor, he was white and gray scratches


I was riding in the passenger seat in a foreign car "Porsche Cayenne", it is like a dream, and the reality of pregnancy. She was at the wheel. The car was a dark blue, brand new, we had went somewhere, at some museum. It was made in the form of old ruins, and then sold cosmetics, and very good, and I bought it.


I was near the site of a prison in the style of American films on the territory of a walk cons inflated in bandanas, wide trousers ... Mexican ... appearance at the gate is not in detention prisoner went to bat ... like in a cartoon back and forth near the gate. Then I sat down in a yellow Lamborghini (car of a friend), set up the wheel and drove around the city ... First in the car were three girls, I do not know, then I got into the car my friend some ... in the end, all somewhere disappeared and I went with my best friend.


Hello! I dreamed that my friend and come to the parking lot where there are various expensive cars. She gave the familiar BMW car at the time of ride, when she was about to sit down, sewed not expect the beginning of descending into an irrigation ditch. We are with her and watched the car running and she fell into the ditch. Then we turned and went out from this place a friend tells me that this is the second car that she is given and it is broken. First she crashed while driving.


dream within a month the same dream as I cut the springs, until I go to the store, but before that, I say it is not necessary to omit, cut to put the car, it is interesting to know why the same month?


a dream that I was going behind the wheel of a new, beautiful machine, but at the same time I realize that I can not drive as there is in reality. but food. just on a whim. sometimes I am running away from someone on this machine.


I have in fact blue car. but she dreamed of me in a dream in black. I got married. My husband and I had at home. we offended each other. I was standing beside the car, on the farther away from the machine 5 meters. but behind the wheel of someone. He is about to leave. I have no mood


Hello. I dreamed that the car is white, in which there was a man whom I love, cut in front of another car red. out popped a man and pointed at my favorite gun. behind the police arrived. this happened at my old private house, where lived his childhood with his parents. Next to me on this, my deceased mother watched. she did not have long dreamed of. and strangely it all. I screamed his name, ran to him, but woke up


I dreamed that my father and I have earned two new domestic car, and want them as quickly as possible to sell the car were the color of paint


it happened in my derevne..utrom I went outside and saw that my car was lying on its side near the broken curb ...


my wife in a dream sat behind the wheel without having the rights and broke with a light and a strange car and I wept much vosne zaeto


Hello, last night I dreamed that my car repaired in which the service station, then change any detail, still remember that this detail should 3tys rubles, which means that such a dream? what is it?


husband broke the car that we sold a year ago and turned himself into a slug has disappeared, and I was looking for him but did not find, and decided to sell the car but it was broken out in front of her, I have not sold


Good time of day Tatiana! Dreamed on Friday, as follows: Familiar to me people entrusted expensive car, for some personal trips, in the end, I took some of his old friends, we went around the city and at the end of a dream, a dream, something that I smashing this machine, and thought, I will return the money for the car to his friend. The dream was colored.


Hello. Had a dream that we were going to the car in one machine to another husband, I with his son he is now 9 years old. And then my son and I started climbing in his car in a high mountain. Both the wheel. Son on my lap. I tell him it is necessary to back down dad went on another road car is not too osilivaet highest mountain, afraid she searches back and think if the machine does not overpower us back will fall and will crash. A car drove really barely. . A son says everything will be okay after these words I took the wheel the son also keeps the wheel and press on the gas. And here we are both holding the handlebars go up. Machine less rides. And climb up. Passenger sports machine type. Just do not remember whether we went uphill or not. But definitely not down. I remember that I saw when I lift up the mountain is a place not very high and I think the main thing to get to this place ts up then from then on will not be easy to drive too hard and we go up to the mountain. Thanks in advance waiting for an answer


Hello, I'm very fond of cars in real life, and favorite color is red, and then I dreamed of burning red Audi, I am still so amazed in a dream that her apart rims and tinted all red, even the small details, as many awoke from it with a smile nemog it forget))))))


I dreamed that my husband gave me his car although I never gave, I came to the destination set it for an hour, she was standing there I saw her and then disappeared. I ran rasprosy people a taxi driver saw where she said about where she is now, I ran to the police notes have someone did not want to listen and that was my dream, I woke up broke.


I was driving behind the wheel of a truck, but could not reach the pedals and assisted me to stop at the right time


Hello Tatiana's dream such a dream I was sitting in the car in the back seat in the car of his father, and she suddenly started up and she went through 1-2 quarters drove on the curb there was a woman I could dodge the wheel, and the woman she has not had time.


dream my friend buys expensive go test it, but the last thing on my site sits my brother, but I'm still happy for her friend


The fact that I previously dreamed of the car like my mother, and my mother was gone, and I took a ride in a car, but she told me it does not in real life, and the rights I have, and now I go gently, but I get like, but a great fear, and after the trip, I went for the money somewhere, and then the car was stolen, they took the alarm, but was told where it stoit.Voobschem, I found the car, all there to "fix pochenilos \\", and my mother nothing learned, I remember going through a dream is very silno.A today has a dream car is already Busik white, I'm there, I sit behind the wheel, and the food not much care, but without p obs tacle and confidently, and in snevspominayu last sleep, and I think I did well because the experience there, though at a trip I found myself in the cabin former classmate, it does not deal in the real world (rare), then we eat in the garden, I threw the car somewhere, because the garden was Betton narrow arch, and I could not drive, and remained in onoklassnitsa mashine.Detey it was not enough, and I'm taking my daughter, though I'm young girl and I do not have children, and my daughter is very warm, the newborn, even these folds on the arms, and the head does not hold on, well, just lovely, and I'm takin it, and go to the place where to put the car, carrying a baby, I go home and close this classmate, then how come it has evaporated, and then the picture-I leave the house (of where lives my grandmother at the moment, and I'm there spent most of his childhood ), I look my car has a black jeep, and with the right door open, I'm in shock, alarm stole again, and there were people on the street, and among them was an old \\ a close friend, I call them, say, " have not seen anything, "they -?" Oh, nothing, but we sfotkali, we did not know that it's your car, and one of them starts yelling (I do not know this girl, in 1vye see) - and I said to her, quietly, my daughter is sleeping, we are on one floor zhivem.I all, I woke up (And then to Buse, I went, and it was very hard to see at some point, the main beam is not. helped) Just these dreams seem to me it is not clear, and 2 times this alarm uzhe..Proshu help for earlier THANK YOU! (I also like 1 3 years, but he does not want to be with me, we met 3 years ago last month, well he wants but he's not ready yet, so here's a couple of days ago, I wrote all that we are not still together, he's not going because after 2 years to start a relationship serious, maybe it's like that related)


Stole my car, I was looking for him, at the same time I could not believe that it was stolen. But the dream was so deep that I woke up with the feeling that it is true


The deceased had a son. An employee at work say 'this is my son, "they asked, in surprise, however, happily,

looking out the window: "This is a smiling young man in a car" The car is similar to the Volga (large). But the son did not come to me, was just my work in front of the window.


I dreamed that dream I buy a car, for the non-cash, a BMW X6. it was in a place is not like the car market, and in particular institution and with a narrow range of clients. Time of day day.


I saw my friend and I were driving somewhere and suddenly passed us backwards in the front drove a large truck which was our familiar man, and even by us drove a passenger car and ahead of the Kamaz she caught him turned to twist, we stopped their car and ran to the car to save people, I got on to an infant he was bleeding and took him to the hospital, where I did not find out the doctors I've been looking for doctors with a baby in his hands but then found one woman and gave her the child so she looked him sweat m I took a girl who was also covered in blood, but I do not remember what happened to her ...


I drove BY CAR BY tractor with hay bales green ... .VDRUG I SEE HOW ONE bale flies in the side of the machine I am starting to go fast BUT HE REACHES THE MACHINE AND strikes (knocking was heard.)


I went from the yard where I live, at a neighbor's car and a neighbor he was sitting at the side, and what is still engaged in a dialogue with him, I was than indignant.


I'm sitting in luxury car, the keys are in it. I want to take it, but I'm scared and I think about the security cameras. ) And can not keep up.


rode in a car with her husband, he is not currently live with me in a dream, he is not very nice to me, seems to be grumbling, but once in a dream appeared svokor my sister, we sat on the couch, I had some something glasses and then my husband leaned over to me and whispered in my ear that he loves me, but he looked the same as if he had drunk a little, but I'm in a dream to feel relaxed and even happy. what is it? He does not live with me for half a year


I dreamed that I was in St. Petersburg, but somewhere on the outskirts of town and you need to go with a group on gastroli.Gruppa in the city and we have to meet at the station. with my children home. us rode posh car (Rolls-Royce like) taxi bright crimson tsveta.otezd aircraft after 40 minutes, but the taxi driver said to go to the airport 3 chasa.ya thought that maybe we still uspeem.zashla the house, and children are not ready: daughter did not want to go with difficulty persuaded her, and the eldest son bathed and shaved. as a result we arrived in time to like, but I scolded the team leader for the fact that I said that I can not remember opozdat.Dalshe. Thank!


Welcome on Thursday, I had a dream food in Lad cruzer car stops open the glove compartment Dost some tissue plates sympathetic Scroched then them I turn and there is paper money, I think they were missing but believed to 100tys.rub first time such Che dreamed of you you say about this?


