HORSE is trying to hit DREAMING

HORSE is trying to hit DREAMING

Why dream of a horse woman, unmarried girl pregnant? Basic interpretation - what a dream horse woman

In the dream, you can see a variety of events. You can meet in a dream with old friends, lovers. Why dream of a horse woman? Worth investigating.

Why dream of a horse woman - basic interpretation

If you dream woman dream horse - a dream means that it is waiting for success and joy. It is worth paying attention to such details of sleep:

• Does your horse in a dream;

• Where did you meet with the horse;

• Have you been on a horse riding;

• Who else has met you in a dream;

• What are the emotions aroused you sleep.

It is important to remember where you are met with a horse. If this meeting was unexpected and the horse just came out to meet you - you expect pleasant love awake and pleasant communication. You can unexpectedly meet someone who will decorate your life. If you meet a white horse came out - so kind and sympathetic person will appear in your life. If you went to meet the horse Ravens - people will appear in your life, which will be the dark horse.

Do not trust a stranger, because he can throw out such that will lead you into shock. If you dream that a horse galloping around you in a circle - you will also walk in circles around its target. And you want to venture out and look into the situation, but you have this little work. Life events and coincidences will act against you.

If you dream horse rears - will you resist the kind of events that you will have an internal protest against the fact that in your life will begin to occur. Dream interpretation indicates that this is not a problem and needs to look at things easier. You simply will be taken depending on the situation, will be taken depending on the event. In order to break the vicious circle - it is necessary to take the situation into their own hands and control it.

If the horse is in a dream-groomed and beautiful - your health is not in danger. You will feel great, you will have a great mood. If the horse is drinking a lot in your sleep - you may be dehydrated. If the horse is limping - You may also be problems with their feet.

Where disturbing dream in which a horse falls. It is important to remember if the horse got up after a fall, or it remained on the ground. If the horse could not stand - in your life there will be such events that have buckled and you will be hard again to his feet. If the horse fell and died - watch your health, stress and burnout can significantly undermine it.

If you dream horse rises on its hind legs and jump - you will also begin to protest against the situation, but then take a wise decision and continue on their way. If the horse is attacking you - and attacks should be expected in reality. And in reality you will be forced to defend themselves against unfounded attacks and unpredictable. If in the dream you think that the horse is sick, but it continues to ride - you will also feel a slight discomfort and continue to operate. Dream book advises not to proceed if you are unwell.

If you dream you are trying to cross the river on a horse - a dream means that you will have to weep and mourn. Perhaps you will recall past grievances and frustration - sonnik protects you from that. If you do not see the end of the river, which began to move on the horse - the dream says that the end of your sadness will not. It may even be prolonged depression.

If you dream of a man riding a horse, and you admire them - you do not have enough care and love. You want to see next to a man reliable, faithful, loving, but has not yet met this and you are concerned. If you dream that someone stole your horse, do not worry. Awake your problems are resolved by a person to whom you could never previously relied on.

If you see a performance at the circus with horses - awaits you in the celebration of life. But do not count on the support of so outsiders. You should rely only on themselves and their own strength. Then the celebration of life will last long enough. Your happiness is not the limit.

Why dream of a horse woman in Freud's dream book

In Freud's dream book it says what dream horse woman. She dreams for change in his personal life. If you saw in a dream a huge black horse - a dream foretells you communicate with the rich and famous man. But in order to communicate has grown into something more - you need to work on yourself. Try to match their chosen one.

White Horse in apples - dreams to new opportunities and adventures. If you even have the impression that you are not waiting for anything in your personal life - do not rush things. Soon as the snow on his head will fall down on you a pleasant meeting with the man who will become dear to you.

Water horse in a dream - a thirst for romance and passion. You will feel that your life is dull and constant. You will all the time little attention from loved ones. You will need care. But the dream book foretells you will meet with the most. It is not yet time. All that you can do now - is to sort out their internal conflicts and needs. This will help you make the right choices in the future.

If you dream as you race into the distance on the line - the dream may mean your speedy progress towards a perfect relationship. Even if you do not believe in it and are disappointed that you have - now is the time to find hope.

