STONE GARNET refer to any signs of the zodiac

The mineral has the atypical gems the name because of the similarity of crystals with pomegranates. Since ancient times, the stone was very popular, as it was quite rare. About rock legends, if he is endowed with extraordinary abilities, who can afford only the most honest and courageous people. Garnets are available in several color spectrum. The most popular and beautiful is a red garnet, there are also green, yellow and black stones.

Stone garnet is of great importance for a variety of crops. For example, some linked the mineral to such a wonderful feeling, like love, joy, and everything that brings happiness. It is often presented as proof of loyalty, devotion and trust. Others on the contrary believe that the gem is a symbol for dangerous human passions. Many people before you travel, pinned great hopes on the grenade, believed that the stone will help them become more resilient, and lucky.

Black grenades used wizards and witches for them a kind of stone was the channel through which you can communicate with the dead. As a talisman, the stone is best suited for creative people whose work is related to the total giving of oneself for the sake of creating something beautiful and unusual.

In addition to magic, pomegranate has therapeutic properties. So with the help of a grenade can regulate blood pressure, cure rheumatism, inflammation of the joints and kidneys. Garnet helps cleanse the body from harmful substances regenerate damaged tissue provides stimulation of pituitary activity. Garnet also has a positive effect on the human hormonal system.

Despite such beneficial properties, pomegranate suitable not for everyone, one he will serve as a good talisman to another - no benefit. To this must be weighed against the stone with your zodiac constellation.

For Scorpio Garnet is the perfect stone. His magical abilities are attracted to Scorpio people like a magnet, making it a leader. Scorpios are characterized by jealousy, but with the help of garnet it becomes easier to trust in love and friendship. Scorpio woman grenades gives even more mysterious appeal and helps to find true love.

For Capricorn grenades would be a good helper, because they are entirely given to their work. This mineral has a positive effect on the energy of Capricorn, gives him the strength and self-confidence. Female goats, Ward garnet able to protect against the adverse influence of the information.

For Aquarius grenades can be a stone of love. Some people believe that Aquarians have a negative attitude to marriage and family formation, because pomegranate helps Aquarius find the feeling of love, devotion, happiness and joy. For women, the representatives of this sign, pomegranate help to achieve peace of mind and make the surrounding world for what it really is.

For Sagittarius grenades can be a lifesaver. Sagittarians often attract trouble, and with the help of a grenade can protect themselves from failure, enemies and evil. Garnet also help Sagittarius to find a strong love and true friendship. Women with a gentle nature, will become stronger in spirit and will give a boost of energy to implement new ideas.

For Gemini, which is characteristic of impatience, fickle in mood and desire to disputes garnet can serve equilibrium point and the support. He will smooth out all the arguments and controversies. Women representatives of this zodiac sign, can use grenades as a mascot of this love relationship and genuine friendship.

Communication pomegranate and Leo is not as strong and clear as the other characters. Leo will be a long time to get used to the stone of establishing a connection with him. But setting it up, the full extent of grenades create harmony Lion with the outside world. Female lions may be difficult to withstand the powerful vibration of this mineral, so astrologers it is recommended to wear jewelry with garnet irregular.

Libra, who often changeable mood, grenades will find peace. Its magical properties, can help women regulate the balance life and thought.

Aries grenades will become kinder and avoid conflicts, teach with love to treat others. The fair sex, gem eliminate the bad thoughts, dispel anxieties and phobias.

For Dev, pomegranate is, as a number of useful features. It is capable of great mental activity strengthen, uplift, and fill the life of its owner harmony and joy. Girls grenades bestows female sexuality and the natural beauty.

Modern lithotherapists believe that Pisces is extremely useful amulet with garnet. Stone is well able to stabilize blood pressure, quickly heal wounds and strengthen bone. Women crystal fish will help with psychological disorders, a good way to remove stress.

Taurus grenades categorically will not go. Them, this stone is able to bring all sorts of grief and frequent financial difficulties. Living at odds with their own conscience Taurus can not wear garnet as a talisman, even if they are not in conflict with their own horoscope.


stone garnet properties and signs of the zodiac

Stone grenades and jewelry to him give its owner a good mood, constantly increasing his happiness. In contact with garnet, the person feels warmth and love. All these properties can appreciate a person who meets the energy of the stone. That is why it is important to know what zodiac sign is suitable grenades, and what his abilities. Use it to pay off a feeling of anger and get a charge of vital energy.