The food in the back seat of a car with her mother and look out the window and see something drawn with chalk on the pavement, and driving some unknown guy.


Hello Tatiana! I dreamed that I was going down the main street of our city, and I drive a car I can not in reality, and suddenly want to slow down and get it a little time, as if pushed, what type crashed gently in front of me going avto.i clearly see that damaged car back a little bit and then leaves it to some young man and says, that's okay, and offers me with him to move his car in his not distant facing the courtyard, then invites me to come to his home to drink tea, but when I came to him, he gently tried to stick to me, I became and from him to run away, run away! but I was wondering about the collision of cars! that this dream mean?


in recent years, almost every night I have dreams about the car, but with different stories, dreams entire fleets, where I - the food, I decide to have some problems, overcome obstacles, the road is always different. the asphalt, then schebonka, today had a Maxim Galkin, like we met him, he was behind the wheel. I sat there, we have with him was a serious conversation about our relationship, like he decided to marry Alla Pugacheva, and so we had to part with him, it was a sunny day, blue sky, buildings, dreamed my boyfriend, then it turned into another man and he seems to be so cold to me concerned that my soul was unpleasant, it's an event going on in the cafe at the bar, then he took it and left.


I dreamed that my favorite people with whom we do not live eating soup at my house, and then he goes on board the car was bogazhnike and that on the floor there was a small house spider.


Hello. Sleep with several characters at once: riding in the car naked in the back seat, wrapped in a blanket then, driving some reason a full man, a stranger to me. They traveled, climbing and descending over bumps and hills on such a breakneck speed that uuuuh! - breathtaking. For a long time traveling, then I do not remember what was over, I woke like. Another alert was easy and kind of afraid of sexual contact, t. To. The man was a stranger.


black car brand BMW i'm sitting behind the wheel, and the food in front of and one can see friends and they were stunned when they saw me behind the wheel of a cool car


I slept in his bed at his home that's just for some reason was on the roof of another larger apartment buildings like the lodge Carlson. But my house was a modern, cubic, in the studio style. And suddenly the house flew at high speed passenger car, smashed all Stelka wind burst. I did not prana, but I called my husband and said she would have to insert the glass in the windows.


Good morning. I myself was for the mountain road to rulem.sery dzhip.kak and climb but Tomozov slabye.i I'm a little bit poteznkn Nazal skatyvayus.ya still selnee nadymayu on toroza husband says PUSH pity the car is on the left kagby money kuplennoe.a novaya.i car almost went further.


A dream in which I am a car expensive brand, and I have an inner feeling, and in the dream I know. this is my new car. All of your friends are shocked and even a little jealous.


Hello! I dreamed that I had a certain amount of money. 2 thousand. Dollars. Someone in the dream said that for the money I can buy a car and unfortunately I do not remember, I bought it or not.


I was traveling by car, he was my "but it's not the car that I have now," I stop putting on the brakes but the car went I got out of it wanted to stop but did not have time but it rolled struck another machine but the shot did not hurt anything either my or someone else's I called the car owner alien machines but nobody podeshel


Saw in a dream that I already have a brand-new Mercedes, the one which had long dream, and I am telling everyone that selling Volkswagen, Volkswagen why should I when I have a Mercedes.


I prisnlos that laden KAMAZ rolled over and fell from his things, different things. I was able to run back to me and not covered by I saw how smoothly flips KAMAZ. It's what?


SON.VIZHU ITSELF AND MUZhA.ya stolen blue Jeep, but he at the wheel and pedal on my side, and that's the moment podezzhaem to his home while on the road in the distance I see the police, her husband and say let's wrap and do porkuemsya and I see us fit man says, and I know that you stole the car and go to you stating uhodit.ya and her husband say, well, all I would be imprisoned, and he told me in response, no I'll take over, and then I woke up

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Hello Today I had a dream that I was going behind the wheel of his car, and sitting next to a man whom I had den.A lyublyu.Na street food with fast speed and I can not turn down the speed, and then I suggested my favorite people what to do and I went very smoothly and without problem.Zaranee thanks


am driving a car which mechtayu.v klyuchi.menya hands sees familiar zhenschina.vo happiness dream and feeling that the dream has come true.


I was standing in an unfamiliar yard next to the car and my friend Nick. Nick turned to me and said that I should not worry, he is now quickly repair a car and we'll go where planned. What does this dream? thank


I dreamed that I was going in a car behind the wheel, everything is fine at first, and then, an unidentified woman picks up the car and begins to twist as if it is a toy and the way the car umenshilas.Eto not the first time I dream like that, I can not reach the destination, always something going on, but for some reason it is not an accident, and some strange veschi.Chto could it mean?


Hello, I had a dream that I was driving in an expensive black car jeep tsveta.Za driving was something unknown to me muzhchina.Mashina riding uphill on the road like a streamer from one side of the road a big break, all I rperezhivala that we fly into the abyss, but the driver was able to cope so well with the fast driving and we got to the verha.Mashina stopped and I look, and we are in a place that the earth is about five feet from the sky, and I think now I'll go with the car how can I straightened to his full height (my ost 160cm.). At first, came out with the car bent, but immediately vypryamilas.Smotryu around and see this locality similar to what the silo, but people are living on the street of houses net.Lyudi like eastern rasu.I why they want me to marry I prosnulas.Spasibo ..Potom.


I put my car in the garage, not a somebody, and then she was not found in the hands of left keys with alarm. I ran all the garages, open them and click on the AutoPlay on alarm that would understand where it beeps or be acquired! And not where it is not found.


Food in a very fast car on the road for two-way tsentru.Edu at very high speed. On the sides of some green hills. In the direction of movement are the mountains and the sun sets behind them.


I had a dream that came to me girlfriend (communicated only in youth 30 years have not seen) .Priehala with some sort lyudmi..byli there for my children and how would it muzh.Oni arrived with the car .. (he had only a body without viscera) .. well, for some reason I bought and how to remember for 40000r.Snilsya house built recently and lives there died otets.Gosti it came to this house.


I'm going to my car to overtake the guy with whom I rarely meet smashiny pulls me and puts in his then driven to the hotel and then to the house what else. contact was also his driver, who taxied


Hello, I dreamed that I was standing in the bath, in clothes, dreamed that my father and I walk through the mall (around whether a moat that, whether lake, the water goes directly to the territory, where the store is located) go outside around fence, people in big cars, explosions, people are blown up, while in the water mines. I remember that I cried out to people so they went to the place where the water was a bomb. I remember that felt great fear and panic due to my father, who was next to me. further people came with weapons, the weapon was a strange, small board and stick with caps hammered into the nail head. people were very angry eyes, they laughed, they liked to kill, and then my father somehow got out and all was quiet, and vogrug well, and I still panic in the soul. then come out of the shop and car pulls passenger, and inside the grandfather, with bluish-white skin of the face ... I was sitting in the front seat and in the end we are standing in the meadow or plain around the grass and we face a steep descent, right in front of us, we were straight under him. if people in the car slid from him, then broke for sure. but this did not happen. and after my grandfather hugged me from the back seat with his hands. stroking his face, and I cried, thinking that he was going to die ..


dreamed that I was sitting in a dark room with an open door in a corridor with light, there was my girlfriend who beckoned me to him and said that I will break in the machine, and should be told not to let anyone at the wheel


I went on his new car, the color of the car warm, green. Stopped, got out of the car began to talk with a woman and a girl (the two Armenian women) and is a woman, my neighbor ... I ..poka razgovrivala with the woman, the girl stole the item from my car the one hand, the machine stopped working, I tried to return the items but , could not, because they do not understand them or anything ... ..I tried to hide the car, it did not help ... the Armenians brought with them another of his girlfriend, and that helped dismantle my car! ... I drove them, they're gone ... close from the car, I found a bag of one of them, and a number of wallet etc. A complete money as I do not think but to give them is not exactly going!


Hello! I dreamed that I arrived in his car, stopped. Drowned her, took the keys and went outside, there was a ditch beside the road. I turned to look at her car and she started and she started to move in my direction, I was riding on. I started to run away from her, and she went at full speed into the ditch and broke, very much. I had a dream in the night from Thursday to Friday. Thank you in advance.


my family and I went in the winter somewhere, I learned how to drive and gave me a car, we reached the point to rest, it was a bus stop around the forest was, my parents and I went for a walk, and my brother stayed at the machines and about the curb we see as a wagon white-red flips and flies towards us, as if moving out of the way, the parents moved away from me before I hit first by a car, I drift away, but I got up and went to the wagon, then it showed that it could explode, but it did not explode, I went to the other side and saw the parents under the wagon, they tried to Subscribe to call for an ambulance, but then were able to get up and we went to the car, the driver turned out to be alive tozheyu


Had a road car, golden-green tsveta.On tried to still somehow got under the car behind, while does not hurt to run over me, but I kept othodila.No, although it was tightly clamped ... .poluchilos the car just hugged me ... and then I woke up


I dreamed that I was going behind the wheel of a car sitting next to my friends and prevent me from them, we manage several trips just get lost in a circle in general and then we rode onto the bridge and crashed our car into the canal but I chose the


Zdravstvuyte.Nedavno in real life broke avtomobil.Vchera service from Thursday to Friday I dreamed I stopped by on it for the favorite (in which unrequited love) .K what is it? Thanks in advance.