If you dream of a dead horse - a clear signal not to return to the relationship that you have had in the past. You now is the time to start a new business. Build a new relationship. Leave alone those relationships that have outlived their usefulness.

Why dream of a horse a woman Esoteric Dream Interpretation

In esoteric dream book it said that in a dream horse can be interpreted as a trap, in which you will be taken soon. You're being caught in a lie and betrayal and now wants to prove your guilt to others. Now you should be extremely careful not to aggravate the matter. Do not worry if the horse galloped away from you. This dream may mean that the troubles will soon run out of their own accord.

If you see that the horse died in his sleep - you'll avoid trouble, even though it now seems impossible to you, but the situation will be resolved in your favor. Do not need to dramatize and look for any way out of the situation enough to ride out the storm of emotions and calm to rush into battle.

If you dream that you jump off a horse - you will lose your position in society, can also point to the loss of work and purpose in life. If you rode horses together with her lover - will lose his trust and affection for you.

Why dream of a horse woman other dream books

The dream book Zhou Gouna is said that the horse dream as a harbinger of unpleasant situation permits.

• Ride on a horse, to gather a long journey - to the great joy, luck;

• Rejoice in the dream that rides - to the sorrow and disappointment;

• A horse that carries things, values ​​- to lose the position, job;

• Herd of horses - troubles resolved;

• ride on a white horse - to the illness;

• The horse has bitten you - moving up the career ladder;

• A horse in the house - to the joy and happiness.

In Modern dream book it is said that the horse dream as a harbinger of slander. If the horse stands on its hind legs - will quarrel, scold, quarrel. It should pay special attention to the state of the horse. If it is well-kept, beautiful - awaits you joy and success.

• The horse, nodding his head in a dream - you will get a resolution, which has long wanted to get;

• To see a horse that eats at you with hands - to conclude profitable transactions, obtaining a permit;

• Ride on a small horse - to the efforts of;

• walking a horse - you pull the weight of the past behind them;

• Comb the horse - to seek a way out.

If you had a dream in which you jump in the rain - beware of gossip and interference. If you dream that someone long leads the horse in a circle in the rain - you will fall a flurry of indignation, a flurry of resentment and anger. The situation will be repeated every day. You already do get tired of it, but you can not do anything.

If you dream that you personally killed the horse - it is important to remember what emotions you felt at the same time. If joy and happiness - you finally will understand with old problems. If you have experienced grief and anger - you still have to worry long because of problems. If the horse you have not killed but only wounded - you are on the verge of bankruptcy, big losses.

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Horse Dream Interpretation

What a dream horse , horse in the interpretation of dream books.

Horse - even see the horse - a very good prognostic. Especially good night's sleep with a horse in which you ride on horseback or try to ride the horse. To dream of horses with strony- sign that period of life, it was time to accumulate wealth and to fully enjoy life.

Sonnik- White Horse interpretation

Why dream of White Horse? - beautiful white horse as the right to withdraw on the eve of joyful events, for a meeting with an influential person, which may depend even your whole life in the future. In the dream books often white horse has been interpreted as an omen of an early marriage. In the Muslim dream book white horse dream to death. Dreamed of a black horse with a white grivoy- means you attention has a secret admirer.

Horse Dream Interpretation

Grace, strength, irresistible natural power - such associations usually occur when we see a horse in reality. Perhaps in a dream stallion cause we have exactly the same emotions, and maybe scare or bite. What a dream it is the perfect pet? Dream book will tell about it, depending on the details of the dream.

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interpretation of dream-books

Basically, dream horse - a very auspicious sign, especially if she has thick, shiny tail and mane. Such a beautiful and well-groomed animal in the arms of Morpheus promises support to friends in any event, without delay, start to achieve the goal - you are sure to help very influential and authoritative people, not just friends.

Untidy, dirty, oblezshaya horse Dream Miller signaled the possibility of fraud on the part of those who you trust. Look around you, maybe one of your friends recently just wormed his way into the confidence, and the plotting against you and dissolve terrible gossip.

Small Dream Book of Veles gives a negative interpretation of what it means to the horse in a dream. According to his predictions, that represents the mare - a deep-seated enemy with whom it is possible to further conflicts, disputes and disagreements.