Properties stone grenades and signs of the zodiac

Despite the existence of different positive properties, this stone is not for everyone and some people it can, on the contrary, cause harm. Suitable for pomegranate in the sign of the zodiac:

  1. Scorpio . Thanks to the properties of such a talisman draws others like a magnet, giving his master leadership skills. Scorpions are considered to be very jealous, and products with pomegranate allow them to cope with this feeling, and make them more trusting towards the close people. Women born under this zodiac sign, pomegranate give mystery and will increase the chances of finding a soul mate.
  2. Capricorn . For this star sign garnet stone is the ideal companion at work. Because these people are careerists, the stone will give them strength and confidence. For representatives of the fair sex grenades become a talisman against negative publicity and gossip.
  3. Gemini . People who are under the protection of the sign of the Zodiac, distinguished by their impatience, fickleness and love of disputes, and so allow the grenade to find a balance. This stone will help smooth out conflicts. For women grenades will love talisman.
  4. Libra . Representatives of this star sign grenades will become calmer. Women because of this stone will be able to "restore order" in his head.
  5. Aquarius . For this star sign the magical properties of the garnet stone will have love in nature. It is believed that representatives of this sign have a negative attitude to the creation of the marriage, so this stone will enable them to become softer and more devoted in relation to its second half. Women grenades help you find peace of mind and adequately perceive the world around us.
  6. Lev . The impact of a grenade on the sign of the zodiac is not so great, and to establish a connection must pass a lot of time, but it's worth it, because due to the forces of the stone lions can enjoy the harmony with the surrounding world. Ornaments women garnet not wear regularly.
  7. Sagittarius . Speaking about whose talisman Garnet stone sign of the zodiac, it is worth noting that for Sagittarius it will become a real talisman. With stone representatives of this sign to protect themselves from different kind of trouble and failure. In addition, pomegranate increase the chances of finding a soul mate and find real friends. For women with mild nature of this stone will become stronger and more confident.
  8. Aries . Born under the protection of the mark, people pomegranate help to avoid conflicts and to teach with love to treat their loved ones. This stone will give women the power to
    what sign of the zodiac suitable pomegranate

    having to cope with fears.

  9. Virgo . Representatives of this sign is recommended to use grenades to improve mental performance, mood and find harmony. Thanks to this stone to become more sexy girls.
  10. Pisces . Amulet with this stone helps to normalize blood pressure, and women will be able to get rid of psychological problems.
  11. Cancer . Representatives of this sign to use grenades is prohibited.
  12. Taurus . It will not work this stone and people born under this sign, because it will attract trouble.


Garnet.  The unique properties of the stones.

In the Middle Ages believed any grenades red stones. Pliny the Elder called carbuncle garnet - from the Latin "carbo" - coal, as the mineral was like a burning ember fire. The name "pomegranate" first appeared in 1546, and before that the name of bacteremia occurred in medieval chronicles from the XIII veka.V antiquity about the mysterious properties of pomegranate were legendary. He was regarded as a talisman, gives vigor and optimism, nitrous heart. Pomegranate respected as a sacred stone, which gives the power over people.

For some time there was an opinion that the garnet - beautiful decoration for young girls, but in the Middle Ages, it preferred to wear mostly men, as the stone was considered an amulet, protects against injuries, and injuries.

The main property of the pomegranate - evoke strong passions and desires, which often turns against its owner. On the hand of man possessed by passion grenades much shine, as if suffused with his own blood.

Inert, passive and lazy people do not get anything good from the grenade, since he works in a tense dynamics and helps keep the energy. A person in difficult circumstances, with the help of a grenade can act calmly and with great dedication.

Wearing for a long time on a hand grenade to make a fearless person emotionally excitable, and the stone itself in such a case may become darker.

What will happen with pomegranate owner? Which properties will give a stone?