Welcome Tatyana.Sego day had a dream that I drive a truck, I do not know why on it, and I know what I need I feel for the pedal and can not find it ... in the end I found the ee..i press ... but the machine is not tormozit..ya food not very big skorosti..i here puts me in the direction of the truck and falls to one side ... with all this, I see from the side) What does this all mean? please tell me ... I'm 16, I let..mashinu yet time is not the carrier)


already 3-4 days in a row I have a dream that I was driving a car (to be more precise, it is a jeep) is sitting in the backseat of my mother and younger SISTROM. In real life, driving a car to drive, I can not. The exact color of the machine, I do not remember, but it seems like it black.


I dreamed that I was going behind the wheel where I do not remember, I broke the law and drove shorter ,, where I was lucky that there was fear in me


My car had a personal lightly beaten standing in the garage, and then the subsequent repair. I vaguely remember that the damage was when I ran the car drunk. Also, my mother's voice in my head: I told you not to drink.


Hello! In the dream, I dreamed that the deceased former friend of mine wants to give 2 cars. They are supported. And I do not dare to take them. And as I drive. And on top of the tower rises.

Another had a son and daughter. They are joyful. Dream color, colorful. We solve one question that really concerns us.


I was driving in his car at the wheel, but the wheel was left storony.Ehala somewhere in the mountain. With me rode a man whom I do not know, but I have for him were very warm feeling. Suddenly I saw that I was going in slippers. They were new, blue, I even felt the smell of new things. But each of slippers from the outside was a little rasporan, the same. I lifted her legs and began to resent that she had forgotten to remove tapki.Son dreamed from Tuesday to Wednesday, from 18 to 19.


I'm going in the car (our) together with his brother (as passengers), and his brother at the wheel! We're going down the road (with holes), and it is felt, slowly, slowly! Suddenly he tells me that I got behind the wheel and Now I was driving and I said to him: "kapets, I do not have the same rights" .And in a moment, I see a rod of an inspector, which stops me.I povarachivaetsya head to his brother and said to him: "well, you handsome" (well you type doing) .Pomoemu something we have discussed with the traffic cop and a moment (of a second) I drive behind the wheel (at a good speed, good for zaasfaltirovanoy doro n) that I know well (together with his brother-passengers), this road is facing down, and at that moment, I hear the words: money and med.I briefly sweeps two copper pieces (do not even know how to explain it) that looked dirty, shorter (intended for delivery to the collection point for scrap), along the way we're going to take them! And in general, everything !!!


The dream begins with how I find myself behind the wheel of a car that pleases namely wolkswagen golf 2 white, I run them, I am pleased with kata friends enjoy it, well actually it ends my brief metrazhny sleep) can no longer vsmpomnit


Today I had a very expensive car, it was a guy and he pulled up to my house, I saw him from the window and began to gather for a long time could not decide what kind of clothes should I wear, it's not like it, get out in a hurry ..


I dreamed that my friends gave a black Volga. Volga was in perfect condition like a conveyor though purchased with it. Rear window is not completely closed with the attempts to improve the glass is dropped and inserted after me back. The action took place outside the hotel next to my mother's house. Then I have to go somewhere - this moment I do not remember. After arriving at the place and some actions (I can not remember which) I went home. At home, I told my wife about the present and he liked me, which she offered to sell our car (2114), and the money to repay the loan.


Hello, I had a dream last night that was not a girl friend breaks up with her husband our car. My husband and I were not in our car. And today again dreamed at night that our car breaks a young guy, but this time, my husband knew it. Only this time, her husband was in the car on the passenger seat, but he was not injured, but the car was completely smashed. Please tell me what could it be. I woke up in these dreams of that breathed very often and the heart pounding because I was crying in my sleep much.


I dreamed that my mother bought me a car. We got into it and I could not leave the car park and my mother sat down in my place, and I'm in the passenger seat. And when my mother traveled from the parking lot, she patsarapala driver's side door.


Good evening, Tatiana. Saw himself at the wheel of our car, Nissan Patfainder, right there but I do not go and did not go really, like I was taking back to, we had to leave ... the feeling that you liked to drive.


Repair of motor vehicles that I do not already own, this machine AGAIN take away from BUYER and repaired


Food in the car with a former boyfriend, he wants to kiss me but do not kiss, I'm out of the car. Then comes his current wife and wants to deal with me, I invite her to coffee with a cigarette, and I wake up.


Hello Tatiana!

I recently dreamed two dreams involving the same person - this is my co-workers who died colo 2 years ago. In all the dreams he had as a living.

In the first dream I was riding in the passenger seat of the car and was talking to someone sitting in the back seat. But I did not see nobody. Then he turned and saw that the driver Misha - like as me saying something, but I did not understand that. I'm not scared, happy, but I thought in the dream - Misha, you're kind of dead? Or alive?

The second dream was as follows. Some unknown to me she would like as a friend, I rented an apartment at my request. Like as I have in the apartment she did not live, but somehow saw it - it's small and cluttered with stuff. Then I'm going somewhere to go, but this girl stops me and says we should pay for an apartment - but not her, but someone else. I go into another room, where she sent me - and I pay 200 rubles to Misha, who was also there - as a living, I tell him, "Thank you," and he thanked me.

I would be very grateful for interpretation!


I arrived by car red Zhiguli 01 to the supermarket out of the car and went to the store when I came back I did as I could not get into the car she was very small


Food in his car while driving, suddenly showered both headlights in small pieces of glass, the machine does not obey me


I dreamed that I ran away from school with a boy, and we went by car to the sea, it was night, it was empty, he was driving on the streets, I'm back, we stopped at the store for bread, and came to the sea, then we We are sitting on the sand, and then I prosnulac.


periodically dream that my and sometimes pierce the neighboring 4-wheel and now also colored glass paint from bolonchika white


I got in an accident a month ago, the machine must be restored but I sold it, but at night I dreamed of it ... that car, just stood there and looked at it for about 5 minutes it lasted


I dream as I walk over to the new car in the summer at her grandmother's house, which was not going to fly on the torpedo lay a price list from the showroom, the car was that I would not want to buy, but I liked it


I dreamed that I was going behind the wheel of the vehicle Mitsubishi Prado ... I sit and think, not what currently such expensive car and I'm driving ... Box Machine ... drove slowly down the road with vyboenami ......


We have 3 years ago drove the car Chevrolet today, I dreamed that we were going on our Orange car her husband was driving, and I was surprised and obradrovana once the machine has returned, and I do not know when and how. thank


Hello. I had a man with whom I do not talk about 2mesyatsa, we are very strongly quarreled and he, I had a dream. I'm sitting in the car on the back seat and he, too, sat down and went to me that is to kolenke.A behind the wheel of some other guy sits. We do not edem.Chto it means.


I dreamed that I went to my car with my daughter and she vypadyvaet out the window and I move her car so I was scared, I was crying and said that will not sit behind the wheel longer.


I drove his car with caution. Although I do not have. And in my dream I knew that I have no rights, but I still went. I have a flat tire and bent disk. I was looking for a car repair shop. A 6 to 7 I also had a car and my ex-husband. Explain to ask. With respect, Nadezhda.


a dream that I parked the car of his friend in the wrong place, and a new place to overtake him afraid, because very bad drive a car, and very worried that when he returns the owner of the car, he would scold me.


I rode in a car with friends who had already died in the city in which they do not when you do not hit but in which I now live. before I vishel of the car they were beaten with normal nastroenyem then we vishli of the car that hit one another without crying mood. then we went to the store and when I went to the store, I have one friend who was crying apologized though do not know why, he told me wipe away do not touch I do not want to talk to you and then I'll vishel, stood in the street and then they vishli from the store with good mood and then moved away from me on ten meters and nachel dance. and even they did not know each other


I meet a friend but I need to go home, we come to see me I go I leave him the keys to the car and ask you to come through the hush ennoe time. girl comes to torture me to seduce I disagree pack off her home then I again in the car going to etoy girl runs out of fuel and then I have to kakomto market where my parents a car broken down in it my friend says I still pay the victims do not have, I'm going for a cigarette with some Relatives of the bride that we buy cigarettes, he tells me it's time to go fast, I'm trying to catch up and get in full of karidor on the third floor of but I know that UTB fire department may ask the school to bring me in on duty he says now and then I still apparent in driving etoy broken machine kudato I went vozvavschayus. I go vmagazin go out on the road stot 2 burnt car and bus, both watch one of them can see the remains of the burnt tablet prenadlezhat me. call girl sister says that she is evil and scandal I will today. I'm going kudato the crowd Pogoreltsev we talking go in kakoeto building seems gai then go out there stot bus next to hand out tea I approach me someone asks if I have a serial code of the machine and to prove that it's yours unreal I say that there took out his phone trying to call. I wake up in a cold sweat PS I missed a lot of details but they are not so important though my sister's face girls I rozslablayus we just talk and eogda girl's face appears stagnant at etoy Sisters I Do not know her and the girl is angry


Hello! I dream of the street on which we live, a man talking to some people about the return of a stolen car (a car is stolen in real life). The person responsible here she takes, I see our car rasmatrevayu her, and saw her crumpled door everything else is good.