If bitten by a horse in a dream, the dream book Chzhoy Gouna interprets such an unpleasant event as an omen of promotion, and if this person also saw blood in their careers is not a minor help from relatives

According to Dream book XXI, what good is a dream horse feed in a dream foretells a small possibility of profit. And if you feed foals - it is a signal to commit a truce with the enemy, who themselves will go to the world, as well as getting a lot of money.

Not a very good female interprets the dream book, if the stallion kicks in his sleep. Hooves on the back - the prediction of obstacles on the path of life in the form of enemies, or severe, but curable disease. If the mare is not only kicking, but also bites the dreamer, it means betrayal of his wife, or just the unsolved mysteries of the couple, who are able to plunge into shock.

How to explain a dream, if you had run away from a horse in a dream? Very soon I will meet with the person in your life that will meet all your requirements for an ideal lover or beloved. Although such a fabulous relationship will not always lead to marriage, you may have parted for ordinary jealousy.

Erotic Dream Book uniquely interprets something that dreams iron horse in a dream. This is the realization of inner experience of man: in the life of the dreamer are lacking tactile sensations, affection, tenderness, you can even call it alone, despite the presence of a permanent partner.

Dream Interpretation Taflisi interprets the story of how a horse is bitten in a dream as a warning about the betrayal of a loved one - a spouse. The second half is hiding something from you, beware. But that would not happen, remember that the dream is not an incentive to hasty actions and conclusions

According to the modern dream book, a horse in the water - this is a dream, which predicts two completely different things, it all depends on the purity of the water body. If she stands in a clean, clear mountain stream, then you will be good luck and success in business, but the dark, muddy, polluted water promises to frustration and disappointment.

If you dream you saw a stumbling horse, the interpretation of the dream of folklore Dream Interpretation - disappointing. In your case you will fail, but do not worry, the next thing is sure to be successful.

Family sonnik horse and cart interpreted as a warning that you take on too many responsibilities, although the situation allows you to share responsibilities with loved ones. No need to torture yourself in the name of a good cause, no one will think about you is nothing wrong if you ask for help.

When in a dream horse attacks, dream interpretation interprets it according to the emotional coloring of sleep. If you are experiencing a terrible fear, confusion, in real life, enemies will build a conspiracy against you, and you fall into their trap because of his own helplessness. If you are not afraid, you are indifferent, the dream does not portend anything wrong - will succeed.

The value of sleep horse Italian Dream Interpretation has an erotic context, especially if the animal has come in dream woman. Stallion symbolizes the desire for close relationships, sexuality and increased readiness for sexual intimacy. It may also ozhnachat cooling of relations between the spouses.

hugging the horse in a dream on the interpretation of the French dream book - marks the meeting with an old good friend whom you have not seen very given. Expect pleasant and cheerful friendly get-togethers, where maybe you'll learn a lot, as well as come to a decision to start a common cause.

Dream Interpretation Vanga horse interprets the dream as soon as a resolution of problematic situations at home or in your career, especially if the stallion of a dream - a thoroughbred, skittish, lean. And if he is still white, it predicts wealth, fame, fortune, and the improvement of the situation in the family

Lose, and then look in the dream stallion - adverse dream. Your family is under threat of disintegration, no need to escalate the situation with unnecessary conflicts and chicanery - a plot with a lost horse predicts divorce, especially if in the end you can not find the loss.

Dream book on Islamic horse that dreamer saddled and bridled, it is the conquest of power, gaining credibility and respect. Symbolizing a victory over the enemy, the horse that came in a dream, promises only favorable news, and good luck in business.

What the dream of buying a horse in a dream - means getting the news, the news that gives hope for the future. This news is from a person you have not seen for a long time, but he remembers you, and cares.

If you dream you have to kiss a horse, the dream book Tsvetkova gives a definite answer to this entertaining and enigmatic image. The dreamer has a romantic, long meeting with the man dearly beloved, in which to find out all the nuances of the relationship, and the relationship is complete harmony and accord.