Its owner grenades provides the attachment of friends, averts the danger, protects against treachery. A gift of a ring with garnet symbolized assurances of love and friendship. Persian poet Hafiz wrote about this stone: "As a ray of sunlight ignites a grenade in my ring, so in the heart kindled my love for you."

Themselves with a charm of the grenade, you can avoid disaster in the long journey. It provides women easy and safe childbirth, increases energy and vitality of the body.

Eastern peoples valued pomegranate for its healing properties. When the pulmonary system diseases, in particular bronchitis, helps to cope with the disease garnet stone to be worn around the neck, set in gold. Also grenades used at high temperature, sore throat, headaches lasting. If the body is struck by inflammation, pomegranates should be worn in silver.

Special love pomegranates people use air signs. Red garnets are useful for most women, as under their influence women become more calm and wise. Red garnet brings happiness to people just passionate, active, with great emotional impact, which give themselves without reserve to any cause. Since grenades quickly fade, lose their luster and richness of color, they are often perceived as a difficult and unlucky gems.

Green pomegranates direct person and help properly allocate time and resources. Despite their kinship, green and red pomegranates are incompatible with each other. At the same time wearing them the person has a sense of uncontrollability body.

Pomegranate affects the thin layer of the subconscious and helps to express human emotions and feelings in words or actions. These stones can become excellent mascots for sculptors, painters, poets, musicians and fashion designers. The red stone helps to collect image, and green - to put it in a material form.

Constant wearing of the amulet gives the wearer a grenade constant positive emotions. However, if you need to relax and rest, you need to give up the grenade, otherwise it will excite the emotions and create tensions.

Pomegranate and signs of the zodiac

Pomegranate is suitable for people who are born under the sign of Virgo. Sagittarius grenades gives power over the people they need born under this sign to satisfy their passion.

Pomegranate - Assistant Capricorns who are able to work with great dedication.

Red garnet is best to wear a fire sign: Sagittarius and Leo. Aries - an exception, because they are the people hot-tempered, but quickly calms down, and this stone requires persistence passion. It can be worn continuously removing from time to time. Taurus, people energetic and long retains its capacity in need of red garnet.

Stone green hues can cause a lot of trouble, and Pisces is very favorable Lions and Sagittarius, which brings luck, protects from enemies and evil spirits. This stone creates in man a passion and cure impotence.

STONE grenades and Taurus - Zodiac sign

Compatibility horoscope stone grenades and Taurus - the most complete description of the only proven theory, based on astrological observations of several thousand years.

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Gemstones for zodiac sign Taurus (April 21 - May 20)

With Taurus Greek is translated as "bull". Taurus - the sign of the earth, and it has its own characteristics of strength of character, balance and firmness. Therefore, they will approach the appropriate stones soothing colors - blue and white. In the clothing, it is not recommended to wear bright colors and challenging. The same applies to the stones. For example, red rubies, they absolutely do not fit.

People born under the sign of Taurus, under the influence of Venus and the Moon. These two planets - symbols of love and beauty, hence the innate sense of harmony and love Taurus in all its manifestations. People born under this constellation can love and take care of. They have a highly developed matrimonial and paternal (maternal) feelings, sometimes even passing reasonable limits: their care and excessive control it can "suppress" a loved one, believing that protects him from the outside.

Stone grenades and Taurus

Stone grenades and Taurus

Stone grenades and Taurus

Excessive obsession is due to the desire of the individual and the full possession of the object of love. Hence, the flash of jealousy and anger. And if the offending Taurus - that of his habitual calmness will be over. His anger sweeps away everything in its path and then not lucky enough to anyone who falls under it. Taurus is very unforgiving, and if and cool down in anger, then giving offense will be remembered for a long time. But, if all is well and quiet - a little more sweet, caring and good man simply does not find.

Usually Taurus - a strong and healthy people. His power they draw from the elements of the Earth. But apart from the hardness inherent in this element, these people get and stubbornness. Calves is almost impossible to "move" from their position. If a person has set itself a purpose, it will go right through it, destroying all the obstacles in its path. He is not prone to adventures, I prefer to think of everything in advance, before making a decision. Taurus is not peculiar insight, high ideals and not for them. It's practical, "down to earth" people who live urgent problems. Often, they are successful in the fields of culture and art.