I was traveling by car with a young man Podoroga and the right and left was reka.Ranshe she was alone and now to the right and to the left


In the dream, I was abducted by car. Basically, the dream was in dark shades .Esche remember that we arrived at the cafe, and as long as the thief out of the car, I managed to escape.


Dreamed two cars Volga * * - One earlier model, the other very posledney.Avtomobili new and I'm very pleased I went a little bit behind the wheel one more rannyaya.Smotrel on white late-model car and cried with pleasure


We crossed the road, that is, I have my sister and some unknown girl children. I walked behind them, looking ahead, I saw a little curly girl is kneeling looked me vglaza.Uslyshav brake machines

I feared for the child, but then I saw that the car stopped right next to her


I dreamed that my husband after an accident to find his car, the entire machine is boiled, and we whole inside is completely blocked as in a tin


I dreamed that I and my boyfriend went on his cherry-colored car) went like the sea, and behind the wheel, he was at first, and then invited me to lead the car because he was tired. I kept not very confident, but he trusted me, and I felt all the emotions are very realistic (adrenaline, speed, fear to break the car) And in a dream I saw such as it really is (a car, a Man)


Hello Tatiana! Dream: I am a truck (the old model with an empty body) and on the road moving through sdohshuyu cow (even as the seemingly dreamed on carrion flies) .Krov I have not seen. The truck had big wheels and it took place in the summer.


I was driving behind the wheel of a black foreign car with a friend on a snow ostonavlivalis often the little things I do not sprovlyalas management then we stopped on the way to the courtyard was a child I let3,4 vpretyk braked in front of him but it later turned out as a bud that was hit by a roadside stood wrapped in the thought came to help the kid next couple standing (parents) mom ran to meet him, I started before her I'm sorry, she said with a smile that everything is in order the child turned out to be no postrodal


I dreamed of a new black car that drove past me into her sitting znokomy people he rode with fast speed and with the music.


I was home from my boyfriend ... im home received a letter from his uncle .... But the address was not his and the guy home as he began rytsa in all the papers and clippings from old newspapers ... Then I and my boyfriend were going to go home, but when they came out in the streets of us drove a car with a young blonde girl behind the wheel ... My favorite strongly I began to flirt with her ... and in the end she sat in mashyna, but I did not notice


Sat in the car son, I tried to park a few cars in my way, and then discovered that there was no room in front, then look somewhere drove this car ....... Saw other rooms are any keychain or something


I bought an expensive sports car and a passenger going after cops stopped, he asked for the money, we had to pay 500 rubles, he said that we must pay for others, too, I do not remember woke


In the dream, I gave my car a relative, so he put it into the parking lot, and I decided from the parking lot pick up the car, I call it relative to the tube either crying either keep back, and I ask him where the car I wanted to take and he that drunk as a result of talking on the phone, he said that my car there, and I was crying, woke up in fright


a dream that I had stolen my car and personally, then I kissed a thief was so sweet. then I ended up in someone else's house and saw the gray cat and a cat and two kittens cats for some reason, had long wanted to buy them .Because the hostess she did not prodala.potom rescued one person we had fled. then he returned to his car and we ran away with this man


Vtomobile food on the road and the car nchinaet twist on the way around the circle, trying to align does not work and the snake continues to slide, in front of the entrance of the bridge and lined Mashunya poskolzit on dogoge further, after a long slide stopped near the building


In the dream, I stopped off at a red foreign car at high moste.i I felt that my soul flies away, I kind of understand the soul and say do not leave me, go back to my telo.i at that moment I woke up.


I saw how my loved one came for me on a protein, a beautiful car and I sat there were still people ... and we went


we sell the car through the interior, the car is in excellent condition but for some reason a long time is not for sale. a dream - I'm in the salon and see my car is not sold, we walk around the cabin of the car, there are a lot of cars but I seem to not notice them before my eyes only my car ......


I'm driving, going with my mother to the new car "in a dream saying that it Ranjit rover", go we, at a good speed through the city, leaving from home, I can see that half of the road is blocked, I want to slow down and realize that I am not know how to slow down, and leave on the sidelines, and there kakaeto pit, well, I've been through it, and we leave back on the road, I live with my mother, not a scratch, and the car is badly folded and twisted wheels, but my dad immediately started to fix it. What does that mean?


I dreamed as if I took a car from svaego father's car and drove to skate stalemate me astanavili traffic police for speeding and was taken to the participation and Pat arrived Mai raditeli and then I do not remember, I woke up


I saw her ex-husband in a dream with a burgundy color car podehal to us, and I'm the youngest daughter stood obnal he kissed his daughter, and had tears of both, kissing me.


I dreamed that my neighbor rozbivaetsya pregnant with her husband in a car and dies while he is still alive and after that I see her in a coffin but faces not visible only white dress


My friend drove drunk on my Must-car was to bring it to me and eventually left it in the parking lot and the guard kudato otoshol and the car was not a neighbor zobrat rugalmenya for what I drunk friend was behind the wheel posadil.Delo night.


My name is Milena ... In a dream saw a car that is very much wish I had her at the wheel, was traveling with his sister at night or do not remember but it was a dull dark .. to be honest I was so happy from this dream ... in the end I got down on business from the machine and then I could not find where I was it parked, but then it turned out that my mother hid ... (I dream of winning the Sweepstakes and buy this car.) and then the 11th aperlya I dreamed that I won in lotteries, I have revised the numbers and checked at I was wrong ... I was so happy to tell her grandmother about winning ... they can about significant these are my dreams ... does this mean that I will win in the Sweepstakes?


I had a dream that I was going to mashite. it was Kaka sick Shashin. It seemed something Tipo bus. I sat in the back seat, or rather my friend somehow semi-lying next to each other were. next was her mother. in front of the driver was a man and a young man (which I do not know. but in the dream were as familiar), this was the summer we went Snack, the driver explained it, he does not like to go to procrastinate and look around. Although the young man told him that he slowed down. sharp turn ahead and open sea. on the road we are not alone. it turns out that he is trying to do monevr, but it does not come out, we fly to the open (we all see it, the driver is calm, he knows what to turn out, but if not, death is not something. young man was already opening the door at the ready and fly. sidelas girlfriend quietly and did not move. her mother was very scared. I was scared, too, wanted to get out, too. but sitting next to her friend.) Masha polnost flies. but we do not serve. We find ourselves on the other road. car wants to roll over, but does not fall. everything happens so fast. it seems that is about to flip and sloping but no. ahead, we see that 2 machines do a whirlwind of sand, too sick to speed and pass by, almost touching. razrostsya whirlwind, and rises pose. we do a few movements. but the car ustayala RV and we drove on ... .. ie we could die a little bit, but stayed and rode on.


Hello. I had my late-law husband in a red dress on the big red car fire type, content such. and another couple of friends dreamed of women, also died already, with it all died while in an alcoholic state. late husband passed away (suicide, has been passed 8mesyatsev he died, and the dream of almost every night). what is it. ?


3 times had a dream in recent months that have stolen the car, of course I did desperately sought in his sleep and found happened, as my ex-girlfriend dreamed of her in my uganyali


GOOD DAY. My car had a dream. The same as in real life. I traveled on business. PRIPARKOVALAS.USHLA. We return back and see that the car is parked in front of me YOUR BODY crashed my car. Parked SO that the hood of my car crumpled and lack of WHEELS. PAR does not remember. SOMEONE ELSE'S MACHINE vans and no damage NO. I'm upset. He said during a dream, what can you do .. come again repaired. And I woke up.

DREAM colorful. Color Normal. REAL.


I'm driving the car working, and I hand back to talking on telefonu.Vdrug, in the rearview mirror I see mom girlfriend practical vlipshuyu person in steklo.Ya leaned forward and jump out of the car (the keys and bag still inside and the doors open.) I ran back and I see that, it turns out, I lost my mother, but she was already on his feet and slaps his cheeks, trying ochuhatsya.Pri it on her face, a strange yellow mask. They go with a friend, I catch up with them inside the building about some racks, very similar to the ones that come in the mail or in the banks, and I see that my mother on skates and rolled into a certain room.

Then I remember that I threw open the car, I start running around, looking for her. I can not find. In this case, for some reason I'm running down the stairs, the last ladder by which I and a man and a woman ends down, almost touching the wall, there is a very narrow passage, in which I am a man crawls and shutit.chto good that we lean. At the same time, I see a number of the ladder by which people normally go down. In this dream, I woke up and broke.


from time to time, dreaming about the same thing. I stole the car Th. Present two brands. BMW and Mercedes.


Dream was in the interview about the work I was accepted by the driver. The employer asked to take her home. They went together to the car, but my car was not gone searched could not be found. It was already dark man came, I asked him to help me find the car, I did not refuse to help, asked the panel from the alarm signaling is now try to determine where the car. Switched played alarm, but instead of my car was a completely different car. That's a dream to what it Interpret.