If the horse is giving birth to your dreams, dream interpretation that treats such a plot as an omen of occurrence in the life of a good, kind man, who will all over to help and support. And if you are in September and saw the unborn foal, and he's healthy and jauntily, then wait for the appearance of a patron from day to day.

Other horses

In the dream, with the participation of horses interpretation depends on the suit of the animal. Why dream of a horse brown or bay? It is a symbol appearing in a person's life, who saw such a plot, a good and reliable friend to whom you can rely on.

But women's dream book is what dreams bay horse has a slightly different meaning. If you're saddled bay horse in a dream, then you will be a meteoric rise up the corporate ladder. But if the stallion bucking beneath you, then on the way to victory you will face serious difficulties.

What the dream of red-haired horse, foretells many cares and troubles, which in time will beat you out of a rut, but in the end all the spent forces and means are justified: in the end of the road you get a well-deserved promotion.

Sometimes suit the horse can move from red to fiery red. Why dream of a red horse? It is a symbol of intuition that dreamer of dreams, and she had very rarely fails. Yet, sometimes necessary to listen to the voice of reason, not following the sixth sense, contrary to the opinion of others, and reason. Otherwise, you can get the enemy.

And what a dream horse gray? Such an animal in captivity dream predicts familiarity with the believer, a very strict, religious woman who will have on your life direct effect, and may affect the destiny.

Why dream of running horses? Dream book gives an unambiguous interpretation: these animals as a symbol of victory and the noble aspirations of predicting the performance of all cherished desires in the near future, to achieve long-sought goal.

On the interpretation of dream book, a horse with a foal in a dream - it means that the dreamer will be very long for a loved one, which as fate would be separated for a long time.

Why dream of a beautiful horse? This dream symbolizes unceasing vitality of the dreamer, which will help him in the implementation of plans. And the interpretation of dream book, a great horse that still stands on its hind legs - a sign of protection and protection from a very influential person.

When you see a wounded horse in his sleep - wait for the sad news from afar. Similar to interpretation and that's what dreams horse sick. Just this dream can mean the loss of vital energy you have, and as a result, failure in business.

According to the interpretation of the dream book a pregnant horse in a dream - a symbol of trouble, which will take you to your same friends. As they need your help soon, and you will have to make great efforts not to leave each other in trouble.

Why dream of a mad horse? Dream Interpretation on Zhou Gouna - a favorable sign that portends a speedy resolution of the problems. On the same dream book, a talking horse - the sign of a richly developed human imagination, who saw this fabulous picture.

Why dream of a flying horse? This fantastic plot promises success in business thanks to the incredible creative power of the dreamer. Luck will be presented to the fate in the near future.

Horse riding

If in your dream you were in the saddle, and you had to ride a horse in a dream, then this picture is interpreted in relation to the behavior, interaction, and character suit the horse. In the dream to ride a white horse - a good sign, a dream promises a pleasant stay in the company of friends, a lot of new experiences, spiritual self development.

Even in a dream riding a horse can mean small obstacles, pitfalls on the way to the desired goal, if the stallion during the ride kicks and goats. When it came in a dream to ride a horse without a saddle, you can expect a material well-being and achievement, but it will have to work hard.

It carries a negative interpretation of the dream book drawn by a horse. This dream often symbolizes the loss of a loved one, and it may well be true, if you do not stop dumping all responsibilities on the shoulders of the second half. Be affection and care, and then the prediction will become irrelevant.

According to family dream book to ride a horse, which eventually threw off the dreamer - not a good omen, but not fatal. Soon you will overtake the disease, which will have a long fight, but the fight will end in victory.

Different interpretations of dream interpretation gives a cart with a horse in a dream. If the dreamer manages an animal sitting on a cart, it portends his promotion, with considerable strength. If he sees a cart laden with hand, it promises a demanding family obligations.

Horses and death

According to the predictions of the dream book a dead horse in a dream can mean in reality the sad news. That, towards this dream of such a picture, the display can be of your responsibilities at work that you feel is too complicated and heavy.

Dream about killing the horse is the psychoanalytic character. In your heart you know that their actions can deliver grieving loved ones, and so you come to such a sad dream.