Taurus, both men and women are physically strong and spiritually. Therefore, a suitable stone for them to be agate. Power of this mineral is best suited to their temperament. As for the color of the stone, then there may be different options: from gray-blue to shades of pure white color. For example, blue agate, gives a person the softness, tranquility and enhances the natural positive qualities. Additionally, the stone improves vision and overall health.

Besides agate, Taurus is recommended to wear a turquoise, quartz, and alexandrite. It is also a stone-mascot sign is Aventurine. This mineral is able to infuse its owner optimism and confidence in their abilities, as well as feeling as if you are ready to "move mountains." Such stones as malachite and amazonite can contribute to increase their physical well-being.

Eccentric personal life representatives of the Taurus sign, sometimes at risk of family well-being due to the volatile nature minute impulses. Mineral Moonstone will facilitate the emergence of stability in the relationship.

Opal will help to tidy financial affairs. Gem posodeystvuet his master to become even harder, and learn how to defend their interests. Women born under the sign of Taurus is not enough to lose because of their prejudices and misconceptions, opal is able to deliver them from this. Also, this stone has a positive effect on the ability to express their ideas and negotiate effectively.

Irritable and demanding Taurus is useful to have a piece of jewelry with amber. This mineral is required to enhance the mood and reduce the degree of discontent. In addition, the passionate Taurus, amber will help restrain their amorous impulses and emotions.

Very undesirable stones are: citrine, garnet, and as mentioned above - ruby. Among the colors, the people born under the sign of Taurus like living natural colors and shades: yellow, orange, blue and green. The girls-bulls highly developed aesthetic sense, they are able to select harmoniously color shades, designer quality inherent in them to the fullest. They can skillfully decorate the home environment, and all of that just does not take.

Taurus dress with taste, but not too bright. Representatives of this star sign will not blindly follow fashion. Wear something that really looks good on them. They are always careful with regard to things, thoughts or feelings. In choosing clothes exclude a rich red color. They are generally annoying this color. In choosing the type of clothes prefer convenient cover, and most importantly, that the clothes are not tightly squeezed his throat. Throat - a weak spot of the mark. The male calves will not greatly delay the tie and, if possible, will not even wear it.

This metal plate is copper. Their mascot is a small golden calf or an owl. Women would be appropriate to wear this amulet as decoration. Also, as an amulet that can be stored at home or at work, will be a small figurine of green marble. Auspicious day for the bulls will - on Monday and Friday, adverse - Tuesday.

Pomegranate for the zodiac sign of Taurus

Taurus are perfect garnet stones. Pomegranate for Taurus can be an excellent stone-talisman. Pomegranate helps in love, increases sexual energy and promotes good health. Garnet also gives a lightness and buoyancy, reduces anxiety and gives confidence grenades worth taking with you on important events and trips.

How to wear garnet almandine Taurus?

Wear garnet Taurus stands in delicate but showy jewelry: rings, earrings, necklace, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, necklaces, pendants. Attention to cost and key chains with pomegranate, as well as natural garnet crystals.

Almandine Garnet - a great gift for Taurus

A perfect gift for any occasion are considered jewelry. A jewelry with garnet crystals are just gorgeous gift. Taurus grenades necessary to give a sign of love and respect.

Almandine garnet for a man of Taurus

Taurus men, they avoid all the changes and new grenades learn to perceive and understand the positive aspects of the changes. Pomegranate will develop in man Taurus desired quality: the ability to work and thrifty. Stubbornness inherent Taurus men, grenades will direct the implementation of plans.

Almandine garnet for the Taurus woman

Taurus woman, with her strong masculine traits, pomegranate wisdom teach women the secrets of seduction male. Pomegranate will develop in a woman Taurus sexuality. But the Taurus woman will not be equal - Taurus woman can, because of this amulet, like garnet, to achieve the desired position in the society.

Almandine garnet for Taurus child

The child, like anyone else, need attention and protection. But do not always protect the work. It is worth to recommend a good amulet-talisman for the child from any adversity - stone garnet. Grenades, in addition to protection, it helps a child to develop and grow properly.