Hello, I now had a dream that I was going in the car with your favorite (we had split 2 months ago his mother against our relations), and here he is taking me somewhere, went on the road all was suddenly well proezhyat past the cemetery, I asked him, where you're taking me what he did not answer, and more were already at the cemetery, followed by the field and the path he says that's where I live there my mom. I say let's go to the duck can talk to her she would allow us to be together, he said no, I said that then go alone, he said, do not go there. What was the dream?


Me and my sister a handsome man, a stranger gave two cars

.odin large serebristyy'vtoroy small black convertible

.we got right in a little black.


Highlands, I was in a car with a trailer appears at the cliff, next to a large tree. evening or night time. I go out and I can not understand how I turn around, leaving the one hand, the other dead end. I sit in the car and start to take the trailer falls into the open, and pulled the car behind him, but just a couple of minutes fixing broken and the car remains in place. After that, I quietly turn around and I leave. After that, I find myself in the studio, where my car repairing, changing the bumpers, fenders, wheels, repaint, change the internal parts, including the engine. And I am surprised and very happy to see their car as a new (by the way the car is exactly the same as the real me.)


Hello. I dreamed that I get in my car and the rear sit odnagrupniki, we go to the crossroads and the situation is completely changed, I am in how to say in a truck-like bus there my family I am the driver of this car I start to overtake sharply to the left leaves the machine, I press on brake the car accelerates and crashes dark outside but no such victims.

The second situation I leave on an oncoming driver on my machine I was going sharply to the left and crashed into a pole


a guy that I like a ride in a car and accidentally put his hand on my leg, as in the car was my best friend


dreamed that I was going on some sort of road that on the hill. at a fairly high speed. Toli trying to overtake someone or omitted to catch up ... I do not understand - but the movement is parallel with me. through the glass it is very difficult to see - because it gets dark ... I twist the knob lights turn on - no result ... do not lose speed. privstanu already and so it was evident that the front way and that .. and the next moment I feel like a machine because of poor visibility breaks down and falls. I'm in flight falls on some ledge of earth and sand ... car clings and hangs down the hood ... I got up and I see how the floor of the machine backwards to the top and at the bottom sticks out even more open and the river. I think that it is necessary or hold it or get the phone out, and at that moment I thought - it breaks and falls into the river. somehow I find myself down there and find a phone - it is the same as always was only broken - try to include. not included ... I throw him into the river in a rage. I pull. car - I roll over and look - the roof flattened .. it's all in the water but the wheels spinning. for some reason, it's like it's small and I can do it all. I face it roll - I was in the city center. Machine wet and clay .. flows from it. I decide to roll up her acquaintance stations through the underpass ... and then I wake up. I still remember like to ask for help and ask to give me a call to a friend who has a car - to tow, but I do not remember a single room and throw away the idea and decided to act himself.


Personal car was parked on a city street where I live. I went to the person engaged in repairing cars. After talking with him, I go out on the street and a car on the spot there. Dreams with the loss of car repeated several times. What would it mean.


A dream that I have expensive car and I drive behind the wheel, but it is not convenient to her, I could hardly puts it as a sports car. Then I see myself driving a different car no less elegant, it is also something that is shorter in the end I go no longer in the sports car and in the ordinary, but to me it is convenient and it is higher, good review, but I did not understand, I was left in the car or not ....


Yesterday I had a dream - I was driving the new red foreign car, among other things, I was engaged (though I'm under 18), and the passenger seat saddles my friend - Tatiana. I dreamed a dream from Sunday to Monday


dreamed that I go to the side of the road ... .menya overtakes the car at high speed and flipped several times ... ..but all there, they were like zhivy..i see how fast the driver step is to me, accusing me of the accident his car ... then I see that his car was already repaired, put new furgon..avtomobil vvide van ...


I saw a beautiful car that I bought the color was more carrot I, we went there this car I have not seen anywhere else the wheels were large it's not a sedan and SUV [email protected]


The road where the going, everything green, nature is beautiful ... the wheel well znakomyy.po path relative landed (or rather ex-husband, he was 6 years old he died, I did not see just felt) ... we go further, where it stopped, I do not remember why, then go do not exceed the speed normalnaya.Na road way back should pick someone vysadili.No were in the city, should go to the store, but it is closed, waiting for what that soldat.Znakomy (was like a relative, saw him from the back, it seems at his brother's ex-husband ... but now is not a relative, is similar to the behavior of another with whom 2 esyatsa parted, but he did not, but I feel very good person, I easily and well with him), ran, brought a meal, so it was not boring to wait until after the store will open soldat.Mashina red convertible verhom.Stali eat, woke up ...


Zdravstvuyte.Mne seg dreamed that I was going in the car in the front seat with a guy that I like. He was behind the wheel, but the wheel was obtained by saeredine, I sat with a guy from the left and to the right of it, my sister younger. We went on my street in the direction of our sister with doma.Ya sometimes when he let go of the steering wheel, I helped him to steer with one hand.


My sleep was the fact that I was driving the car. I generally do not drive a car and have no rights, but I often had a dream in which I drive a car

[email protected] :

by car at low speed hit the concrete wall crumbled monogo screen phone, hit not on purpose, it was irritation, the problem of how remontiovat car


I dreamed of my ex-boyfriend he was carrying me to the car, I SAT FRONT We went to embrace with him I had a very good Spiritual him for earlier thanks


Hello You can follow any responses to predict something about my personal life and in love, unlucky cheto


Good morning! I was driving behind the wheel of his common law husband, parked it, I went out and suddenly it falls crane, right on the roof of what this could mean? Thanks.


I dreamed as if I bought a second-hand car either 14 or 15, for 200 thousand. Rubles. And as if I were someone has proved that it was a bargain. The car was like a gray.


Hello, my mother is in Italy and she told me this morning, called and said that I did not go today, (I wanted to go to another city to her friend), my mother said that she had a dream in which I was riding in a strange car, she said that dream machine is not to please dobru.Skazhite what it means.


Hello, I dreamed that I was traveling with an ex-boyfriend in his car. He was behind the wheel, I'm around in the front seat in the rear were still some men, whom we did not pay attention ... In real life, this young man we met before, is now to maintain a normal relationship in with interest the meeting to communicate ... that could indicate my sleep?


I first sat behind the wheel. Initially worried because did not know how to go, but the circumstances were such that I had to do it. And I got bad drive.


I dreamed that my friend's relatives died and we were with him in the apartment at the funeral, and dreamed that we took his dad's car kudato went into the field and then woke up and then down again and saw his pakoynuyu mom in the car I passed it to her left with her mother other and all went towards the house, and my mother said posmatryu there something potpeklo and I woke up to what it all

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My friend gave a man the right wheel of his car went mne.Ya vpered.On walked behind mnoy.Potom I came out with the car in some barera.Vyhodya out of the car, I turned to see ego.On walked into a crowd of people to meet me .I learned his white kepke.Ya turned back to him and waited for him to approach his back felt his mne.Ya priblizhenie.On walked right up to me mne.Obnyal hands behind taliyu.Mne was very good of him prikosnoveniy.Ya turned her head and I looked at him and clung to him even silney.Moya head was on his grudi.M s were both excited.


I go across the street and I was going fura.Potom touched my leg broke, and I drove through the 2 cars., and someone told me that I have only a year to live


Behind me comes a man who I currently like in real zhizni.V dream he podezhaet to my house for some reason, I see my own father's house put me in the car and takes but without speaking I look surprised and can not believe that he is, he loves we leave together


dreamed I was going to go somewhere with your beloved, mother, I was driving around, he goes ahead of the mother stopped, he got into the car I turn, he looks at me with a satisfied smile and pats on the cheek


I came to another area in the city, parked near a large building (something like a recreation center or sports center). Gone on business, and when I returned was not able to find the car in the right place. With this as it was linked to my girlfriend. - it was the first dream, I later found the car.

And for the second time when this dream, the car I could not find. Girlfriend still featured Affliction +


Dream if I have to take their relatives to the country on an expensive car on the road, I .a bragging that she bought an apartment in real life .But I have no apartment of his garden is not no car and rights.


I was traveling by car to the one who is on a visit. The mood was great. I was stopped by a traffic cop for exceeding 3 km. But I smiled at him. I did not get a penalty, let me go. but why I left him a copy of the passport


I dreamed that I have another car. I left my car near brick houses, but when I returned to my seat foreign cars already there is a white Zhiguli father. I put the key to the cars and it fits. And then I have the excitement of what happened to my car ... and then ... I do not remember much of her looking for some and went.


I dreamed that I sat in the car in the front seat and behind the wheel sat a guy with whom I met recently, but we do not communicate. When I sat down, he started the car and off we went. At first I stared at him and he looked at the road and on the face he had some sort of trouble. Then I also started to look at the road. He was strapped to a seat, and I'm not. We were traveling with komfrtnoy speed is not fast, and do not hesitate. As a result, he took me to his home. Houses were his mother and sister, they wanted to take my phone number. Why this dream?