Why dream of a dead horse? If it has already begun to decompose, it crawling worms, wait shame, loss, ruin - this plot does not bode well for the dreamer. Roughly the same dream book treats is what dreams dying horse. In your affairs come stagnation, and you'll need a livelihood.

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What dreams dead horse? Soon you cause trouble, very sad news that will knock you out of a rut. If you had to kill a dream horse, the catalyst will be sad news to you.

Dream book on the interpretation of a horse's head, which the dreamer holds portends a consistent series of setbacks, or a serious illness, which will have a long and hard fight.

Many horses

Interpretation of dream book about a herd of horses running in a dream - mostly positive. Such a dynamic and fascinating story promises rapid advance up the career ladder. In general, a dream many horses - means stability and success in business, the protection of a reliable and educated people.

On the interpretation of dream book horses and horses grazing on the dry grass - symbolize loyal friends of the dreamer, who, though not rich, but honest, and always ready to help. Thus, according to the predictions of the dream book a herd of horses in a dream for a single girl - it is fast, pretty good marriage.

Symbol of wealth, fame, accolades on Dream Interpretation - carriage with horses. Moreover, the more horses you are lucky, you will become more influential. Although the interpretation dream book three horses, harnessed to a carriage driven Dreamwalker, and it thus enjoys a relaxed walk, laziness and display its slowness.

Why dream of two horses on Dream Interpretation Tsvetkov? It symbolizes the different interests of the dreamer, its versatile nature, striving for perfection and ideal. Especially favorable this story, if horses of different colors and well maintained ..

What a dream when the horse gave birth to a foal? It is a harbinger of good initiatives in business, new business will bring good results, and it will go up the hill. Especially good if the foal after birth and frolics around the mother - it portends a high level of material well-being.

Race two horses, one after another ...

Two horses brown swam in the river, the river! The bottom was dark, and the water itself is bright! Prompt 🙂

I dreamed that stroking a red horse 🙂

I dreamed that I was running away from the horses. The horses were black and white. Well, that I was not trampled on, in my opinion, they were wild.

Help me to interpret my dream. I dream about a beautiful summer day, and I'm on the large flowering meadow and see grazing white young thoroughbred horse with a long white mane. I approach her and powerfully take the mane. I jump on it, and she did not resist, and we we skip over this field, and I feel an inner joy. What could it mean?

Please tell me: I dreamed we have stolen from the stables a gray horse, I rode on it on the field without a bridle and saddle.

Troika gray horses strained in a cart, running on the road. Somehow I dream hiding from them.

Beautiful luminous two horses, one after another in the clouds. In the first rider was middle-aged man. But I am very much looking at the shining white horse around. She was very beautiful and shining.

And I dreamed of a brown horse, talking, complaining that the hoof rubbed though, was shod! Just like a person was, the front hooves stretched out and greeted me, and then complained to life and old age! During sleep occurs several times in the same place!

Help explain to my dream. I dreamed of a beautiful horse brownish-groomed, in my old bedroom apartment. She was lying in a room on the floor kind of resting and suddenly I went with another horse in the apartment is also very beautiful, it is a horse that went went to the horse, and I ask this young horse so she does not wake the one that is, in the meantime, I went to the mirror and decided to fix my hair and pulled a large lock of hair from the tail and I had to remove the cover, tied to the tail of his hair. This time a young horse went to the kitchen window. At the same time was an open window and she stood up on its hind legs and stuck her face in the window, and I was afraid that it does not tumbled into the window opening and siganula from the second floor and now on I do not remember out of this apartment with this horse and did not come out, but I remember I opened the door to exit. Please help solve sleep. Thank.

He dreamed of a horse in a meadow, brown and white color.

I dreamed of a brown horse. I was a rider, the horse was quiet, I quietly sat on the horse and walked across the meadow and through the woods.

I dreamed that I was sitting in the street and all of a sudden come to us horse white horse with a mane colors more red horse with a white spot on the forehead. There were a lot of different horses and a foal is not well maintained, they came to me, and I stroked them. Then I was in school, they were there. Then, when my friend and I were walking home we met the boys who like them.

