Pisces-Dragon characteristic

A person born under the sign of Pisces in the Year of the Dragon, has a surprising character, a distinctive feature of which is the struggle for the dreams and ideals. Between fish and dragons there is a huge psychological difference in attitude, outlook and motivation for action.

Dragon - belongs to the fire element, fire this person. It is characterized by the will, the onslaught, the pressure, the desire for extreme situations, self-love and selfishness, idealism and fantasy. A Fish - inhabitants of water depths. They are elusive, are smooth, changeable, self-sacrificing, suggestible and often weak-willed. And the combination of such unusual characteristics creates a rather extravagant person who does not worry too much about everything and always lets you know clearly to others that it does not suit everyone! This man takes life simply and naturally, often playfully, though in all seriousness. Much he turns as if by itself. Sharp Dragon, coupled with Pisces finds softness and Pisces get him determination. A person born with a combination of fish-dragon both bold and soft-bodied, strong-willed and sensitive.

Pisces-Dragon is very attractive to the opposite sex. In romantic relationships very tempted, always knows what he wants, and always acts as it sees fit. The combination of signs Pisces and Dragon endow human emotion, excitability, and even temper. In relations with the chosen first shows softness and pliability, but gradually it occupies a leading position in the relationship.

Pisces-Dragon characteristic

A person born under the sign of Pisces in the Year of the Dragon, is filled with positive energy and vitality. It is characterized by a keen sense of justice and love of power. In relationships with friends it is characterized by softness. He loves various adventures, romantic experience, but he is very ambitious and is able to carry out any work the hardest. It can be made to work as yourself and your surroundings.

Combining a well-developed intuition and strong enough realism, Pisces-Dragon shows surprising wisdom in their actions. He is careful and friendly, however, if he feels in a man your enemy, then it is able to bring to a heart attack if you do not, then to the full destruction. Pisces-Dragon - a combination of aggressive emotionality of the Dragon with a passive impressionable Pisces, which causes a person to constantly experience a variety of emotions inside. This man is very unstable, it may be shy and gentle, and after a while begin to cry and ask her. He always tells the truth in the eye and easy to defend their positions. However, the Pisces-Dragon does not have enough willpower and determination. Sometimes, fantasy world means to him much more than real life.


A person born with a combination of fish-dragon, has the ability to penetrate into the essence of things is different sociability, empathy and compassion. And, thanks to broad-minded, bright and impressive imagination and creative flair, he could find himself in the art. Especially like it will have a profession that can bring him fame, such as theater, cinema. Pisces-Dragon is different inexhaustible desire to love and desire to be the center of attention. At the same time, fish give their love and Dragon - requires its manifestations from others. He is prudent and never miss its benefits. This is a good quality, if only greed will not absorb all his other desires. Also, a person with a combination of Pisces-Dragon is like a profession associated with the constant change of scenes and locations. He very quickly bored mundane jobs. His creative personality copes with multitasking and is keen to try new things.

Fish Dragon has great sexual potential which attracts and unconsciously feels thereto a plurality of fan or fans. In romantic relationships, as in life, it is not disingenuous, and at once said that he likes and what not. Therefore, a relationship with a man born under the sign of Pisces in the Year of the Dragon, always full of understanding and openness. In the life of satellites is looking for someone who understands, because he wants to get from the emotional support. Pisces-Dragon is able to establish a family life according to your taste. And, even if at first it exhibits passivity, in the future, as a rule, "take command in his hands," and wisely manages relationships.

Fish-dragon woman

Woman, born under the sign of Pisces in the Year of the Dragon, impressionable, emotional, intelligent and insightful. It stands out from the crowd its liveliness, brightness and sociability. It inexhaustible resource of vitality, which she wisely aims at achieving specific goals. It can not remain idle and always somewhere in a hurry. But it is in motion, she finds happiness and satisfaction.

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As a man born with this combination, the woman Pisces-Dragon is committed to lead and organize the surroundings to your liking. However, her life often filled with continuous contradictions, due to the fact that many of the decisions it takes only on the basis of their feelings and desires. She characterized rash acts, of which she later regrets, but the experience does not teach her anything and she continue to behave so, the same way.

Born in the Year of the Dragon, a female fish at the executive and disciplined, however, susceptible to bad influence and can be susceptible to flattery or manipulation. Financial income was used to reach their own hard work, so if she urgently needs money, she takes on any job and move steadily toward the goal. For a woman the feeling of self-worth Pisces-Dragon is committed to advancing up the career ladder. S nice to know that she is a sought-after expert, so she does everything in order to achieve this position.

In relations with men woman Pisces-Dragon coquettish and charming, sociable and charming. His personal life, she does not like to submit for discussion and carefully hides it from view. By nature a very true and deep experiencing a break in relations with the loved one.

For women born with a combination of Pisces-Dragon is able to give in, but retains its interests. But not so easy to live with it. She is headstrong, used to make their own decisions and take into account only their own feelings and interests. However, she was a wonderful hostess, able to create coziness and comfort in the house, very caring mother and tender wife. Also, she never left the family in a difficult situation and will do anything to get out of it. Her mate just need to take it with all the advantages and disadvantages.

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Fish Dragon man

A man born under the sign of Pisces in the Year of the Dragon, can rightly be regarded as the darling of fortune. Nature gave him a lot of talent and luck everywhere.

Male fish Dragon-filled inner content and cheerfulness. He is consistent and serious, usually, a good organizer and no less remarkable performer, if the role of executor of his suit. He can safely be taken for any business and succeed everywhere, and financial well-being.

Male Pisces Dragon serious, assertive and domineering, not afraid of difficulties, takes responsibility on him at all, you can rely on. However, he is hardworking, disciplined and never refuses a request to help with advice or deed. Born in the Year of the Dragon, the male fish is always striving for power and is easy to be able to realize themselves in politics a career, or a deputy head of a large company. In general, this combination provides a lot of prospects for a major success in foreign operations. However, he has also negative qualities that prevent it from achieving the goal. These include excessive temper, emotion and reckless decisions. His inner life is very mobile, sensitive to external influences and is completely dependent on his emotional state. And so uneven, constantly excited inner world is not always a positive impact on its external activities.

In love and family relations man Pisces-Dragon - one of the most important and reliable partners. It's very important stable family relationships, and he will do everything in its power to achieve this. About his companion man Pisces-Dragon is ready to take care not only financially, but also emotionally. All his spare time he spends with his family, but never will live with that which will deceive him, or try to control.

It is worth noting that the man Pisces-Dragon has a need for privacy, so his wife should accept the fact that for some time he may look detached from the outside world.

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