I sit on a bench in front of a beer shop. I smoke a cigarette fit two guys. One sergeant in the police uniform. Sit down next to me and start talking like Gopnik for "lived were." At this time, a steeper podezzhaet mersedez silver. Leave it 2nd Ombay the driver near the mouth tattoo in the form of a music track with keys, etc. He tosses me the keys and said you can go now and go, both in the store. Gopnik ala one cop says it's "Singer," the nickname videmo driver Mercier. Then out of the alley, my parents slehka potdatye (in fact, they do not drink) .I Gowar mother sit behind the wheel. The mother opened the car and sat behind the wheel, his father sat next to pasozhirskoe, I sat back and off we went. I Gowar mother that does not move quickly and the tires are worth more than our combined salary. And I woke up


I dreamed that me ezdiit the police to take me home and I run away and friends to me in this pomogayut.A then I woke up


Ex-husband invited to sit with him and go to an old car without windows in white with rust traces. I did not sit down, but he promised to go and return quickly. After I took my friend and egg cell and two of them broke into a bowl going to prepare something, my friend, too, he said that absent himself for a short time and come.


Dreamed that I was going in a car, do not know what was in it, he was like a red, I go fast on the water, food and understand it where the gas and brake, and then I understood, stopped jumped out of the car into the water, the water was clean and He emerged on the Beach


I have two sons, I dreamed that the eldest son goes to the cars ahead of him, too, riding on cars youngest son, but the difference is that the eldest son of that age as it is now, and the younger half younger than it is now his age, for them food, I also for cars with some strange woman trying to catch up with them and thinking about how to avoid what happened to them.


I had a dream in the morning - 19.10.Prisnilsya dream that I was driving a red car, and Zadeh sits a young man talking on a cell phone. Wanted to go the way a woman with buckets, but empty if I do not remember, asked her to sum up, I drove up, as said, it's not my car. Then he tried to slow down and asked to sit behind the wheel of this young man, who said that the Treaty on the phone and then sit behind the wheel of this car. And I immediately woke up.


I always dream of distant expensive. expensive car and I'm driving /// also constantly dream that I'm in the woods and beside me a large white wolf and black foxes. they constantly Accompanying and helping me. what it all


Hello Tatiana) .Dva days in a row I dreamed dreams almost pohozhie.Yakoby I bought expensive cars and ride on it, in the first dream was a Porsche, on the second day when the dream is de same car was called Rendzhrover


I am not going fast but there is no threat to life trying to avoid a crash, dent pedal to the floor and the machine keeps rolling as if by inertia. Sometimes I bump but not much


I dreamed of riding a car Katori OAPC me at high speed and on several occasions


I and my favorite out of the house and went to the house of his former family .... (IN REALITY I have collected things to him, went at his residence, in the family because of bad habit to get drunk) pursue a dream where his MACHINE TOGETHER purchased, to collect GO TO HIS PARENTS, pack and then I see that the car SIT his children, son and daughter ... ..DOCH ITSELF HAS A SONS I jokingly asked to vacate MY PLACE and he agreed, while trying to bite my left breast , as a joke ... ..We go ... ..VDRUG STARTED SOME FLOOD ... .MASHINY covering DIRTY WATER BUT NOT OUR FRONT ...... ...... everything stopped, as we get to ... .only ASPHALT was wet ... ..but were on the pavement ...... AROUND THE BUILDING WORK and white as chalk stones ... ..We SLOW IT ALL CIRCLES AND STEEL leaves on normal road ...... However, I was very worried ...... AND HE during sleep was unperturbed and very peaceful ... ..


Had a dream, which was traveling in a white car with your loved one, sat in the back seat. Surprised that the wheel was empty, but we still went, he somehow managed machine, nothing to do without doing. Nothing was broken, sat and talked


I dreamed that I could not lock the car with the alarm


I was driving somewhere with a loved one, he was driving, and I was next to the saddles and we were not traveling schastlivy..Kuda znayu..prosto pered..vo went to sleep we were together, happy ..


D. Day, dreamed that food at the wheel. And as I sat in the car, I do not remember. Near Mom. I'm starting to go and I understand that I do not know how to drive! for me it's just a shock. And I have to go. And in front of the street where a lot of cars and children. I wrapped a little scratched the side in the car. In the end, I stopped and sighed with relief, but in a panic. This dream I dream is not the first time. And the road is repeated.




Rode across the field behind the wheel of his car, there was tall grass, I unfold that would go back on the road and stalled!


Pozhela woman behind the wheel of the truck, I'm in the cockpit and help ey.Tam the white mouse running around or two.


I, the owner of a new car, it is worth next to my house, ferrarri black, we met with her sister on a trip to her car, I went to inspect nrvy car, the car looked, and I realize that I forgot the keys, followed them into the house, in the yard saw his brother, he was asleep, I woke him, invited into the house, the old house, and saw the wall crawling fly, a beetle on the floor, I'm trying to kill them all within the Old and unpleasant!


I went to someone else's car without touching the steering wheel face to the machine running after me with the steering wheel which was a man of my acquaintance recently. Realizing that my car is moving, I saw a number of cars coming and tried to reach the steering wheel, but I turned it bad, car maneuvered almost touched (strike sharply) on the other machines, I felt fear. No longer remember anything. [email protected]


I was driving behind the wheel of my car, next to someone sitting in the passenger seat, smooth asphalt road, flanked by forest, the car stalled, I saw in a dream that I can not make it, was dusk, I was scared.


Hello, in my dream I just went driving in someone else's car, was driving with not very high speed, sometimes I skidded on turns


I drive behind the wheel of a car, but I do not know how to ride in life and do not have a car. I would still food in the yard the night, wet asphalt. The car has a passenger, I take someone, and someone landed, but I do not remember who, and I'm always a thought, I do not know how to drive a car, but keep the approved wheel


Dream: expensive through the railway crossing, right in front of the railway move I wanted to overtake a car (black SUV), due to the narrow roadway, I did not let him overtake me, after moving yet overtaken - I had to stop - he and I got out of the car - I began to "swing right" - turned out to be some kind of employee. With him in the car was a girl of about 17 probably my daughter. Then the dream stopped in principle. The conversation with him was not pleasing to me.


Had a stallion born, he spoke to me, and more race car on a silver mine Grant not strange I'm driving


Hello! I had a dream today 03.01. Behind the wheel was a former husband. I'm in the front seat. low speed. On the front of the machine zebra pop group of teenage girls holding hands. All managed to cross the road, and one let go of his hand and fell, the car slowed down, not ran over the child. I jumped out, took the child in his arms.


I go to the bus to work, sit near the driver, at the wheel of my favorite people, we smile, winter outside, but the sun sleep yarkiy.marshrutka in my opinion was yellow. He kissed me before leaving. in a dream, we are both happy


Hello! My dream: I am in the apartment and outside in the air (in front of my window) see red armchair and a red car. The car flew into the apartment through a closed window (not breaking a window), and then also departed.


I am the driver of an old rotten car, which works without brakes, a few meters forward, then back, then forward ...


I dreamed that at first I had a fight with his present boss (she wanted me to take on additional work), I expressed it all, it's not fair, and so not done in a dream thought in general can go with this job. Then he went to the parking lot and my car dragged Recovery (for parking?), Although no prohibiting parking there were no signs. We dream was 4 girls, who took the same story.


I can see that with some human food in the car, had a feeling that this person is familiar to me, and then joined us a girl, again I had the feeling that we znakmy! On the way, where was sitting behind the wheel of a young man, and on the way back put behind the wheel of me, we talked, we hoztali the entire interior, looking at the weather! I always slow down the speed of the car, then uvedichivala.Ryadom also drove cars on the road. When reached some houses (not mine, and not the girl) we stopped and some old man told the guy that I am making progress! Very strange dream

Valentina Mishchenko:

my son is 12 years old teenager took the car on the passenger front seat to get warm, he is silent, I sat in the back seat, and suddenly the car rolled, and I'm trying to climb over and stop the car as it is yet on the way there are no barriers and prosypayusyus.


Good day, I dreamed that I was at the wheel of a good car (in life do not drive) I was riding very slowly, but I felt quite confident.


good evening to you, so today I had a dream that I gave RING kaminchekom with one gold and white car. not remember who gave RING. but the machine gave a longtime friend. here was a dream


Hello Tatiana.

I had a strange dream. In this dream, I was my childhood friend. I dreamed that we ride in a big black car. And my friend behind the wheel. But she did not know how to drive completely. She then could not one road sign to read properly or go to the oncoming lane. We even nearly crashed into the car. And so we went for a drive around the city. But then the situation changed dramatically, and I can already see that we are not in the city and the village, if it can be called so. There was a sandy road and residential doma.Dalshe I dream that we stopped near the house, and went out to the car. And with my girlfriend and started messing with us that something fell (can not remember which) over the fence. I opened the gate that would take away a thing, but came out of the house grandmother and began to scold us. In the house she was not alone, there was still a woman, and this woman was not allowed out of the house for some reason. After all, when we got out of the house secretly, we quickly started the car, put the woman on the back Cedeno and left, but only behind the wheel have been me. And I was driving so fast that most frightened. And then the last picture that I remember is the track and on the tanks trees. And then I wake up.

I would like to know, I dreamed it for a reason or something to tell me? Help decipher it.