Why dream of many horses sunk in a shed or basement ... some dark room ?!

Dreamed of a horse, who stood back to me, a lot of beautiful horses and I was afraid to approach them.

I dreamed of a beautiful horse, well appointed with a nice seat, but without the rider. She floated in a cloud of light that opens his mouth, then closed. I watched the bottom of this beauty until the horse disappeared into the clouds. For better or worse?

Two horses at full speed rush at me.

Tell me what it means, if a herd of horses running away from water and still at the same time have all the dirt! Thank you very much.

What to see in a dream of the open window beautiful brown horse standing in the water, though in the river and looked at me, and I was afraid to approach her.

Two horses. On one I to another baby boy?


Interpretation of sleep horse in the dream book: Dream Sona

A horse in a dream - white horse - good luck and prosperity, bay - to overcome difficulties.
White Horse - an extremely auspicious sign, esp.
White horse dream to serious changes in my life. Perhaps the first turn to your way of life will make you anxious or puzzled, but later you will understand that everything was as it should.
White horses - joy and happiness.
White horse dream to a good event in your life.
Beat a horse in a dream - a bad sign: you can lose a friend.
Sick, thin and tired horse in a dream - to disappointments in my colleagues.
To dream of a white horse - to the joy and fun, black - to difficulties or illnesses.
To dream of white horses - so arrange his affairs well.
To dream of a beautiful thoroughbred horses - an omen of change for the better.
To dream of a horse with a mane to the ground - a sign that you hurt a loved one.
See how the horses are harnessed - to lose a loved one. Battle hot horse - success and victory.
Owning horses - well-being.
Black horse in general is not a good sign.
The black horse - sadness.
Bayard are harbingers of change of circumstances favorable to the most worst.
Dirty horse dream to betrayal and deception on the part of relatives.
For girls horse is a favorable sign and could presage the imminent marriage.
A dead horse - will work hard for a piece of bread.
Ride a horse riding - get the significance.
If at this time you are on horseback - to achieve the goal.
If you had a horse in harness, so soon you will get what long dreamed.
If you had a horse in harness, so in reality you do not have to rely on someone else's help. All our plans you can do yourself.
If you had a horse, which was tied, it means that something is holding you back from the movement to the goal. Try to get rid of those obstacles.
If you dreamed of a dead horse, then in reality you are waiting for the sadness and gloom.
If you had a well-groomed horse, this means that there will be harmony in your work and personal life.
If you dreamed that you peel off the horse - in the loss of significance or decrease in their career.
If you had a dream that brought the horse foal, is profit.
If you dream of thin and emaciated horses, it means that you live with a person who is completely opposite of you.
If you dream you dreamed of running horse, then in reality you do not have enough freedom to which you constantly aspire.
If you dream your horse takes part in races, is a successful business.
If you dream you see a kicking horse, then in reality you will find a lot of obstacles on the way to the goal. Kicking horse - herald a serious life-testing.
If you dream you are riding a lame or sick horse - a loss or temporary turmoil.
If the dream you bought a horse, then your family will soon cease to live in poverty.
If you dream you tamed the obstinate horse - wait for the good news, or promotions.
If you dream horse was tied, then you always someone holds, tries to subordinate his will.
If you have a dream horse takes off with myself, so soon you'll have a lot to experience.
If you dream horse kicking you, then someone from the family hides the truth from you.
If you dream horse throws you and yourself, then you will fail.
If you dream to see a whole herd of horses, which means that these experiences will not be in vain.
If you eat a horse riding. This dream promises you prosperity, strengthening of friendship and family ties, as well as their position in society.
If you sit down on it - to success in business.
If you jump on a black horse, it will soon be disappointed in their work and understand its futility. The same applies to a dream in which you see a wild, unruly or unshod horses. All other suits are more or less favorable value.
If a black horse - to sadness.
If the horse is this beautiful, healthy and young. Such dreams often means friendships and financial linkages, the benefits and the rise in cases of the joy of life and all sorts of honors.
If the horse's tail clipped, it is - a black belt in life.
To ride a horse in a dream - to fulfill cherished desires.
Riding on horseback - got involved in the venture.
Typically, the image of the horse has a positive value, esp.
To ride a horse in a dream - to defeat the enemy and any troubles.
Beautiful, healthy horse dream to well-being and to hope for a happy future.
Red-red horse with a black mane predict a good career and obtaining material wealth.
Bite the horse - to achieve a high position.
Horse - the universal symbol of agility, freedom and male sexuality.
Dream horse as a symbol of your desire to move forward. You probably are taking a lot of actions to ensure that to achieve their desires. Continues to move forward - and all that you have in mind, true. Your optimism and faith in our strength - the qualities that you are now the most useful.
Horse or stallion symbol wealthy fans.
A horse with a tail to the ground says that you are someone upset.
The horse often dream to love experiences.
Horse peacefully grazing in the field, is a happy resolution of any problems, finding harmony and peace.
Horse, trying to bite you, promises trouble and betrayal of a loved one.
Dead horse dream to sadness.
The dead horse is a sign of hard work and living away from home.
On the run - will be a success in business.
The usual workhorse - unit cases.
Saddled horse in a dream for a woman to portend a good husband and happiness in family life.
Horses graze - freedom from anxiety.
Buy a horse in a dream - to profit, to sell - a loss.
Buy a horse in a dream - to joy.
Dreamed you a horse symbolizes your desire to be more free, free from the oppression of the circumstances and the surrounding pressure. Probably a lot of you are worried about different kinds of obligations that are present in your life.
Sell a horse in a dream - a quarrel with someone from friends.
Receding horse - unfortunately.
The wounded horse in the dream bodes bad news.
Sit on a horse - get protection.
To ride a horse in a dream - to success.
Get off your horse - a loss situation.
Hear the neighing of a horse dream - a situation that will force you to ask for help.
Become a horse on its hind legs - a great defense.
The old, the sick (or dead), or dirty skinny horse on the other hand, symbolizes the defeat, loss, illness, hard, bleak and useless labor.
Dream stubborn horse - to ensure that your dream come true is not soon.
Skinny horse, seen in a dream means unflattering gossip and slander behind your back.
Steal a horse in a dream - the fun.
Tame the unbridled horse in a dream - a successful deal or to get acquainted with a nice man.
Good saddled horse - a good wife.
Skinny horses - many obstacles in life.
Black horse, usually portends evil and trouble.
Black horse, on the other hand, symbolizes the failure in cases of treason to your second half, deceit and betrayal on the part of others.
Black horse - a sign of sorrow and trouble.
Black horse dream to losses.