Almandine garnet in a room with a Taurus

Taurus is not only carry with them a product with pomegranate, but also to preserve the house grenades to attract happiness and prosperity. If you put a grenade in his workplace, you need to be prepared to improve the position and to get acquainted with new loyal colleagues.

What the properties of garnet stone?

The depth of color and natural splendor of crystals garnet stone make a favorite among jewelers and connoisseurs of fine jewelry. On mineral popularity affect his special power. Let's find out what magical properties has grenades and whom he approaches.

Strong stone for the brave

The name of the stone was due to the similarity of its crystals with ripe pomegranate grains. In nature, found many variations of this stunningly beautiful mineral, therefore, talking about what kind of magical properties of pomegranate shows towards people, you should consider its tone.

Pyrope - dark garnet red color, suitable active and self-sufficient people

The main property of a grenade: he is able to concentrate the character traits of the owner and his energy. Mineral gives a person the inner strength, sets a decisive action. In set gem cultures since ancient times used as a talisman. It is believed that pomegranate - a symbol of power, able to give the owner the ability to manage people's souls. Many nations Garnet is a stone lovers, decorations gave him a sign of trust and loyalty. People believed that the gem is able to "pull" for a man of his the second half and give the family fortune.

Garnet is a talisman of pregnant women and helps to give birth safely. For men, an amulet with this gem needs some protection against injuries and wounds.

Garnet is able to influence his master emotions and provoke their rapid manifestation. Passionate natures mineral is essential because it brings success and causes mental and creative upsurge. Emotionally sluggish, passive people garnet as their chosen stone is extremely rare, because such a person, he is able to wear down and even to bring to a nervous breakdown.

Garnet - stone for emotional people

If the jewelry with a gem to wear a few days without taking off, it creates elation owner. When people want to sit back, relax, stone should be removed. Garnet - a stone so strong that he is able to give vigor and optimism charge. At the same time, some owners vigorous mineral suggest that it may awaken and bad sides of human nature, and to do so with maximum effect.

Black garnet stone is considered ominous, because it has such a powerful energy that he always used the witches and wizards as a channel to communicate with the spirits.

medicinal properties

Worn on the human body, pomegranate helps preserve physical and mental health. It cleanses the body and helps to find inner harmony and full communication with the outside world. Medicinal properties of stone encased in maintaining vitality, tone raising, efficiency and the ability to prevent many diseases.

If you believe the scientists, Litoterapists, pomegranate has a positive effect on the circulatory and genitourinary system, digestive organs. Stone strengthens the immune system and helps heal colds. Yellow and brown the grenades should wear for those who suffer from allergies, as they help to relieve symptoms.

Compatibility of zodiac signs

Shade of garnet is very important when choosing a stone on a horoscope. One of the mineral species may be suitable for a particular zodiac sign, and the other considered incompatible. For example, red pomegranate reveals its magical properties with regard to the fire signs, and green mineral prefers earth elements.

The Color of Pomegranates affect its properties

Interested in?

Garnet becomes talisman for representatives of Aries sign. It acts as guardian of the hearth, helps avoid conflict and find contact with others. Stone gives Aries vitality and gives resourcefulness needed to find ways to influence people.

Gemini pomegranate helps maintain mental balance, to find harmony in ourselves and in the world. He gives calmness and confidence. Representatives sign peculiar to fickle in mood and impatience, pomegranate helps them find balance in everything and is an equilibrium point.

For women of the Twin gem it is the mascot of true love and true friendship, helping to maintain the relationship and not to cross the boundaries.

Gemini grenades gives balance

Lions fiery shades of pomegranate are ideal. Representatives of the fire sign of the Zodiac will receive power from the bright mineral. Leo woman can not cope even with such a powerful flow of energy, so they are advised to wear a stone astrologers occasionally.

For Virgos grenades able to attract love. It helps to find someone who will give the necessary warm-heartedness representatives sign and show their mental abilities. Garnet reveals sexy women born under the sign of Virgo.

Changeable mood Libra gem helps in attaining peace of mind. People are advised to wear Libra-green shades of stone to their lives and thoughts quickly ordered.