Went to an expensive convertible zboku driving father, summer heat the road is good, only went to the village where he was born, she was still a girl look familiar


Came out of his (in reality it is, but I do not drive) car, went, turn around, and the car drove itself, crossed the road, into a ditch, and then type the puddles, but deep, the car sank


Hello! Dreamed that rode in the car with her ex-husband, sitting in the passenger seat, he was a good mood. In reality, we do not communicate 7 years thinking about it, too, do not)))


I dreamed that my mother and I left the house and she sat behind the wheel of a white car, but in life she leads mashinu.Dvizhenie was not fast, but we almost crashed (had to dodge) .Because I sat behind the wheel, because it was late in school, but we were at home, and I woke up ..


Good afternoon, my name is Ruslan! I had a dream, the car I dream about is what tell me?


I sit in the car to comb the hair, near what is familiar devushka.smotryu in the front window and see another car in her sitting two men and one of them nods in my direction, and that says something drugomu.u I fear there is, I want to escape. She turns to the door ajar, and I wake up


I saw that I was sitting behind the wheel of the white jeep had bought on credit but I am glad it is now going to pay for it / I also bought an expensive cell phone


A truck went over the ruts in the mountain like a steep, heavily shaking from side to side cliffs, I could hardly stand the tail car and next to an elderly man shouted that I had not escaped. As a result, I was high on a hill the car was gone and I was sitting on a huge pile of sand ...


Hey. Today I dreamed about how I drive a big black car, or jeep do not know exactly but I remember that he was a great and I nravilsya..bylo something else but what moments the feeling that I went on it was quiet without any fears well. .mozhet dreamed it to what I now go on driving courses and want a car ..


dreamed our car she was laid back and raised the hood of the car was no one there when I saw called her husband at work


I have an expensive car, nice ,, I go to him, but always worried that I do not have a driver's license


had a dream that I was in the car as the driver (sometimes a passenger in the front seat), the machine stands in the middle of the mountains, I'm alone in the car. the machine starts to go, I'm trying to slow down, but it does not work


I had an old car home, I sat down to it, he could not have rolled it to stop the brakes do not work, I probably got a fright pulled herself together and ran a machine that is sitting behind the wheel and drove on it. although I do not know how to drive a car. but happily I even liked to ride behind the wheel


Hello, I had a dream and more than once, about my car which breaks dvigatel.A In the near future I'm going to work on it in the present


I was driving the car like at night. Machine-law. Self driving in-law there. On the back seat of my mother-in-law and the wife's brother-in-law. At night, the wife of his brother-in-law asked to stop because she said she goes where she said. Eating on the road and a lot of tasty)).


I walk down the street with a purpose. Time - the middle of the day. The beginning of summer (late spring). Heat. Dry. At the edge of the curb I find two coins, of about 5 and 2 rubles. Clean, brilliant, literally - as new. It is strange that nobody noticed - in front of the sidewalk is a man leisurely 2-3. I'm surprised. After 20-25 paces on the lawn near the curb is a clean cell, the back panel is facing up. Here he is in a dream is very, very helpful. I rejoice. I lift it. He - normal worker charged. I turn around and go in the opposite direction, as if I know - something else to be found. It is a medium-sized car. It is working, though not new. Ford? Toyota? - I do not remember. And in the dream I do not care. I sit, looking for some. I pass stationary cars on the road (they are very uncomfortable thrown), and quietly leave.


It is not the first day dreams like drive a car.

The first time I drove it, and was near otets.Mashina ottsa.Boyalsya scratch the car and scratched.

For the second time in a car in the garage and druga.Katalis we hit the ATO.Ne zone could vybratsya.Tozhe ruined cars.

Today deda.Vnachale ride by car, and then could not get on rabotu.Mashina was with "twists". Again spoiled.


friends fly on a white car, circling it up and down. It 2 people. I have in him. After a while falls splinter machine (left or right side of the door). I pick up a fragment


Dreamed like eating in a diner not as big patties, after he found himself near the house and saw a girl who seemed nice, it was a dark red car, I asked her for the keys to ride, she at first did not want to give but then gave, I do not know how to drive a car in reality, and in the dream, too, but I sat down and started to learn to ride, the speed the car has increased found the brakes only to the approximation of the wall could stop but a little scratched the front of the car, the car was beautiful and expensive, then I I learned to manage m Ashin and free riding until she stopped and said that I have to go bring back the keys, so I returned. Once I was at home, and saw in his garden large shelves in stores all crammed with chocolate bars and other sweets do not remember what else, began to call a friend and talk about it as I have a lot of chocolate bars at home.


Through the window of his house I see the yard drives an old car and acceleration bumps into my garage door. I go out into the yard to burn the car number. I see the number: 127 028 027


I was riding in a car with a strange and beautiful sweet girl. Once we arrived there, I took her hand, said thank you and kissed her hand. After that I began to come out of the car but she would not let go of my hand and a pleasure to hold it while talking Stay.


I'm sitting in the car on the rear passenger seat, the driver (my man) went out, leaving the machine is not switched off, it is set off and went, and I just sit, and seems to be scary, but not much, I see the sandy hills, such as the repair of the road. will understand the accident and suddenly in the driver's seat jumps male type politsiiili military and stops it, gives me the key and leaves


I dreamed that I started prozhemat front face key thrust of the former to sell the car later joined with his father to help it to what


I dreamed that my business partner. A man years older than me at 15, which is not actually gave me the car, a red Maserati. That's my goal really. And I was a little upset at first, because I wanted to buy it herself. Behind the wheel of the food itself, it is all the time around, suggests helps (I'm bad I drive), very attentive. And then he has still had the marks of attention and grooming, and I'm starting to fall in love with him.


food driving around dark is very hard to see, try to turn on the light, it is impossible, very bad road, and it is terrible.


I was driving behind the wheel of a large vehicle (such as Kamaz), in a dream realize that driving sovsemi do not know why sat behind the wheel, but a long time drove, then on the way it turned out prepyadstviem and I lost control, and just left the car and went to walk on


Good evening! For the second time in a week I had a dream about an expensive car. First time in traffic (driving was my dad), the second time I just sat in it, and next to a strange man, who is very like me in a dream, but in reality I do not know him. What is it?


I was driving on the steep jeep, silver color, greyhound turning wheel I was feeling udivleniya.chto I go on another car, because in reality, I have another car. By the way, no less dear


I dreamed that I was driving with me were the parents I went to your village Everything was black and white


Food at the wheel of a car, very far, met pointer blue, it says turn on Ukrainu.ya turned around and went in the opposite direction


Truck old to cut the roof over the place voditelyaza rulomm old friend who had not seen a lot of let.pustynnaya area autumn

.Vso around Gray


I was traveling by car in red on a long journey in a colored dream. Once we stopped traffic cops, but I lied that I'm taking on the ATO sweetness, and the car was packed with sweets too. As it turned out - the rights I have with them is not. Then I put the car on some checking and found a large number of scooters and motorcycles, and woke up ....


I stood in front of the house in uniform, and beside me proeholo several machines with the soldiers, and only one did not go my way


Food in the truck Ural-type such huge. I stopped at some karer.Poteryala dorogu.Vyshla see where zaehala.Otoshla 500 meters from the car and suddenly the machine will slowly crawl down into the pit and on top of running a bulldozer and another pile of clay on top of my welling kamaz.I I think both -zhe Now I get my samosval.vse it stand out from storony.delo was summer and the sun shone bright green byly derevya.Son bright colors nasyschennye.S us almost never dream


I rode in a taxi, the driver lost control on a bend. We fell into a ditch, but nothing terrible has happened, I was in a hurry, I urgently somewhere he had to go, and there are no cars.


Was driving behind the wheel of the car, saw the lights went green movement, the police drove me to migalkami.Ya received in the right stopped suited inspector says that they say I went to the Red, argued then that I got a new police udostverenie Robotnik, he changed his tone hinting that used to give coffee, when Tom began to move away from rozgovora and generally leave, I rozgovorom uderzhal.Prosnulsya)))


food on the car by some localities and can not see the road, the road I just feel in nature, if a wheel falls it means food on the side of the road turn to the left feel the wheel rides on the pavement, on each side of the cabin windows shuttered and I'm trying to see where I am food and afraid that that was not an accident or hit a pedestrian


Good den.Menya name Sultana.Son noch.Ehala was all in the car, as if the pick-up and I'm standing upright around the sun wind in your face then overcast rain then the sun again, and so the whole night and somewhere to fast food


My friend and I were traveling by car. Once we stopped at someone's house drinking tea and there were znakomue people. Then, coming out of the house while going to a friend repaired my car first, then inside the tailgate


in a dream I saw my husband bought a white car (Matica) .K what is it?


Good evening. From Thursday to Friday I dreamed 2 sleep. In one dream, I was driving with a favorite adult son in the car, two-seater open-top jeep he was driving. I was sitting in the passenger seat, wrapped in a warm blanket, as if dozing on my head was light woolen Biret. We were somewhere quietly went, I felt calm and peaceful. Road in front of the car, I did not sleep videla.Vtoroy was quite extravagant - I went on some surface, laid a large number of carcasses of a very large sea of ​​red fish - salmon, salmon, tuna and other species, tied with ropes for smoking. The fish was smoked, it was in the form of shiny, very attractive and very fresh. These are the dreams. Many thanks for interpretation!