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WHAT dream horse, the beating of hooves?

HorseHorse - a beautiful and graceful animal, which has long been considered a man loyal assistant. The Indians attributed their horses mystical properties, they considered their guides in the world of spirits. Perhaps it is not so, but especially to unravel the dream about a horse woman is important. After all, these dreams can portend a very controversial event.


  • What appeared before the horse you?
  • whether the animal is free?
  • Contact with a horse
  • You - the owner of the horse?
  • Color seen animal
  • It was animated horse?

What appeared before the horse you?

Many horses, tamed by man, it is tame and docile animals. But in our dreams come to us and aggressive creatures. Remember in detail - what was the animal that has come into your dreams?

If you watched the running beautiful and graceful horse, who looked happy and free, it is a sign that in the near future, you will feel the same way - a happy, full of strength and energy. Your problems will be solved quickly, because you luck.

Happy manBut such good value only in those dreams where you're traveling from afar watched the horse. If in your dreams you have lost control of the hands of a mare, and she ran away from you, you in trouble - something goes wrong and you have to go with the flow, waiting for a solution.

This dream promises further trouble with health, especially if the horse is visually looked frail - the sick, thin, with protruding ribs. If a painful horse will run away from you to the herd of horses, the disease is serious enough, you face surgery or a long course of treatment.

whether the animal is free?

WeddingIf you dream of a beautiful, healthy and well-groomed animal that grazes peacefully about you and about which you care with love, then wait for the appearance in his life of a loved one. He is about to occur on your doorstep, and you will be the happiest in the world. This dream may talk about the future wedding - if you have already found the man of her dreams.

circus horseIf you are near a horse tied to anything, then in the future you will ruin your plans - someone decided to tie your hands, not allowing to realize our plans.

