All ground transportation during sleep interpretation is very similar parallel, the only difference is in the importance and power of the character. The train is much more powerful cars and buses, it is more difficult to stop, and it takes precedence.

Train in a dream often is a symbol of an important event. It can also be a symbol of a larger project, a symbol of the team or group of people with a common purpose, which move in the same direction.

the train can sometimes dream as a symbol of the big band and personify its general views on some event.

Pay attention to the appearance in the dream train. This will prompt the quality of all that, where there is a chance to "enter" in the near future.

Dirty train in a dream - the possible argument, gossip, scandals in the team ; difficulties in business.

Rusty, old, broken-down train in the dream - perhaps inefficient methods of action in something ; an incorrect finding a solution ; inefficient staff.

Clean, beautiful new train in a dream - a very good sign, sit down in it soon, not yet awake.

Sit on the train in a dream - the probability of an important event ; may join a new project, the team, a large group of people who are moving in the direction of life. In reality it can be a new job in a big team, a new project, a change in the situation.

It is also possible the probability of making the point of view of people.

Events taking place in a dream inside the train - likely a warning about what could possibly occur in the near future.

Get off the train in a dream - the probability of leaving a certain group of people ; may not agree with the majority opinion ; changing priorities in life ( "enough to go to the left, stop ka I'm here ...") ; probable changes at this stage of life.

If you are planted in the train against your will in a dream, the change will be associated with you are not dependent on circumstances - possible differences in something with others ; likely to leave the team at the whim of others ; difficulty in an important case that you would like to continue.

If you dream a train passes by - a dream can often mean that a number of important issues are solved ; It is likely to witness a change or violent collective action.

Be late for the train in the dream, problems finding his train in a dream - likely a warning that can be late for something important ; warning that appears slowness in affairs ; the likely difficulties in finding important decisions (often dream for those who can not find work) ; potential difficulties in finding or determining the future course of action, addressing important matters.

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If you dream of a train come from human or animal, that in reality there is a chance to see how a certain group of people, "crushes" the disagreeable to him ; the likelihood of trouble from someone you trust.

If the train is in a dream crushed you, this week, try not to quarrel with colleagues at work, buy a coffee and cake, and inventing a holiday (for example, "Bastille Day"), "podmazhte" their tracks.

Dream Miller.

The train journey in a dream foretells.

See yourself on the train, which just barely dragged forward, as underneath there is no rails, it means that you are waiting for serious disturbances because of the case, which eventually will become the source of your well-being and wealth.

If you see a freight train in the dream - then you are waiting for change for the better.

See yourself on the top shelf sleeping car - which means that you will soon begin the trip with an unpleasant companion, and you are nothing to spend money that could be used more profitably.

If you dream you are driving a train, then in reality you will find yourself in difficult circumstances.

Locomotive moving at high speed, foretells unexpected good fortune and travel abroad.

Defective locomotive dreams to trouble in the business sphere; I look forward to the trip to be postponed due to lack of funds.

See completely destroyed locomotive - much to the unhappiness and loss of property.

Hear the sound of an approaching locomotive - to news of a foreign nature. In cases expected to change for the better.

locomotive whistle means that you will be pleasantly surprised by the appearance of a long absent friend or unexpected proposal, which promises you a promotion.

DREAM Tsvetkov.

Ride the train - an important invitation.

Passing cars - count the years (months).

The train itself - time.

Entrain - new businesses.

The train being late, miss the train - very questionable; loss of hope; inactivity;

Train Meet - a business proposition.

Someone is coming off the train - the offer through a friend.

Being on the train - the invitation is very important.

WHAT dream TRAIN - DREAM 888 - interpretation of dreams

Why dream of a train

Train in real life - Travel attribute. In dreams - a symbol of future trips, as well as life changes, time of movement, choice, opportunity and very important events that are hard to stop. What can talk sleep with the train?

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Go to sleep in the train

The ride on the train, in the simplest interpretation foretells unusual travel: trips, travel to new places, new people and new communication. Thus it is considered bad sign itself visible on the top shelf carriage (portends unpleasant travel).

Dream train often represents no real movement, and life choices. The railroad is associated with life, the station - with a choice of a route and directions. If in a dream train derailed or a train wreck (in this case are all alive, there is no terror and catastrophe) - it means that there is an opportunity to change occupation, scope of activities and communication. Get out of someone else's track is never too late, the main thing - to determine your path.

In this case, get off the train - it is considered a good sign, and possible changes in their lives.

If you are traveling on a train, which moves without rails directly on the ground or worse - by clinging sand, then there are difficulties, they need to be overcome in order to achieve an important goal.

If you dreamed of boarding a train - you will find a new team, new features everything personal life and career advancements.

If you dream you get off the train, it means your conscious choice of a new (you want and can change the place of work, study, hail-fellow team).

In general, a dream in which you go to the train - good and is considered a good sign.

Control train - means to take decision on their hands, to meet the difficulties, the determination of which will have to pay all the forces.

Waiting for the train - then wait until the case is turned up or the opportunity that will change your life for the better.

Hit by a train in a dream - it means 2 things:

  • Personal problems, perhaps - sickness and ill health;
  • You need to be more cautious with regard to new friends and for a while careful to make contact.

To dream and train station

The interpretation of the dream-books Station - a place of intersection of railway and life paths. A dream in which you see yourself at the station, recalls the necessity of choice. In adulthood, the dream to the station may determine the possibility of changes in the destiny and life.


Arriving train portends invitation. You get the possibility of a new love, a new business or just offer a great time.

The off-train often means missed opportunities and insufficient action to implement them.

Freight train in the dream books marks a change for the better: material profit, cash gifts. Passenger - acquisition of a high position in society.

Bad if in a dream you see someone under the train. The train - an allegorical symbol of the team. Perhaps you have at work is a "rogue state", and you close your eyes to the unjust claims against this man. In this case, you can be the next victim of collective hostility.

And - pay attention to the details of the train: if in a dream you have seen the crash and rattle - mean life path will be difficult and full of trouble morally.

Dreams that missed the train or be left behind

Trains in the dream indicate the way of life, choice, and then what course of action you will stick to. Miss the train in a dream - to what you foolishly wasting time, too much attention is paid to the current moment and not thinking about the future.

Perhaps it is time to look more closely into the future: to determine for themselves the basic life goals and priorities. Understand what you expect from his age.

If you see a departing train - your time is wasted. Stop wasting it on trinkets, you have the potential for more meaningful things.

If you dream you are late for your train - it means that your chances are very close to zero. You miss the time and opportunity, we must urgently take a firm decision and bring it to fulfillment.

Run for the train or try to catch up with him - it means to strive for their missed opportunities to change the course of things.

I had a train ticket

If you dream you see yourself buying or, on the contrary, have lost their train ticket - the dream is also explained in the context of life changes.

Buy a ticket - to seek a better life; besides - recent events have made more attainable old dream for you. Now - it's time to do the epitome of what you've always wanted to do.

Losing a ticket - on the contrary is to miss an opportunity turned up.

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