I was driving behind the wheel of the car Novaya two nights in a row of red and white


dreamed bought the car in silver color is very beautiful new


I dreamed that I buy a gorgeous black foreign car her ex-husband. I stunned her krasotoy.Dorogo pay for it, and then it turns out that it is not real, it is not suitable for driving. And I was disappointed that so much money is paid and it is as if all my means, and confusion, what about ... how is that possible ... what to do ... and then dream that the current wife of my ex-husband's jealous of me ... I have them in the house ... . and a house in the same condition as he was when we lived vmeste..i my children have and how little time ... and I like visiting them ... we sit at the table, eat ... and she taunts some say, and I think: "Yes, what is it for me !? I came to the children. And in the dream itself pondering ... and that's what I came to children ... they were always with me ...


I dreamed of an expensive car from Petersburg numbers. People who have traveled on it for some reason, looking for me. What does it mean.


the food on his good car in his native village confidently night strictly on the route to the house where she lived until 17 years without light


I have seen his son in a dream to see him and was surprised when the wife was in the car! then they went somewhere and forget things stroller and baby toys in the yard! I gently removed them and placed near the entrance!


I like the car was robbed and changed the wheel what it means


sleep do not remember exactly, I remember that in our family had several machines and I tell my husband let's sell our old car


my wife and I in the burnt house are and another woman says when you do not give much asking for a house is always set on fire around the house fence around the fence runs a horse and we were not let out of the house, I wanted to get out but the horse caught me and lips his wiggled my hair I vyrvolsya and again proved to be in this house


Winter, ice, food in the car with a former boyfriend and another friend of his with his girlfriend. We stopped out all of the car, left the road and went on foot, suddenly see the former guy standing with another girl (brunette in a fur coat) seriously talking about something but not for long. And I told him that "you are there and have time to cheat on me," then went into the house there was light and warmth we had fun laughing, climbed to the second floor fell on the sofa, and I suddenly became sad and lonely. next it was empty.


Hello! I had my boyfriend's father. he came to visit us (in the life of a guy with his father does not talk) and sat in the kitchen and he gave me a black purse, and said that there are the keys to his car and asked to bring something from there, I went out for the yard and I sat into his car, opened her purse and tried rastegnut pocket which should be the key, I do not remember


I had a strange dream.

It all started with the fact that the weather was very overcast, but this time I was going down the stairs at school.

There was something Tipo match (do not know how to describe).

Each child was driving with an adult.

I also went to a black car with some sort of unknown man.

Apparently I was looking for my grandfather (I do not know why!)

Traveled landing, we went back to school.

An unidentified man abruptly disappeared. I stood in front of the teacher.

She asked: "- This is your grandfather," I looked at him.

He turned out a boy 13-15 years old, with curly hair, but the look on his face I knew my grandfather. The answer is yes, we went along with it on the same machine at his home. Start dramatically dark, but you could see the sunset.

Arriving at his home, it was quite dark.

The houses were built in a row, creating a dark road in the center.

My grandmother, my mother (which is why it was an adult, but in reality it was used to be younger), and someone else started looking for us with dogs (pit bulls).

Boy (aka grandfather) said: "We are here" And we took home!..

The boy sat on a chair in the kitchen, and my grandmother gave me strange things (pink, blue and yellow) and told me to make tea.

I do not get the job, she again repeated. In the end, she selected them from me and threw herself into the cup .... And I woke up.


My grandfather died before I was born.

Is there any sense in all this ???


I dreamed that I went to the car and was driving. And yet.


Bought in a dream with her husband used cars. He bought a BMW X5, I Volvo V70.


friend from the river took out a chic car, oochen road, about a million $, whatever that might mean


My wife and I had to travel from one city to another, MI waiting car, we were approached by an acquaintance, and said that the car will now be that the driver went to the sink when I arrived the car, and we opened the door it was full of guys who were going to work and the inside was full of the metaloloma, and the fact that it gets wet it was wet and very muddy, we sat behind akuratno at the edge so as not to get dirty and then the driver said that he needed to fetch milk in the village, mi priekali to which the grandmother took the jar milk and nemoshko otehav said he forgot aplatit her for light and asked me, I poshol pay grandmother there something for a long time was busy, and when I nakonetsto paid to the yard stopped them I podoshol to mashyna in the front seat, I saw my former classmates, I sat in mashyna were all pyany and how to laughing cottage, I saw that my wife is already sitting with them cperedi and weighed, I asked her why she got them, she wants us to split? And when she turned to me she was in shorts and bare-breasted c I wanted to jump from the car and on this I woke up.


dream car is worth and high-rise building in the parking lot a man driving on the seat a child in a children's overalls for babies can be seen only by the person tells me the voice that I had to take the child, and I reply that I do not have children and why do I need other people's children, since next to me turned out to be a boy of 5-6 years, and the two children imposed on me. Neither the car nor man, nor the children a stranger to me. What does it mean?!


Hello, I can not find the interpretation sna.Ya leave the house .and the parking lot are only frames (body) of vehicles without an internal, no motors, no salons, but my car without izmeneniy.Spasibo.


dreamed mashina.novy Mercedes SUV. I go with the guy in the passenger. the road meets a familiar Seeing his car trying his all tschetno.uezzhaem


Hello . I dreamed that I was going in the car with the guy I like. I said something and he started to deny it. Then he had seats next to me a little bit is perched him but shy. That's all my dream. I'd love to know what it means?

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In the car with girl in her sleep. WHAT dream girl on a car?

In the vision about the girl in the car are important small details, such as the appearance of a companion, the mood of the dreamer, speed. Be in the car with a dream girl, who in real life is very like a man - change the nature of the relationship with her. If the girl in the car cheerful and sociable, so in real life it is like the dreamer. It is likely that a man will finally be able to conquer the lady of his heart, starting with her long-term relationship.

See a charming woman driving an expensive foreign cars - to move up the career ladder. A man waits for the meteoric rise in the business, and now no one can stop on the way to a decent achievement. If the dreamer is going along with the old lady, or ugly, and even on decrepit car, then in real life a speedy improvement not necessary to wait for the financial situation. So far, the dreamer does not smile success in business, but you should never be discouraged.

Why dream of a girl in a car, which is very bad leads? Typically, this vision means that a man will not stable in the business. It will be financially strong storms, which ultimately will result in material loss and general disappointment. If a woman drives a car with confidence, skillfully coping with traffic jams, then in real life, and the dreamer will also rapidly conquer the financial world. He has all the makings to make a brilliant career, and now it remains only to believe in themselves. If the vision of a couple gets into minor accidents, it means that the dreamer's path will be a temporary, albeit very unpleasant obstacle.

What if the dream of a girl in a car

To make love to a woman in an expensive car - to the rapid advancement in all endeavors. dreamer now smiling luck, so he must be actively promoted through the ranks, simultaneously realizing and their personal ambitions. If the vision of a man making love with an old woman in his old car, then some kind of emotional trauma from the past does not allow him to be happy in real life. Unable to forget the problem, man spoils his future prospects.

To dream of the beloved, who gets in a car accident - bad Coll. Most likely, in the relationship with his beloved a crisis has begun, and if now the pair did not make every effort to preserve the feelings, they will have to leave. If the lover is killed in an accident and the man gets off a few minor injuries, then he would be the initiator of the imminent parting.

If a woman sees herself in a car with a stranger, so in reality it has a rival. This woman is ready to go to the meanness and nastiness, just to hurt the dreamer. If you dream in a car there is also a favorite spouse, most likely, the husband changed the possessor of vision. Very soon it will come out betrayal, hurt the self-esteem dreamer.

To dream of her friend behind the wheel of a luxury car - to the possible envy, which is so often mired possessor of vision. She did not give rest to other people's success, and it affects relationships with others. She risks losing true friends due to inability to be happy for them.

Which portends a girl in a car

Go to an unknown destination from a completely unknown woman - a bad sign. Probably, the dreamer too trusts the people that have a negative effect on his position in life. Very soon, someone will try to take advantage of the credulity of the dreamer, making it a real life impossible. Go to an unknown destination with his girlfriend - for an early trip. It is likely a couple expect the best vacation of their lives, which they have not yet aware of.

To dream of a trip to a foreign car in the company of several women - to the scarcity of real personal contact. Now, the whole life of the man is subject to the career and work, so the frequent change of partners do not have to think.

Very bad interpretation has a vision in which a man somewhere lucky corpse of a woman. Usually sleep means that the vision of the owner of them trying to hide certain errors committed, but nothing good will come of it. Sooner or later the truth will come to the surface, permanently damaging the reputation of the dreamer. To dream of injured or sick girl - also a bad sign. Most likely, in financial affairs has been a serious crisis, and the dreamer can not do anything with it. Yet we have to put up with the deterioration of the financial condition, relying on a ghostly light strip.

If a man is going somewhere in the car with a pregnant woman, then in real life it expects progress in career, finance. It is likely that the owner of the vision will achieve considerable success due to their fresh ideas and plans for the implementation of which will take a lot of energy. Most importantly - do not be afraid to be active, and then career will definitely uphill.

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