Libra fit green garnets

Energy pomegranate makes Scorpios attractive to others and allows you to show leadership qualities. Representatives sign characterized by jealousy and distrust, to get rid of these qualities will enable them to periodically carry stone.

Constant wearing garnet Scorpios is not recommended because the mineral can work in the opposite direction and highlight exactly what the owner is trying to hide from everyone else.

Sagittarius fit bright pomegranates, which give them energy and confer power over others. Temper representatives sign often drawn to them in trouble, which will help protect against a flaming decoration gem. Streltsov fairer sex grenades empowers the spirit and gives impetus needed for the realization of the plan.

Melancholic, calm and prudent Capricorn stone to make discoveries and brings joy into their lives. Wear garnet recommended Capricorn people holding managerial positions. Gem will tell you how to communicate with people properly, will give confidence. Women from the sign it protects from evil gossip and rumors.

Career growth and self-realization and pomegranate provides Aquarius. In addition, it can be a stone of love, helping to gain a sense of happiness, devotion and peace of mind.

Pomegranate can become a talisman of love for Aquarius

People born under the sign of Pisces, the need to garnet in helper when removing the stress and fatigue. Astrologers advise them to wear jewelry with green mineral, giving up contact with the red - too has a strong power, capable tire indecisive and dreamy Pisces.

Who recommended?

As a mascot for the bulls grenades are not always suitable, is the role played by individual horoscope of each person. Representatives of the mark with a bad conscience mineral as a mascot is contraindicated in any case, he brings them problems and grief.

Cancer - the only sign of the zodiac, which garnet is absolutely contraindicated. Astrologers advised its members not to touch the mineral, as their energy mutually exclusive.

When Cancers fair sex really want to wear the product with pomegranate, some horoscopes are allowed to choose for this purpose uvarovite, grossularite demantoid or green shades with properties that are muted in comparison with fiery fellows. In this case, the stone must be in contact with the body for a short time.

Decorating with pomegranate Cancers can afford to wear only occasionally

About human compatibility and stone can be judged from the point of view of onomastics - the science of names. Scientists believe that the garnet stone is suitable for people with names: Alexander, Alla, Valeria, Galina, Lyudmila, Maria, Tamara, Anton, Basil, Nikita.

When wearing garnet should focus not only on the advice of the horoscope, but also take into account that the stone is also able to choose. If the jewelry you liked at first sight, and wearing it, you feel satisfied, then he will definitely fit. Do not try to get used to the grenade, if you feel its heaviness or cold. Energy of the stone read only in contact with him, so that whether you are destined to wear a garnet, it will become clear in direct contact with the mineral.

  1. People, date of birth ( 20 April - 1 May ) related to the first decade of the sign are under the influence of Mercury. They are often overcomes melancholy, but it is offset by the high level of intelligence and the ability to "make money". Suitable for these precious stones: amethyst, quartz, jasper, agate, aventurine, carnelian and tiger's eye.
  2. Taurus, date of birth included in the second decade ( 2 - May 11 ), subject to the moon. They are characterized by daydreaming, noble thoughts and actions, combined with indecision and suspiciousness. Suitable for these minerals: onyx, turquoise, opal, coral, jade, chrysoprase and chalcedony.
  3. In the third decade of Taurus ( 12 - 20 May ) are the people who patronize Saturn. They prefer solitude rapid communication, prone to pessimism, struggling to escape poverty. They are suitable for such gems: diamond, aquamarine, emerald, topaz, garnet, sapphire, tourmaline.

Picking up stones of Taurus as a gift, keep in mind that the representatives of this sign appreciate material prosperity. Therefore, the sign is suitable talisman that attracts money and success in the work. Taurus good talisman for both men and women will decorate with turquoise .

This gem promotes the financial well-being and comfort. Turquoise suited to many signs of the Zodiac, Taurus but it will give confidence in their decisions, get rid of their inherent slowness and fear of making a mistake.

Taureans are moving ahead to achieve their goals. In this way they are often found envious, which will help to confront the mascot with topaz. This stone protects the token from slander, envy and negative energy. Topaz has magical properties, protect its wearer from diseases.