Most likely, the problem will affect career. The same value has seen a dream about hobbled and sedentary animal - someone has decided for you, and you will be quite difficult to deal with his decision. Most likely, someone from the inner circle will ask you a serious favor and you will have to provide.

Circus horse dreaming of the woman who pays too much attention to his surrounding and tries his best to avoid condemnation. Such a dream come to make it clear - you need to be yourself and do not let someone or something to run your life.

Contact with a horse

Of great importance is and how tight you are in contact with the animal. If you dream you ride a horse, and on this trip, woke up with the rainbow mood, it will remain with you for a long time. You can only envy - good friends, loyal person I love and close relationships with family - you have entered on the white stripe of life, try to stay there longer.

Another thing, if your horse kicked and tried to reset the rider - then happiness will not be so bright. There will be some troubles and problems, but basically you allow them.

horse kicksProblems promises horse negatively to your mood - if he wheezes and hoof beats, tries to bite you, or throws off - we advise to be very careful - in your environment bred and envious gossip. Be wary of such situations:

  • The horse was bitten you - wait for money problems, you deceive some clever swindler.
  • Horse hooves beats you - a sign of future problems in the road accidents. Be extremely careful.
  • The horse threw you from yourself - someone will soon become a culprit of an accident with you, whether intentionally or not.
  • Carefully pulled the horse out of the swamp or bog - expect dreary and hard work that will take you too much effort.

You - the owner of the horse?

If you dream of a horse, it is worth remembering if you were their mistress? If so, your property was a herd of beautiful and healthy horses, then you will be a wonderful wife, you have a peaceful family life. For girls who have not yet become someone's wife is a dream can become a harbinger of a meeting with the future betrothed. Remember all the details of what he saw - they will help determine which of the new acquaintances suitable for the role of the future spouse.

herd of horsesIn your home came a horse, and even a foal? This is the happiest dream for those who dream of a pregnancy - soon your dreams will come true. For careerists such a vision might portend promotion and encouragement of weighty affairs made.

If you wake up, you remember how to buy a horse, then wait for unplanned expenses or unexpected serious financial losses. But if you sell a horse to someone especially lame or sick, then in the future you will find a solution to the problems with the work. You may be able to sign a lucrative contact or you will be able to shift their responsibilities to someone else - will soon see for yourself.

Color seen animal

monetary lossWe, sometimes, dreams and fairy existent creation. But if you saw a very real horse, pay attention to its color - it tells a lot:

  • Snow-white horse - a sign of future happy changes. If your life is bad, then it should add your optimism and confidence - everything goes!
  • Tricolor horse promises incredible wealth generated unusual or too fast by.
  • The same applies to spotting or staining Kaur - can no longer worry about financial matters, everything will be decided just by itself, because soon will bargain.
  • \ * But the black horse, on the contrary, it is a harbinger of unpleasant and very sad events. Moreover, they affect not only you but also your loved ones. It is possible betrayal by a loved one or a betrayal of friends. * \ Brown horse foreshadows in his personal life is very short-tempered and aggressive fan, you'll be in trouble his attentions.
  • Horse unnatural appearance or color comes in a night dream as a harbinger of imminent execution cherished desire, the embodiment of fairy tale in reality.

colored horse

It was animated horse?

StatuetteWhat matters is not only a living horse, but also its implementation. Statuette of a horse speaks of the imminent prosperity and wealth. The more and more seen by the thing, the more rewards you get for your efforts. However, a broken statue tells a different story - that you have created, will soon collapse and lead to greater losses for you. You can lose as a means, and respect, and love.

Fossilized horse figure indicates that in the near future you will have to wait for the negative emotions associated with the stagnation and uncertainty. Perhaps in your life there is some fairly serious problem that you can not solve on their own and have to wait for help from the outside, to solve it.

If a horse in your dream possessed some magical properties, for example, it could turn into a human or another animal, in the foreseeable future awaits deception on the part of the person you trust the most.

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DREAM: HORSE white, black, bay. The most complete ... - NOVOSTON

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