Topaz is able to protect the Taurus from depression or melancholy. Astrologers do not recommend wearing shades of yellow stone, if it is not passed by inheritance. Calf, as well as many other signs, suitable topaz blue.

For a man of Taurus topaz becomes a source of generosity and prudence. Talisman with this mineral protects family life, representatives of the sign of the Zodiac, helps them deal with their own zeal and stubbornness.

Another useful stone Taurus - sapphire blue color . Talismans to help them cope with the sign of uncontrolled desire for sense gratification.

Sapphire will be a little limiting its owner, sending excess energy in a more rational direction. Very useful mineral for the Taurus family, it retains the trust and love between husband and wife.

Choosing as a talisman gems Taurus often intuitive stops at the emeralds. These minerals are very suitable for a little selfish and too economical Taurus. Emerald teaches his master enjoy not only material values, it helps to develop kindness and generosity. Talisman emerald drives away the dark thoughts and charges vivacity.

Suitable stones for the Taurus woman

Stones for Taurus fairer sex should gently and smoothly conduct their mistress to the goal. The strongest talisman for excellent representatives of this sign - turquoise . The mineral helps to achieve success in the field of material and will help to build a happy marriage.

Taurus women Zodiac sign sometimes hard to realize their plans for fear of tripping. Mascots with turquoise give them courage and determination. The stone protects against flattery and deception, which so susceptible women of this sign. In addition, turquoise - a powerful talisman for women's health, protecting against many ailments.

Agate gives hope for a better future, and does not give up in difficult situations.

Lucky stones of Taurus female - agates of various colors and colors. Mascots with these minerals will be successful in the professional field as well as in personal life.

White and green agate give women born under the sign of Taurus, the energy and good humor. Black stones help in business and other financial matters.

Very helpful for a woman Taurus horoscope will cacholong . Stone is able to lift his little mundane mistress of the usual routine. Women of this sign are often unable to express their feelings for children or loved.

Cacholong will help them to become more open and emotional. This mineral helps fertility and favorable course of pregnancy.

Many astrologers believe cacholong perfect talisman for Taurus women.

For an unmarried woman becomes a talisman of good opal . It helps to start a romantic love, and at the same time protects from deception and disappointment in love. Those who are focused on their career or studies, Opal is also useful as it helps in communicating with the authorities, it contributes to the accumulation of knowledge and experience.

The stones for the man Taurus

Man Taurus suited mascot with agate . Any coloring of the stone has a favorable effect on the representatives of the sign. Men are especially useful black agate. Mineral become a talisman from diseases, and energy attacks. Black agate helps Taurus male significantly improve its financial position. For such a materialist, how is a man of the sign, an agate, will remind, that in addition to a career, there are other aspects of life.

Taurus men, whose activities are connected with the influence of other people, it is useful to have a decoration or product with Cacholong .

This mineral make sometimes callous and mercenary politicians, doctors, teachers, more humane and noble. In addition, cacholong draws to its owner good luck in all money matters.

Suitable stone for a man of Taurus - the emerald . Gem struggles with greed and addiction. Decorating with emerald helps to distract from depressed thoughts and does not fall into melancholy Taurus. Mineral promotes creative impulses that are lacking mundane representatives sign. In addition, Emerald makes its owner more open and sociable.

From what gems should be abandoned

Some astrologers do not recommend wearing amethyst Taurus. This rule has some exceptions. Amethyst suitable representatives sign, born before May 1st. In addition, the gem can sometimes wear children Taurus. Stone will improve care and help to concentrate on their studies.

Amethyst is known for its ability to fight addictions. Taurus in the pursuit of a pleasant life may be a prisoner of drunkenness, gluttony or other harmful excesses.

Amethyst is becoming very useful for Taurus in these periods of life. But getting rid of bad habits, you need to stop wearing mineral. Taurus can also sometimes wear amethyst, many years handed down. Women of this sign of the zodiac is not desirable to wear jewelry with amethyst.

bulls stones should not have a strong energy. What gems is better not to wear the representatives of this sign of the zodiac? Astrologers considered to undesirable minerals: heliotrope, amber, pyrite, obsidian. Also, caution should be taken to the yellow topaz, ruby, jade and rock crystal.

Stones for other signs of the zodiac:

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